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News Articles about Shrek 2


Ananova 12/10/04 Third Shrek outing put back

E!Online 12/9/04 "Shrek 3" Swamped Until 2007

Zap2It 12/9/04 'Shrek 3' Stays Green Till May 2007

BBC 12/4/04 Shrek 2 rides high in fan awards

Zap2 12/4/04 'Shrek 2' Leads in People's Choice Nominations

Sky News 11/29/04 Shrek's Kiss For Kirsty
Digital Spy 11/29/04 'Shrek 2' is children's favourite film

Contact Music 11/29/04 Shrek 2 Victorious At Kids' Baftas

Ananova 11/29/04 Shrek 2 named best film at children's Baftas

BBC 11/29/04 Children vote Shrek 2 best film

MegaStar 11/26/04 Feline furball for new flick?

BBC 11/26/04 Shrek 2 is UK's top film of 2004

Contact Music 11/22/04 Shrek 2 Tops Annual British Box Office

Contact Music 11/12/04 Larry King Wins Shrek Idol

CBS 11/12/04 'Shrek 2' Brings Home The Green

Cinescape 11/9/04 Shrek 2 scores big DVD sales

E!Online 11/9/04 "Shrek 2" Wrecks DVD Record

Zap2It 11/9/04 'Shrek 2's' Ugly Stepsister Wins 'Idol' Contest

Hollywood Reporter 11/9/04 Green days for 'Shrek 2' DVD sales

USA Today 11/9/04 Sales of 'Shrek 2' DVD seeing green, possibly sinking 'Nemo'

Coming Soon 11/8/04 Shrek 2 Sets 3-Day Sales Record

Zap2It 11/5/04 'Shrek 2,' 'Incredibles' Eligible for Animation Oscar

Contact Music 11/5/04 Puss In Boots Is Top Film Animal

Dallas Morning News 11/5/04 Double ogre time

NY Daily News 10/31/04 Shrek this out!

Washington Post 10/31/04 Ogre-Loaded With Extras

Contact Music 10/18/04 Mendes To Launch Shrek Broadway Musical

Zap2It 10/18/04 'Shrek' Makes the Great White Way See Green

BBC 10/17/04 Shrek musical bound for Broadway

Ananova 10/17/04 Shrek the musical

E!Online 10/15/04 "Shrek" on Deck for Broadway

Seattle PI 10/8/04 'Shrek 2' comes to DVD on Nov. 5

Contact Music 10/7/04 Rivers Slams Dubbing Decision

USA Today 10/7/04 Here come the judge: Simon's a 'Shrek' extra

Zap2It 10/6/04 Hollywood Film Fest Nominates 'Shrek 2,' 'Spider-Man 2'

NY Daily News 9/8/04 'Shrek 2' is filling Twinkie with hope

Zap2It 9/1/04 Knightley, Foxx and 'Shrek 2' Nab Hollywood Awards

Digital Spy 8/24/04 Cowell makes Shrek 2 DVD appearance

Ananova 8/24/04 Cowell to make cameo appearance in Shrek 2 DVD

New Zealand Herald 8/24/04 Shrek 2 becomes Britain's biggest animated film

BBC 8/19/04 Court stops Shrek 2 bootleg DVDs

Daily Record 8/19/04 Monster Success

BBC 8/18/04 Shrek'll be back 8/18/04 Shrek 2 Success Story

New Zealand Herald 8/17/04 Studio battles quality Shrek 2 bootlegs

Zap2It 8/16/04 Pirates Go to the Source for 'Shrek 2' Bootlegs

Herald Sun 8/10/04 Shrek 2 to pass $50m

E!Online 8/5/04 Clash of the 'Toon Titans

Media Guardian 7/22/04 Shrek producer sells shares

BBC 7/21/04 Stock market float for Shrek firm

New Zealand Herald 7/20/04 John Cleese stars behind the microphone in Shrek 2

BBC 7/13/04 Shrek 2 holds box office top spot

MegaStar 7/13/04 Shrek gets the chop

Hollywood Reporter 7/13/04 Int'l boxoffice: 'Spidey 2,' 'Shrek 2' again main forces

Teen Hollywood 7/6/04 Shrek 2 Too Sexy For Kids

BBC 7/2/04 Shrek's mark on movie history

BBC 7/1/04 Shrek not good enough for Myers

ic Birmingham 6/30/04 From Tinseltown to a land Far Far Away

BBC 6/29/04 Antonio purring at Shrek 2 premiere

This Is London 6/29/04 Green carpet for Shrek stars 6/29/04 Green Carpet Rolled Out

Hollywood Reporter 6/29/04 Wizard, ogre hold sway over overseas market again

Ananova 6/29/04 Green carpet for Shrek stars

BBC 6/28/04 Stars to attend Shrek 2 premiere

Hollywood Reporter 6/22/04 New dates steer 'Shrek 2' to hefty $32.2 mil o'seas 6/22/04 Shrek monsters box office

Herald Sun 6/20/04 Shrek 2 has giant start

BBC 6/16/04 Shrek beats Finding Nemo record

E!Online 6/14/04 "Shrek 2" Takes 'Toon Title

USA Today 6/14/04 'Shrek 2': New king of animated films

Coming Soon 6/13/04 Shrek 2 Becomes Biggest Animated Film Ever

New Zealand Herald 6/12/04 Shrek 2 6/10/04 Antonio the tourist

Herald Sun 6/10/04 Boy wizard gets head start on Shrek

Teen Hollywood 6/9/04 Shrek math: $108M = 3 + 4

E!Online 6/3/04 "Shrek 2" Out-Ogres Original

Digital Spy 6/2/04 'Shrek 2' beamed to cinemas by satellite

Houston Chronicle 6/1/04 Find 'Shrek 2' elusive? It's just an allusion

Hollywood Reporter 6/1/04 Boxoffice goes ogre the top

USA Today 6/1/04 'Shrek 2' makes money like there's no 'Tomorrow'

