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News Articles about Spider-Man 2


BBC 5/6/07 Spider-Man hits to go 'on and on'

Coming Soon 5/6/07 Amazing Indeed! $375M Worldwide for Spider-Man 3

NY Times 5/6/07 "Spider - Man 3" Scores Biggest Opening in History

Chicago Sun-Times 11/2/06 Dunst weaves future with Spidey to director

Coming Soon 9/30/06 Kirsten Dunst on Spider-Man 3

BBC 7/24/06 Spider-Man movies 'may continue'

Zap2It 7/13/06 'Spidey' Star Maguire and Fiancee Expecting Baby

Coming Soon 7/10/06 'Spider-Man's' Gwen Stacy Breaks the Silence

Hollywood Reporter 12/2/04 'Spider-Man 2' swings on day 1; 'Potter' tops

Seattle PI 11/30/04 This Week's Hot Pick: 'Spider-Man 2'

Superherohype.com 11/30/04 More From Sam Raimi on Spider-Man 3

Zap2It 11/30/04 Raimi Considers His Villains

Coming Soon 10/2/05 Kirsten Talks More About Spidey 3

MTV 9/27/05 Kirsten Dunst Spills The Beans On 'Spider-Man 3' Villains

Cinema Spider 5/20/05 Topher Grace Joins Cast of Spider-Man 3

E!Online 5/20/05 That '70s "Spider-Man"!

Mobile Register 11/30/04 Spidey sequel spins onto DVD today

USA Today 11/30/04 What evil lurks within Spidey's next adventure?

USA Today 11/30/04 Sam Raimi's stickier moments

Houston Chronicle 11/30/04 'Spider-Man 2' DVD has all a fan could ever want

Boston Globe 11/28/04 'Spider-Man 2' keeps the story swinging

NY Daily News 11/28/04 Spidey slings a smash hit

CBS 11/26/04 Spider-Man 2 Weaves Way To DVD

New Zealand Herald 11/11/04 Spider-Man 2

Hollywood Reporter 10/29/04 'Spider-Man 2' helps Sony Q2 profit grow 31%

Contact Music 10/12/04 Raimi Would Make More Spider-Man Films

Zap2It 10/10/04 Wait for Raimi Commentary Until 'Spider-Man 2.5'

Zap2It 10/10/04 Raimi Spills About 'Spidey 3'

Zap2It 10/6/04 Hollywood Film Fest Nominates 'Shrek 2,' 'Spider-Man 2'

Zap2It 9/25/04 'Spider-Man 2' Original Opening Sequence Art on Ebay

Hollywood Reporter 9/20/04 Italy joins the 'Spider-Man 2' fun

Zap2It 9/10/04 'Legally Blonde,' 'Spider-Man' Costumes on Display

Coming Soon 8/23/04 The Spider-Man 2 DVD Artwork Line-Up!

NY Daily News 8/21/04 Net 'Spider-Man' DVD on Nov. 30

Zap2It 8/20/04 'Tis the Season for 'Spider-Man 2' on DVD

USA Today 8/20/04 'Spider-Man 2' DVD crawling with extras

Stuff 8/19/04 Spidey 2 starts Oscar campaign

Zap2It 8/18/04 'Spider-Man 2' Begins Spinning Nominations Web

Hollywood Reporter 8/18/04 Col luring Oscar voters to 'Spidey 2'

Hollywood Reporter 7/29/04 Sony earnings jump with Spidey

Jam! 7/28/04 Spidey's aunt also heroic

New Zealand Herald 7/25/04 Sam Raimi, the man behind the mask

Coming Soon 7/25/04 Catwoman & Spider-Man 2 Box Office Update

Times of India 7/23/04 India in Spider-Man web

CBS 7/21/04 Spidey Rocks To Train's Beat

Digital Spy 7/21/04 'Spider-Man' star Dunst "dumps" Gyllenhaal

Hollywood Reporter 7/20/04 Spidey's overseas cume hits $200 million

Digital Spy 7/19/04 'Spider-Man 2' released on IMAX

Coming Soon 7/19/04 Spider-Man 2 Hits IMAX this Friday

BBC 7/19/04 Will Smith squishes Spidey

Hollywood Reporter 7/19/04 Spidey takes big bite in 10 new int'l territories

Teen Hollywood 7/18/04 Dunst Facing Trouble Over Costume Theft

Superherohype.com 7/18/04 Spider-Man 2 Box Office & Villain Talk

Dallas Morning News 7/18/04 'I, Robot' knocks 'Spider-Man 2' from No. 1 spot at box office

