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Chicago Tribune 8/18/05 Rachel takes flight

Chicago Tribune 8/18/05 Craven says bye to horror

Houston Chronicle 8/18/05 Buckle up for Red Eye

Metro 8/18/05 Craven boards Red Eye

Chicago Tribune 8/18/05 Flight fright

Teen Hollywood 8/18/05 Rachel McAdams Catches the “Red Eye”

Chicago Tribune 8/18/05 Scares entirely natural, spare style is super

Entertainment Weekly 8/17/05 Red Eye

Zap2It 8/17/05 Fame Arrives Via 'Red Eye'

Hollywood Reporter 8/17/05 Red Eye

Coming Soon 8/17/05 In the Future: Cillian Murphy

Toronto Star 8/17/05 Craven change

Teen Hollywood 8/16/05 The Steely Blue-Eyed Charm of Cillian Murphy

ET Online 8/16/05 Rachel Takes the 'Red Eye'

Coming Soon 8/15/05 Red Eye: Fear of Flying

Chicago Sun-Times 8/14/05 Calling all genres: 'Red Eye' actress wants it all

MTV 8/10/05 Wes Craven Brings A Different Kind Of Horror To 'Red Eye'

Entertainment Weekly 4/19/05 Red Eye

Zap2It 9/2/04 'Notebook' Star Boards 'Red Eye'

IGN 9/2/04 McAdams, Murphy take Red Eye

IGN 8/10/04 Craven a Thriller


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