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Baltimore Sun 11/11/05 Shall we dance?

AJC 11/11/05 'Pride & Prejudice' does Jane Austen proud

NBC13 11/11/05 Review: 'Pride & Prejudice' Is Lush, Lovely

Toronto Star 11/11/05 Price and Prejudice: Much to be proud of

USA Today 11/11/05 This 'Pride' does Austen proud

Chicago Tribune 11/11/05 `Pride' director hopes humor bends its gender issues

TV Guide 11/11/05 Keira Knightley Has Austen Power

Metro 11/11/05 Chemistry lacks in Pride's prize pair

Jam! 11/11/05 'Prejudice' is breathtaking

Globe and Mail 11/11/05 Pride & Prejudice **

Seattle PI 11/11/05 For Austen fans, an amiable but condensed 'P& P'

NY Daily News 11/11/05 This 'Pride & Prejudice' is burstin' with passion

Jam! 11/11/05 Sugary ending for 'Pride'

Seattle Times 11/11/05 "Pride & Prejudice": In the mood for a dreamy romance?

Jam! 11/11/05 A fresh, new take on 'Prejudice' 11/11/05 New 'Pride' takes off running

Newsday 11/11/05 A new, witty 'Pride' they can be proud of

NY Times 11/11/05 Marrying Off Those Bennet Sisters Again, but This Time Elizabeth Is a Looker

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/10/05 Knightley does Austen proud

CSM 11/10/05 Knightley, in shining amour

CBS 11/10/05 Keira Knightley Meets Mr. Darcy

Metro 11/10/05 Pride director aims to stay true to novel

Seattle PI 11/10/05 'Pride' is a bold, bold move for director

CSM 11/10/05 Updating 'Pride' for 2005

NY Daily News 11/10/05 Austen flick irks those with Jane addiction

Entertainment Weekly 11/9/05 Pride & Prejudice

Coming Soon 11/8/05 Keira Knightley: Runaway Pride

USA Today 11/7/05 Where 'Pride' goeth before

Jam! 11/6/05 A renewed sense of Pride

NY Daily News 11/6/05 Shameless

Toronto Star 11/6/05 Hot actress awaits her Darcy

NY Post 11/6/05 More Austen Powers

Celebrity Spider 10/28/05 Keira Knightley Dreams of Oscar Glory

BBC 10/11/05 Sci-fi beats Pride in film chart

Digital Spy 9/21/05 'Pride And Prejudice' tops UK BO

Celebrity Spider 9/20/05 Keira Knightley Feared Working With "Legend" Donald Sutherland

Daily Mail 9/13/05 What you think of Pride and Prejudice

Daily Mail 9/7/05 Interview with the cast of Pride & Prejudice

Daily Mail 9/7/05 Should we be proud of the new Prejudice?

Daily Mail 9/6/05 Pride And Prejudice: A complete guide

Daily Mail 9/6/05 Keira captivates in Pride And Prejudice

BBC 9/5/05 Knightley graces Prejudice debut

BBC 9/5/05 Star takes pride in new Prejudice

Entertainment Weekly 8/10/05 Pride & Prejudice

Coming Soon 6/1/05 Knightley's Domino & Pride and Prejudice

Sky News 5/22/04 Pride and Prejudice 

Ananova 4/28/04 Keira in talks for Pride and Prejudice role


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