Hollywood Reporter 7/16/04 Boxoffice preview: Machines rage against Spidey

BBC 7/16/04 UK opening for Spider-Man sequel

Zap2It 7/16/04 Spanish Soccer Players Sport 'Spider-Man' Jerseys

USA Today 7/14/04 All eyes on Doc Ock's shades

USA Today 7/14/04 Spidey riding high

Teen Music 7/13/04 Mumba Steals Spider-man II Show

BBC 7/13/04 Thunderbirds are go at Spidey premiere

Hollywood Reporter 7/13/04 Int'l boxoffice: 'Spidey 2,' 'Shrek 2' again main forces

Hollywood Reporter 7/13/04 'Spidey 2' keeps tight grip on No. 1

Sky.com 7/13/04 Samantha Spins Her Magic

This Is London 7/13/04 Samantha steals Spidey's thunder

BBC 7/13/04 Spider-Man swings into town

Coming Soon 7/12/04 Spider-Man 2 Up to $370.3 Million Worldwide!

BBC 7/12/04 In pictures: Spider-Man 2 UK premiere

BBC 7/12/04 Spidey's no scaredy-cat

Digital Spy 7/12/04 Maguire doesn't 'anticipate' Spider-Man 4

Digital Spy 7/12/04 'Spider-Man 2' set for UK premiere

Hollywood Reporter 7/12/04 'Spidey 2' spins $53 mil int'l web

Hollywood Reporter 7/12/04 'Spidey 2' holds on to first place as 'Anchorman' 2nd

BBC 7/12/04 Spider-Man sequel swings into UK

NY Daily News 7/12/04 At movies, anchor's a ways behind Spidey

Zap2It 7/11/04 'Spider-Man 2's' Web Captures $46 Million More

Coming Soon 7/11/04 Spider-Man 2 Dominates Box Office Again

CNN 7/11/04 'Spider-Man 2' stays on top

Sky.com 7/11/04 Spiderman Sequel in Town

NY Times 7/11/04 Spidey Crushes 'Fahrenheit' in 2004

Superherohype.com 7/9/04 Spider-Man 2 Adds $9.1 Million on Thursday

Digital Spy 7/9/04 'Spider-Man' star has vertigo

USA Today 7/9/04 Writer comes to Spidey's emotional rescue

Superherohype.com 7/8/04 Spider-Man 2 Earns $202.1 Million in Record 8 Days!

BBC 7/8/04 Spidey to tread the boards

Hollywood Reporter 7/8/04 Really big 'Spider' attacking Imax

Ananova 7/7/04 Spider-Man 2 breaks box office record

USA Today 7/7/04 'Spider-Man' Tobey Maguire hates heights

Zap2It 7/7/04 'Spider-Man 2' Swings Into IMAX

Teen Hollywood 7/7/04 Spider-man 2 Clocking Up Mistakes

Ananova 7/7/04 Fans spot mistakes in Spider-Man 2

Toronto Star 7/7/04 Spidey sequel's success stuns Sam

MegaStar 7/6/04 Spider-Man breaks records
NY Daily News 7/6/04 Spidey reels in box-office gold

Bergen Record 7/5/04 Talking to: Kirsten Dunst

BBC 7/5/04 Massive weekend for Spider-Man 2

NY Daily News 7/5/04 'Spider-Man' hits heights

Newsday 7/4/04 'Spider-Man 2' Set to Gross Up to $155M

Globe and Mail 7/3/04 Holy catfight, Spidey!

Newsday 7/3/04 Spider-bitten

Knox News 7/2/04 Perky Mary Jane

New Zealand Herald 7/2/04 Spidey's gal pal

Hollywood Reporter 7/2/04 'Spidey 2' poised for historic holiday bite

Toronto Star 7/2/04 Sam Raimi long caught in Spidey's web

Times of India 7/2/04 Spiderman 2 breaks box office records

TV Guide 7/2/04 Secrets of Spidey's Doc Oc!

