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Detroit News 9/30/05 Energized 'Serenity' screams franchise

NY Daily News 9/30/05 A brilliant TV space oddity lands on film

NBC13 9/30/05 Review: 'Serenity' Entertaining Expansion Of TV's 'Firefly'

Newsday 9/30/05 Serenity

Chart Attack 9/30/05 Whedon Takes Glorious Flight

Dallas Morning News 9/30/05 'Serenity' director says early peeks boosted film's profile

Metro 9/30/05 Lack of elegance gives Serenity charm

Houston Chronicle 9/30/05 Dose of Serenity is easy to take

Seattle PI 9/30/05 Fans of canceled TV series 'Firefly' help revive show into a feature film

NY Times 9/30/05 Scruffy Space Cowboys Fighting Their Failings

Post Gazette 9/30/05 Passion, luck energize creator of 'Serenity'

Seattle PI 9/30/05 Witty and futuristic, 'Serenity' is an old western at heart

Hollywood Reporter 9/30/05 Serenity

NBC 13 9/30/05 'Serenity' Now

Entertainment Weekly 9/30/05 Starship Trooper

TV Guide 9/30/05 Behind-the-Scenes at Serenity's Shoot

USA Today 9/30/05 'Serenity' has moments, not much else

Jam! 9/30/05 'Serenity' triumphs as sci-fi fun

Seattle Times 9/30/05 "Serenity": TV's "Firefly" takes wing 9/30/05 'Firefly' flits brightly to big screen

Journal Now 9/29/05 Anxious Firefly fans have just one more day to wait for Serenity

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/29/05 'Firefly' creator makes worthy first film

Zap2It 9/29/05 Whedon Goes From Cancellation to 'Serenity'

Teen Hollywood 9/29/05 The Crew of Serenity: Part 2

Journal Now 9/29/05 Baldwin brings Jayne back to screen in Serenity

Entertainment Weekly 9/29/05 Serenity

Zap2It 9/29/05 Serenity (PG-13)

Press of Atlantic City 9/29/05 'Serenity' makes for engaging sci-fi film

Jam! 9/29/05 Serenity for 'Firefly' sci-fi fans

Zap2It 9/28/05 'Firefly' Doc Talks 'Serenity'

Coming Soon 9/27/05 Firefly Makes a Comeback as Serenity

Teen Hollywood 9/26/05 The Crew of Serenity: Part 1

NY Post 9/25/05 Serenity Now

Jam! 9/24/05 'Firefly' hits big screen with 'Serenity'

USA Today 9/22/05 'Firefly' alights on big screen as 'Serenity'

Cinema Spider 9/20/05 Zoic Flies High With Serenity

Coming Soon 9/18/05 Second International Serenity Poster

Detroit News 9/17/05 'Serenity' charts a unique course

Cinescape 9/16/05 Serenity and Wolf Clips

Coming Soon 9/16/05 The Toy Guru: Serenity Capt. Mal Reynolds

TV Guide 9/16/05 It's Serenity Now for Firefly Doc

Cinescape 9/12/05 Serenity Composer Discusses the Score

Cinescape 9/9/05 Potter Poster Pics, Serenity Clips, and Corpse Bride Preview
Cinescape 9/1/05 New Serenity Reaver Figure

Coming Soon 8/31/05 Serenity Site Launched

Entertainment Weekly 8/10/05 Serenity

Cinescape 8/3/05 Trailers for Thunder, Serenity and Flux

Coming Soon 7/20/05 The International Serenity Trailer

Coming Soon 7/16/05 The Serenity Presentation at Comic-Con

Zap2It 5/9/05 Whedon Drafts Graphic Bridge to 'Serenity'

IGN 11/8/04 Serenity Set Visit

IGN 6/1/04 Serenity Casting


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