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Hollywood Reporter 8/21/06 Snakes on a Plane

Bergen Record 8/20/06 Looks like snake eyes

USA 8/20/06 Serpent wrangler sheds a few secrets

Coming Soon 8/20/06 Snakes at the &#%$#!-in' Box Office!

Hollywood Reporter 8/20/06 'Snakes' flies to top spot at Friday boxoffice

Knox News 8/19/06 'Snakes' has plenty of B-movie bite 8/19/06 'Snakes' is a concept in need of a story

NY Times 8/19/06 ‘Snakes on a Plane’: That’s No Seat Belt Around Your Waist

Commercial Appeal 8/19/06 Excited fans toss raves 'n' hisses to cheesy 'Snakes'

Seattle PI 8/19/06 Samuel L. Jackson kicks asp in 'Snakes' Sorry, I just can't join the fang club for this slithering messssss

Detroit News 8/19/06 'Snakes on a Plane' is cheese on a screen

NY Daily News 8/18/06 Hiss-terical stuff!

Christian Science Monitor 8/18/06 How fans made 'Snakes' a sssssensation

Palm Beach Post 8/18/06 Cheesy 'Snakes on a Plane' slithers with fun

Chicago Sun Times 8/18/06 What a shock -- 'Snakes' doesn't live up to the hype

Newsday 8/18/06 'Snakes on a Plane'

Entertainment Weekly 8/18/06 Snakes on a Plane

Toledo Blade 8/18/06 Movie review: Snakes on a Plane ***

Zap2It 8/18/06 'Snakes on a Plane'

Knox News 8/18/06 L.A. snake wrangler says he checks his ego at the cage door

Knox News 8/18/06 Serpents weren't allowed around genre-hopping star

Entertainment Weekly 8/18/06 Making Hisssstory

Knox News 8/18/06 When Web site was created, studio bit

Knox News 8/18/06 'Snakes' may change how flicks are made, marketed

Chicago Tribune 8/18/06 Actor has hiss view of `Snakes'

Detroit News 8/18/06 Jusssst 'Plane' crazy

Orlando Sentinel 8/18/06 Got snake? If not, it's time to call in Jules

Jam! 8/18/06 'Snakes' sssso bad it's good

Toronto Star 8/18/06 It chokes, terrifies, amuses

TMZ 8/18/06 "Snakes" Slithers Into Hollywood

BBC 8/18/06 Snakes film premieres in the US

Hello! 8/18/06 Snake-charming Samuel proves he's a class act

Seattle PI 8/18/06 'Snakes on a Plane' pays off for patient moviegoers

Seattle Times 8/18/06 "SoaP" fans, your flight has arrived

Houston Chronicle 8/18/06 It's B-movie trash, but on a higher level

Hollywood Reporter 8/18/06 'Snakes' flying all over the radar

Rocky Mountain News 8/18/06 'Snakes' slither into public consciousness via Internet

Daily Record 8/18/06 The Razz Movie Reviews: Biting hit, or just a pain in the asp?

Sky News 8/18/06 Great boas of today? I'm afraid I can't say

AJC 8/18/06 Fasten your seat belts: 'Snakes on a Plane' is a bumpy ride

Entertainment Weekly 8/17/06 Making Hisssstory

Orlando Sentinel 8/17/06 Hissy fit? No, actress loved role in 'Snakes'

Dallas Morning News 8/17/06 Sealed with a hiss

NBC 8/17/06 Review: Fangs For The Memories, 'Snakes' 8/17/06 Snaking his way through pack

Globe and Mail 8/17/06 Snakes on a Plane 2 1/2

NZ Herald 8/17/06 Fans sink fangs into 'Snakes on a Plane'

Zap2It 8/17/06 Jackson Enjoys Being a 'Snakes' Charmer

TV Guide 8/17/06 Snakes on a Plane: Hit or Missssss? 8/17/06 Ready for Snakeoff

Globe and Mail 8/17/06 Snakes on a Plane only needs one star

Post Crescent 8/17/06 Steven Hyden: ‘Snakes on a Plane’? More like ‘Irony on the Decline’

NY Post 8/17/06 Awfully good flicks

CBS 8/16/06 Jackson Fought For 'Snakes' Movie Name

USA Today 8/16/06 Jackson the 'Snakes' charmer 8/16/06 Hissy fit to take flight

Metro 8/16/06 Slithering cast of Snakes on a Plane getting ready to strike Friday

TMZ 8/16/06 Getting "Snakes" Through Security

Coming Soon 8/16/06 Fear of Snakes?

Charlotte Observer 8/16/06 Lawrence Toppman: Unscreened film looks like `Stinks on a Plane' to me

Zap2It 8/16/06 'Plane' Director: Silly Critics, 'Snakes' Is for Fans

Boston Globe 8/15/06 Samuel's snake scare

Newsday 8/15/06 Story pitch was hit or hiss

Seattle PI 8/15/06 Samuel L. Jackson offers phone threats 8/14/06 'Snakes' charmed by Net fan base

USA Today 8/14/06 Snakes on a plane isn't just a movie

Jam! 8/13/06 Samuel L. Jackson ready for takeoff

Chicago Sun-Times 8/13/06 Kicking Asp: Jackson is fed up with snakes

NY Daily News 8/13/06 Wham, bam - thank you, Sam

NY Post 8/13/06 Hissstory of a Hype Machine 

ET Online 8/11/06 The Title Says It All!

Cinematical 8/10/06 Film Clips: Deep Thoughts on Snakes on a Plane 8/10/06 Snakes, planes and megastudio deals

Coming Soon 8/7/06 Exclusive: Snakes on a Plane's David Ellis

TMZ 8/3/06 Snakes on a T-Shirt, or a Mug, or a Hat ...

Detroit News 7/31/06 Samuel L. Jackson has had it with snakes, critics

Entertainment Weekly 7/28/06 Kicking Asp

BBC News 7/28/06 Hype builds for Jackson's Snakes

E!Online 7/19/06 "Snakes" Deplanes Critics

Coming Soon 7/3/06 New Snakes on a Plane Poster

Seattle Times 7/3/06 Fans wanted more "Snakes," they got more "Snakes"

Coming Soon 6/27/06 Snakes on a Plane First Look Clip!

MTV 6/8/06 Cobra Starship And 'Snakes On A Plane': A Match Made In Reptilian Heaven

Coming Soon 5/3/06 The Snakes on a Plane Teaser Poster! 4/13/06 Itching to squirm


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