USA Today 7/2/04 $40.5 million payday for new and improved 'Spider-Man'

BBC 7/2/04 Record opening for Spider-Man 2

Dallas Morning News 7/2/04 'Spider-Man 2' grabs one record, chases others
BBC 7/2/04 Don't worry Jake, Aunty Kirsten's here

Ananova 7/2/04 Spider-Man 2 sets new US record

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/2/04 This 'Spider-Man' spins a very fine yarn

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/2/04 This 'Spider-Man' spins a very fine yarn

CSM 7/1/04 Spider-Man finds a worthy adversary in Doctor Octopus

Coming Soon 7/1/04 Spider-Man 2 Breaks Opening Day & Wednesday Record

BBC 7/1/04 Spidey set to smash records

Zap2It 7/1/04 'Spider-Man 2' Breaks Opening Day Records

Fox News 7/1/04 Spidey Sleuth Could Get $500 Reward

Zap2It 7/1/04 Kid Caught Camcording 'Spider-Man 2'

Newsday 7/1/04 'Spider-Man 2' Takes in Record $40.5M

Chicago Sun-Times 7/1/04 'Spidey 2' snares fans

Times of India 7/1/04 Spiderman II sold to Fox for 50 million

Times of India 7/1/04 Spiderman's childhood still a nightmare

Hollywood Reporter 7/1/04 Spidey swings back into action

BBC 7/1/04 Arrest over Spider-Man piracy bid

Ananova 7/1/04 Arrest over Spider-Man piracy bid

Hollywood Reporter 7/1/04 EasyCinema slings into U.K. 'Spidey 2' deal

Access Hollywood 6/30/04 'Spidey' Has Imax, TV Deals In Its Web

Extra 6/30/04 Your Friendly, Neighborhood Blockbuster

Teen Hollywood 6/30/04 Movie Review: Spider-Man 2

The Gate 6/30/04 Spider-Man 2 (Sony)

The Gate 6/30/04 Spoiler Alert: 'Spider-Man 2'

Stuff 6/30/04 Spider-Man spins huge money web

Teen Hollywood 6/30/04 Hudson Stands By Spider-man Decision

NBC13 6/30/04 Review: 'Spider-Man 2' Dazzles With Effects, Emotions

Knox News 6/30/04 Sequel slings astounding web of action, drama

Houston Chronicle 6/30/04 Alfred Molina embraces role as villain Doc Ock

Orlando Sentinel 6/30/04 Spider-Man 2

Orlando Sentinel 6/30/04 Why they are

CBS 6/30/04 Maguire Caught In Superhero Web
Sky.com 6/30/04 Webhead Spins His Magic

Zap2It 6/30/04 FOX and FX Snag Spidey Sequel

Orlando Sentinel 6/30/04 'Character-actor tradition' brings out the villain's evil

Toronto Star 6/30/04 Once more, with feeling

Dallas Morning News 6/30/04 Spider-Man's balancing act resonates with religious leaders

Hollywood Reporter 6/30/04 'Spidey 2' arrives with TV deal all wrapped up

BBC 6/30/04 High hopes for Spider-Man 2 in US

Hollywood Reporter 6/30/04 Imax looks to snare Spidey sequel

BBC 6/30/04 Review: Spider-Man 2

Teen Hollywood 6/29/04 Tobey Maguire: Spider-Man Unmasked

Detroit News 6/29/04 Spidey juggles wows and whines

Zap2It 6/29/04 Spinning a 'Spider-Man's' Web

Zap2It 6/29/04 The Invisible Alfred Molina

Superherohype.com 6/29/04 Spider-Man 2 Going To IMAX

Seattle PI 6/29/04 Spidey's tangled web of woes is spun into a Marvelous sequel

Seattle PI 6/29/04 Maguire's back injury was a concern

Superherohype.com 6/29/04 Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack 'Score' Update

Philly.com 6/29/04 A satisfying sequel

CBS 6/29/04 Dunst Grows Up In Spider's Arms

Philly.com 6/29/04 Small moments add up to make a good film

CBS 6/29/04 'Spider-Man 2' Spins Into Theaters

Boston Herald 6/29/04 Spider-Man 2

NY Times 6/29/04 Putting Action After Feelings of a Superhero

Ananova 6/29/04 Tobey 'leaves set with suit'

Hollywood Reporter 6/29/04 'Spider-man 2' marketing push to pass first film

USA Today 6/29/04 'Spider-Man 2' is a hands-down hit

NY Daily News 6/29/04 Super Spidey!

