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Jam! 4/14/06 Spoof franchise gets 'less offensive'

AM New York 4/14/06 Scary Movie 4

Teen Hollywood 4/13/06 We're "Scared" of Regina Hall

Hollywood Reporter 4/13/06 Scary Movie 4

Zap2It 4/13/06 'Scary Movie 4'

Jam! 4/13/06 'Scary Movie' series good to Faris

Hollywood Reporter 4/13/06 Ani fare faces 'Scary' proposition

Entertainment Weekly 4/12/06 Scary Movie 4

Teen Hollywood 4/11/06 Anna Faris: "Scared" Again!

ET Online 4/11/06 Stars of 'Scary Movie 4' Step Out!

Coming Soon 4/11/06 The Scary Movie Gang is Back

Zap2It 4/10/06 Being Funny Comes Easy for 'Scary Movie 4' Star

ET Online 4/10/06 Dr. Phil and Shaq's 'Scary' Game

Hollywood Reporter 4/7/06 Zucker has right stuff for 'Scary' franchise

TMZ 4/4/06 Anna Farris and company return for 'Scary Movie 4'

LA Times 4/4/06 Maybe Shaq's 'Scary Movie' Blurb Should Be Titled 'The Haunting'

Coming Soon 4/3/06 Scary Movie 4's Anna Faris

ET Online 3/29/06 The Sexy Stars of 'Scary Movie'

ET Online 3/28/06 Dr. Phil and Shaq's 'Scary' Game!

ET Online 12/1/05 It Takes a 'Village' To Make a 'Scary Movie'


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