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Chicago Sun Times 5/20/07 Princess Power

Jam! 5/20/07 Shrek of a job for Calgary animator

Celebrity Spider 5/18/07 Cameron Diaz: "Princess Fiona is Beautiful"

Baltimore Sun 5/18/07 Ogre-whelming fun

Knox News 5/18/07 Like a day-old gingerbread man, animated romp feeling a bit stale

Chicago Tribune 5/18/07 Latest 'Shrek' feels Ogre simplified

Christian Science Monitor 5/18/07 'Shrek the Third' settles for one too many cliches

Toronto Star 5/18/07 'Shrek the Third': Better than expected

TV Guide 5/18/07 Diaz, Poehler and More: A Magical Q&A with Shrek the Third's Fab Five Princesses

Houston Chronicle 5/18/07 Far too funny to catch all the jokes in one sitting

Globe and Mail 5/18/07 Shrek the Third **

USA Today 5/18/07 'Shrek': The more the merrier 5/18/07 'Shrek' goes soft in sequel

Orlando Sentinel 5/18/07 Shrek the Third (3 stars out of 5)

Jam! 5/18/07 'Shrek' spinoff Boots a go

Jam! 5/18/07 'Shrek The Third' ogre the hill

Charlotte Observer 5/18/07 3rd 'Shrek': It's all ogre but the shouting

Akron Beacon Journal 5/18/07 'Shrek the Third' is a bit blurred

NY Times 5/18/07 A Grumpy Green Giant Who Would Not Be King

Newsday 5/18/07 The 'Third' time's not quite a charm

Dallas Morning News 5/18/07 Shrek the Third

Rocky Mountain News 5/18/07 Thrice upon a time

The Trades 5/17/07 Shrek the Third

IGN 5/17/07 Shrek the Third Review: Still fun but it's getting old 5/17/07 Ogre and ogre again

Houston Chronicle 5/17/07 Banderas works up a sweat to give you his Shrek voice

Seattle PI 5/17/07 'Shrek the Third' is more of the same, and yet, less

Hollywood Reporter 5/17/07 Tough? 'Shrek' scorer did it single-handedly

USA Today 5/17/07 'Shrek the Third': Royal lineage of laughs goes on 5/17/07 Too few smiles in 'Shrek the Third'

Detroit News 5/17/07 'Third' time's still charming

NY Post 5/17/07 We're Ogre It!

Chicago Sun-Times 5/17/07 'Shrek' takes glee in fractured flickers

NY Daily News 5/17/07 Princess power

Dallas Morning News 5/17/07 Banderas thrives on risky, and frisky, roles

NY Daily News 5/17/07 Green guy's feeling ogre and done with

CBS 5/17/07 "Shrek The Third"? How About "Shrek 15"?!

Coming Soon 5/16/07 Rupert Everett on Shrek the Third

IGN 5/16/07 Interview: Mike Myers and Antonio Banderas

Digital Spy 5/16/07 'Shrek The Third' ready to flop?

Orlando Sentinel 5/16/07 'Shrek the Third' stars Andrews, Sedaris know something about working the princess gig

Celebrity Spider 5/15/07 Cameron Diaz Wins Battle Over Shrek Character

Oklahoma Daily 5/15/07 "Shrek the Third" Does Enough to Satisfy

Entertainment Weekly 5/15/07 Shrek the Third

Coming Soon 5/15/07 Andrews and Diaz on Shrek the Third

NY Daily News 5/15/07 Find your inner ogre

NY Daily News 5/15/07 Guy-ote ugly

IGN 5/15/07 IGN Interviews the Ladies of Shrek the Third

Celebrity Spider 5/14/07 Cameron Diaz: "Let Kids Believe Princess Fiona is For Real"

ET Online 5/14/07 Timberlake Travels to Far, Far Away

Chicago Sun-Times 5/13/07 An ogre's work is never done

LA Daily News 5/13/07 "Shrek" keeps it green

NY Post 5/13/07 Ogre The Edge!