NY Daily News 6/29/04 Green Goblin to blue collar

Globe and Mail 6/28/04 What a tangled film he weaves

Teen Hollywood 6/28/04 'Spider-Man' spy

Newsday 6/28/04 Spider-man 2

BBC 6/28/04 Spider-Man 2 gets 11 soundtracks

Toronto Star 6/28/04 Time to pucker-up, Peter Parker

MegaStar 6/28/04 Maguire goes undercover

Hollywood Reporter 6/28/04 What a tangled film he weaves

Ananova 6/28/04 Spiderman 2 star going under-cover

NY Daily News 6/28/04 Doc Ock is in

Teen Hollywood 6/27/04 Tobey Maguire's Web of Troubles

Fox News 6/27/04 Sophisticated Spidey Woos Fans

NY Daily News 6/27/04 Sticky business

Newsday 6/27/04 It takes a villain

POAC 6/27/04 Donít mess with success

Digital Spy 6/26/04 'Spider-Man 2' stars miss most of premiere

News.com.au 6/26/04 Weaving Heidi into film's web

Coming Soon 6/25/04 Avi Arad Talks Spider-Man 2 & More Sequels!

Knox News 6/25/04 Getting to know his inner spider keeps Maguire attached to Peter Parker part

Superherohype.com 6/25/04 Shh! Reviews Spider-Man 2!!

Detroit News 6/25/04 Maguire and Peter Parker share qualities

The Trades 6/25/04 "Spider-Man 2" Review

Washington Times 6/25/04 Director loves the 'Spider-Man' plots

USA Today 6/25/04 A villain with venom

Toronto Star 6/25/04 Armed, but not dangerous

News.com.au 6/24/04 Why Maguire is Spider-man

Superherohype.com 6/24/04 Spider-Man 2 Rocks!! Oh, and New Updates Too...

Teen Hollywood 6/24/04 Spider-Man stars caught in web of fans

Teen Hollywood 6/24/04 Dunst's Money Complications

USA Today 6/24/04 'Spider-Man 2' in full swing

MegaStar 6/24/04 Maguire gets choosy

Hollywood Reporter 6/24/04 Spider-Man 2

Ananova 6/24/04 Tobey 'only makes films that are interesting'

Times of India 6/23/04 Friendly neighbourhood band rocks

Boston Herald 6/23/04 'Spider (Main) Man'

Access Hollywood 6/23/04 'Spidey's' Hollywood Invasion

Extra 6/23/04 Will Summer Belong to Spider-Man?

Teen Hollywood 6/23/04 Kirsten Dunst: Stands By Her (Spider) Man

Superherohype.com 6/23/04 Spider-Man 2 Premiere Coverage

Teen Hollywood 6/23/04 Maguire: I Only Make Interesting Movies

Coming Soon 6/23/04 Director Sam Raimi on Spider-Man 2!

Teen Hollywood 6/23/04 Tobey's Spidey/Oprah Connection

This Is London 6/23/04 Spidey stars caught in fans web

Detroit News 6/23/04 'Spider' Films Help Raimi Shed Cult Status

BBC 6/23/04 Spider-Man spins life changing web

Ananova 6/23/04 Spider-Man 2 stars turn out for US premiere

USA Today 6/23/04 'Spidey' sneak-peek

USA Today 6/23/04 Maguire spins his web of intrigue

USA Today 6/23/04 Spidey vs. Spidey: Can '2' hang with the hype?

USA Today 6/23/04 Scenes keep you stuck to your seat

BBC 6/23/04 In pictures: Spider-Man 2 premiere

USA Today 6/23/04 Five familiar faces and a new one

Coming Soon 6/22/04 Molina on Playing Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2

Teen Hollywood 6/22/04 Maguire Pours Heart Out To Mrs Spielberg

BBC 6/22/04 Web of stars due at Spider-Man 2

Coming Soon 6/21/04 James Franco Talks Spider-Man 2

BBC 6/21/04 Why Tobey nearly missed Spider-Man sequel

Superherohype.com 6/21/04 Discreet Tools Used for Catwoman & Spider-Man 2

Sky.com 6/21/04 Kirsten Loves A Doll

Superherohype.com 6/20/04 Newsweek's The Secrets of Spider-Man 2

Coming Soon 6/19/04 Final Spider-Man 2 Poster Revealed

Digital Spy 6/19/04 Dunst casts doubts on fourth 'Spiderman'

Superherohype.com 6/18/04 Kellogg Brings Spider-Man 2 to Breakfast Tables

Ananova 6/18/04 Spider-Man 2 gets rave reviews

Coming Soon 6/17/04 Kirsten Dunst Talks Spider-Man 2

Coming Soon 6/17/04 Watch Three Spider-Man 2 Clips!