BBC 6/1/04 Shrek 2 races past $200m barrier

New Zealand Herald 6/1/04 'Shrek 2' stays on top

Ananova 6/1/04 Shrek 2 stays top of US box office

Zap2It 5/31/04 'Shrek 2' Makes It a Jolly Green Holiday Weekend

E!Online 5/31/04 "Shrek 2" Too Green for "Tomorrow"

CBS 5/31/04 The Box Office Is Green

NY Daily News 5/31/04 1-2 punch of 'Shrek 2,' 'Tomorrow' = $143M

Coming Soon 5/30/04 Shrek 2 Takes Over Holiday Box Office Lead

Hollywood Reporter 5/29/04 Ogre vs. disasterpiece theater

Boston Herald 5/26/04 Shrek math: $108M = 3 + 4

Dallas Morning News 5/25/04 'Shrek' director credits the details for show's success

Teen Hollywood 5/25/04 Records Crumble As Shrek Marches To The Top

NY Daily News 5/25/04 'Shrek 2' good for lotta green

POAC 5/25/04 Theaters ogre-joyed with ‘Shrek’ showing

Hollywood Reporter 5/25/04 'Shrek 2' success to spawn more sequels

Ananova 5/24/04 Shrek 2 takes more than 100 million dollars

CBS 5/24/04 Mike Myers Loving 'Shrek'

NY Daily News 5/24/04 Ogre night sensation

Hollywood Reporter 5/24/04 Record-setting bow for 'Shrek 2'

Times of India 5/24/04 Shrek 2 enters records book

Access Hollywood 5/24/04 'Shrek 2' Rolling In Green At Box Office

E!Online 5/24/04 Jolly Green "Shrek 2"

Teen Hollywood 5/23/04 Shrek 2 Sets Record

USA Today 5/23/04 'Shrek 2' take is big and green — like its star

Hollywood Reporter 5/22/04 Boxoffice preview: How green is weekend tally?

Contra Costa Times 5/22/04 Few problems expected from 'Shrek' rating typo

Go Memphis 5/21/04 'Shrek 2' takes leap with cutting-edge, ogre-the-top effects

BBC 5/21/04 Record opening for Shrek sequel

Hollywood Reporter 5/21/04 Wednesday toon record for 'Shrek 2'

CSM 5/21/04 More tech for Shrek

Ananova 5/21/04 Shrek 2 breaks box office records 5/21/04 Banderas the Pussy

Zap2It 5/21/04 Banderas Claws for His Inner Cat for 'Shrek 2'

E!Online 5/21/04 Shrek Casts Bigger Web Than Spidey

Coming Soon 5/20/04 DreamWorks' Shrek 2 Opens to $11.8 Million

Teen Hollywood 5/20/04 Antonio and Justin's 'Shrek' Tears

E!Online 5/20/04 "Shrek 2" Off to Fairy-Tale Start

Dallas Morning News 5/20/04 'Shrek' series adds a new dimension

Zap2It 5/20/04 'Shrek 2' Will Be Jolly Green Giant

CSM 5/20/04 What happens after they all live happily ever after

Ananova 5/20/04 Timberlake and Banderas in tears at Shrek 2 premiere

Go Memphis 5/19/04 Oops! 'Shrek 2' not really rated PG-13

Coming Soon 5/19/04 Watch the First Five Minutes of Shrek 2!

The Trades 5/19/04 "Shrek 2" Review

New York Daily News 5/19/04 'Shrek 2': An ogre achiever

Mercury News 5/19/04 Ogre and ogre again: 'Shrek 2' suffers from sequelitis even as it retains original's charms

IndyStar 5/19/04 In-laws see who's coming to dinner

Santa Cruz Sentinel 5/19/04 It’s a green party, as ‘Shrek 2’ continues the fun of the original

Mercury News 5/19/04 Cat played by Banderas adds diversity to cast

Seattle PI 5/19/04 Charming Puss In Boots walks away with the show in 'Shrek 2'

Mercury News 5/19/04 `Shrek 2' is rated same as `Hellboy'? Um, no
Teen Hollywood 5/19/04 Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz: Music for an Ogre

ET Online 5/18/04 'Shrek' Bites the Big Apple

Newsday 5/18/04 Shrek 2

Boston Herald 5/18/04 Ogreachiever: Cast and crew demanded integrity on ‘Shrek’ sequel - and got it

Ananova 5/17/04 Two more Shrek films on the way

Digital Spy 5/17/04 'Shrek 4' given go-ahead

Chicago Sun Times 5/14/04 'Shrek' DVD pack perfect warm-up for sequel

Zap2It 5/12/04 Banderas Claws for His Inner Cat for 'Shrek 2'

ET Online 5/12/04 Mike & Cameron: 'Shrek 2' Sweethearts!

Coming Soon 5/11/04 The Shrek 2 Cast and Crew Talk

Coming Soon 5/10/04 Julie Andrews on Voicing Shrek 2

Extra 5/10/04 Big Green On the Red Carpet

Ananova 4/21/04 Shrek 2 to compete at Cannes


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