Newsday 5/13/07 Not-so wicked stepsisters

NY Post 5/13/07 'Shrek the Third' Pushes the Boundaries of Animation

Jam! 5/11/07 Fairytale goes on for 'Shrek'

Coming Soon 5/11/07 Mike Myers on Shrek the Third

BBC 5/11/07 Critics lukewarm on third Shrek

Hollywood Reporter 5/10/07 Shrek the Third

Detroit News 5/9/07 `Shrek' princesses share fairy-tale talk

Celebrity Spider 5/7/07 All Eyes on Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake at Shrek Premiere

Extra 5/7/07 Justin Timberlake on the Best Part of Being in ‘Shrek’

Extra 5/7/07 Inside the 'Shrek' Premiere: Behind the Scenes of the Star-Studded Event

BBC 5/7/07 Stars out for Shrek film premiere

ET Online 5/6/07 Spidey's Sensational Opening

USA Today 5/6/07 'Shrek' premiere takes a silly turn

Coming Soon 5/6/07 The Future of Shrek?

Denver Post 5/6/07 Timberlake, Diaz meet at Shrek premiere

Coming Soon 5/4/07 New Shrek the Third Trailer & Baby News!

Newsday 5/4/07 'Shrek the Third'

Celebrity Spider 5/2/07 Cameron Diaz Gave Jeffrey Katzenberg Blessing to Cast Justin Timberlake

Jam! 4/26/07 Justin Timberlake talks 'Shrek'

Jam! 4/25/07 Advocacy group protests 'Shrek' ad

Metro 4/19/07 Banderas, Murphy duet on new Shrek

AM New York 4/10/07 Sneak Peek: King Shrek Returns in May

Coming Soon 4/1/07 Shrek 4 and Shrek the Halls Updates

Coming Soon 4/1/07 Miller, Hui and Warner on Shrek the Third

Coming Soon 4/1/07 Shrek the Third Sneak Peek

Hollywood Reporter 3/14/07 Dialogue: Chris Miller & Raman Hui

Coming Soon 2/4/07 New Shrek the Third Trailer Online! 12/26/06 Shrek meets Timberlake

Coming Soon 12/15/06 Shrek the Third Teaser Hits!

Celebrity Spider 8/1/06 Cameron Diaz: "Fiona Allows Me to be Skinny and Spotty"

Hollywood Reporter 7/13/06 Keys to the kingdom

Coming Soon 7/13/06 Shrek the Third Adds More Voices

Zap2It 7/13/06 Sequel to 'Shrek' Has New Voices in Check

BBC 7/13/06 Python Idle 'joins Shrek 3 cast'

Coming Soon 7/10/06 Ian McShane Voicing Coraline and Shrek 3

Coming Soon 3/27/06 Banderas on the Shrek Sequels

Digital Spy 3/22/06 'Shrek 3' receives new name

Celebrity Spider 1/13/06 Justin Timberlake Grossed Out by Incestuous Shrek 3 Role

Zap2It 8/3/05 'Shrek 3' Character Has Philbin Feeling Feminine

Coming Soon 8/2/05 Philbin Voicing Woman in Shrek 3

Coming Soon 7/27/05 Shrek is Loving It

Herald Sun 5/8/05 Shrek 3: It's out of the bag

Coming Soon 5/6/05 The Shrek 3 Plot Revealed

Undercover 5/3/05 Justin Timberlake To Appear In Shrek 3

Chart Attack 5/3/05 Justin Timberlake Lends Voice To Upcoming Shrek Movie

Sky News 5/3/05 Shrek Role For Justin

Launch 5/3/05 King Timberlake

Celebrity Spider 5/2/05 Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz to Star in Shrek 3

MTV 5/2/05 Justin Timberlake Will Learn His Lesson In 'Shrek 3'

Zap2It 5/2/05 Timberlake Plunges Into 'Shrek 3'

Jam! 5/2/05 Timberlake, Diaz to share fairy tale

BBC 5/2/05 Timberlake to join Shrek 3 cast

Digital Spy 5/2/05 Timberlake joins 'Shrek 3'

USA Today 5/2/05 'Shrek 3' gossip alert

Digital Spy 1/16/05 Sarah Jessica Parker joins 'Shrek 3'

Zap2It 12/9/04 'Shrek 3' Stays Green Till May 2007

Ananova 12/9/04 Third Shrek outing put back

Coming Soon 12/8/04 DreamWorks Moves Shrek 3 to 2007

Coming Soon 6/11/04 Jeffrey Katzenberg on Shrek 3 and 4

Coming Soon 6/2/04 Shrek 3 Coming Holiday 2006


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