Times of India 6/16/04 Spiderman pips Simpson as dream dad

Extra 6/16/04 Spidey Stars Spill Secrets

Coming Soon 6/16/04 Tobey Maguire Talks Spider-Man 2

Coming Soon 6/16/04 Crayola Swings Into Action with Spider-Man 2 Line

BBC 6/16/04 Don't kill me cries Kirsten

Toronto Star 6/16/04 Playing Spidey a real pain

Superherohype.com 6/15/04 Spider-Man 2 Music Video & New Commercial

Superherohype.com 6/15/04 Spider-Man 2 Game Screenshots, Interviews & More

Superherohype.com 6/15/04 Another Spider-Man 2 Poster & More Pics

Zap2It 6/15/04 Producer Sees Future in Spider-Man Franchise

Superherohype.com 6/14/04 New Spider-Man 2 Movie Updates!

BBC 6/14/04 Spider-Man's not scared of stunts

Superherohype.com 6/13/04 Tobey on Leno and Spider-Man 2 at MLB

Superherohype.com 6/10/04 A New Spider-Man 2 TV Spot Hits

Superherohype.com 6/10/04 New Spider-Man 2 Footage Shown on ET!

Superherohype.com 6/10/04 Spider-Man 2 Movie Updates!

Superherohype.com 6/9/04 New Spider-Man 2 Commercial Airing

MegaStar 6/9/04 Maguire plucks up courage

Superherohype.com 6/8/04 ET to Give Exclusive Look at Spider-Man 2

Superherohype.com 6/8/04 Raimi on Alfred Molina in Spider-Man 2

Superherohype.com 6/7/04 Report on Oprah's Spider-Man 2 Preview

Superherohype.com 6/6/04 Catwoman & Spider-Man 2 HBO First Looks Coming

Go Memphis 6/6/04 Amazing Mary Jane's all over Spidey's web in June

Superherohype.com 6/6/04 Harry Potter Doesn't Break Spidey's Records

Superherohype.com 6/6/04 New Spider-Man 2 Trailer at MLB Games!

Superherohype.com 6/4/04 Spidey 2 Burger King Promo & Better Vindicated Clip

Superherohype.com 6/3/04 Sam Raimi on Spider-Man 2 & More Updates

Superherohype.com 6/2/04 Official Spider-Man 2 Site Update

Superherohype.com 6/2/04 Spider-Man 2 Cast on Oprah Next Week?

BBC 6/2/04 Marvel settles Spider-Man dispute

News.com.au 6/1/04 Killing Heidi's movie role

Superherohype.com 5/30/04 New Spider-Man 2 Spot and Cheez-It Commercial!

Superherohype.com 5/29/04 More Spider-Man 2 Movie Weekend Updates!

NY Daily News 5/29/04 Look out for...Spidey's gal

Zap2It 5/29/04 Dashboard Confessional, Train on 'Spidey 2' Soundtrack

Teen Hollywood 5/11/04 Dunst Happy That Jake Isn't Spider-man

Zap2It 5/7/04 Spidey Swatted by MLB Fans

IGN 4/28/04 New Spidey 2 Pix!

IGN 4/8/04 Spidey 2 Preview Tonight

Zap2It 3/30/04 What it Will Take for 'Spider-Man 2' to Spin New Records

Zap2It 1/23/04 'Spidey 2' Spins Web Mastery

IGN 12/15/03 Spidey 2 Teaser

IGN 8/28/03 New Spidey Site

IGN 7/21/03 Spider-Sense Tingling?

IGN 4/14/03 From the Set of Spidey 2!

IGN 3/27/03 Spidey Busts a Move

Zap2It 3/18/03 Bad Back May Unseat Maguire, Gyllenhaal Waits to Replace 'Spidey'
IGN 3/18/03 Maguire Out as Spidey?

IGN 2/20/03 Doc Ock Cast!


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