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BBC 5/5/07 Spider-Man breaks one-day record

Jam! 5/5/07 Sandman role a dream for Church

Variety 5/5/07 'Spider-Man 3' nabs $59 million

Toronto Star 5/5/07 Enter Sandman

Jam! 5/5/07 Dunst unsure of 'Spider-Man 4'

Zap2It 5/4/07 'Spider-Man 3'

CBS 5/4/07 Tobey Maguire In Swing Of "Spider-Man 3"

Chart Attack 5/4/07 Spider-Man 3 Tangled In Its Own Web

NY Times 5/4/07 Superhero Sandbagged

Christian Science Monitor 5/4/07 An over-tangled web in 'Spider-Man'

USA Today 5/4/07 'Spidey 3' oozes with excitement

NY Daily News 5/4/07 Spidey hits heights

Newsday 5/4/07 'Spider-Man 3' full of action

Knox News 5/4/07 Sharp storytelling will entangle viewers in Spider-Man 3

USA Today 5/4/07 Hopes for huge summer lie in Spidey's grip

Daily Mail 5/4/07 Revenge is not so sweet for Spidey the third time round

NY Daily News 5/4/07 A web of mystery

Rocky Mountain News 5/4/07 Spidey sense and sensibility

Knox News 5/4/07 New webs to weave? Cast, director say they'd be willing to spin more 'Spidey' sequels

USA Today 5/4/07 Get a grip on Spidey's friends and foes

Dallas Morning News 5/4/07 Spider-Man 3

E!Online 5/3/07 Surf's Up for Spidey

Chicago Tribune 5/3/07 Spidey turns to the dark side

Houston Chronicle 5/3/07 It's long, but if you're a geek, that's great

AJC 5/3/07 Caught in Spidey's web

Toronto Star 5/3/07 'Spider-Man 3': Spin out

CBS 5/3/07 Kirsten Dunst Ready For A Break

Beacon Journal 5/3/07 Spider-Man 3: Back in Black

Seattle PI 5/3/07 'Spider-Man 3' is fun but it lacks inspiration

Charlotte Observer 5/3/07 Bulky 'S-M 3' leaves too much hanging

Coming Soon 5/3/07 Video Interviews: Spider-Man 3

TMZ 5/3/07 Spider-man 3: Midnight Shows -- Sold Out!

IGN 5/3/07 Spiderman 3 Video Interviews

LA Weekly 5/3/07 Spider-man, in Black and White

Entertainment Weekly 5/3/07 The Dark Age

Jam! 5/3/07 'Spider-Man 3' not so super

Detroit News 5/3/07 Splat!

NY Daily News 5/3/07 Spidey's return has senses tingling

NY Daily News 5/3/07 The bad new 'Spider' men

Philly.com 5/3/07 It's 'Spidey-3,' just crawling with stuff and goop

Jam! 5/3/07 Canuck lands 'Spider-Man 3' gig

Metro 5/2/07 Revenge of the nerd - Grace relishing role as Spider-Man villain

Hollywood Reporter 5/3/07 'Spider-Man 3' snares web of first-day records

E! Online 5/2/07 Spidey Versus the World

BBC 5/2/07 Spider-Man grabs Asian box office

MTV 5/2/07 Maguire, Grace Find NYC Crawling With Fans During 'Spider-Man Week'

Globe and Mail 5/2/07 Globe review: Spider-Man 3 weaves a too-tangled web

Zap2It 5/2/07 'Spidey 3' Breaks Asian Records

Coming Soon 5/2/07 Spider-Man 3 Smashing European Records, Too

Entertainment Weekly 5/2/07 Movie Review Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Hollywood Reporter 5/2/07 Moviegoers in Asia smitten with 'Spidey'

Chicago Sun Times 5/2/07 Spidey spins shaky web

NY Daily News 5/2/07 Bitten by the 'Spidey' bug

Hello! 5/1/07 Birthday girl Kirsten shimmers in silver at 'Spiderman' launch

Newsday 5/1/07 Get ready for Spidey-mania

Manchester Online 5/1/07 Spider-Man 3

NY Daily News 5/1/07 City goes Spider-mad

NY Daily News 5/1/07 Another spin with Spidey

Hollywood Reporter 5/1/07 Marvel stock riding Spidey high

The-Trades 4/29/07 Movie Review: Spider-Man 3

USA Today 4/29/07 The Spidey saga suits Sam Raimi

Chicago Sun-Times 4/29/07 Q&A: Maguire and Spidey explore new territory

Chicago Sun-Times 4/29/07 The bad guys

Celebrity Spider 4/28/07 Spider-Man Premiere Clashes With Kirsten Dunst Birthday

Hollywood Reporter 4/27/07 'Spidey' spins tangled web of tie-ins

Jam! 4/27/07 Has Maguire had enough of 'Spidey'?

Denver Post 4/27/07 Maguire is bitten by "Spider-Man" bug

TMZ 4/27/07 Spidey Sensitive? Tobey Slaps Photog

Commercial Appeal 4/27/07 For Spidey fans, new characters in film aren't

This is Local London 4/26/07 The man behind the mask

Detroit News 4/26/07 Spidey to live on with or without Raimi

MTV 4/26/07 Can 'Spider-Man 3' Beat The Superhero-Movie Curse?

BBC 4/26/07 Spider-Man 3 piracy played down

Newsday 4/25/07 'Spider-Man 3' full of action

Metro 4/25/07 Fame stuns Spidey star

Charlotte Observer 4/25/07 Sharing webs: Tobey Maguire & Spider-Man

Jam! 4/25/07 'Spider-Man 3' tix sales soar

E! Online 4/24/07 Spider-Man 3 Tix, Not Bootlegs, Going Fast

ET Online 4/24/07 Tobey's Super Spidey Sequel

Sky News 4/24/07 Spidey Comes to Town

Daily Mail 4/24/07 Stars turn out for Spiderman 3 premiere

Daily Mail 4/24/07 Uh-oh Caprice, weave spied this webby dress before

Hello! 4/24/07 Caprice casts spell on 'Spider-Man' with glittering gown

Daily Record 4/24/07 Superhero breaks the bank

Ananova 4/24/07 Tobey comes face to face with Spidey

NY Post 4/24/07 Spidey Works 'Black' Magic in '3'

Hollywood Reporter 4/24/07 'Spider-Man 3' Web sales top predecessor

BBC 4/23/07 Spider-Man stars out for premiere

Coming Soon 4/23/07 Spider-Man 3 Interviews

TVNZ 4/22/07 Maguire relishes role as bad boy

NY Post 4/22/07 Bad Things Come In Threes

Hollywood Reporter 4/21/07 Review: 'Spider-Man 3'

Digital Spy 4/21/07 Maguire enjoyed 'Spiderman 3' challenge

MTV 4/20/07 'Spider-Man 3' Details: Musical Mary Jane, Jared Leto-Like Spidey

Entertainment Weekly 4/20/07 World Wide Web

Extra 4/19/07 Meet 'Spiderman's' Nasty New Villain, the Sandman

The-Trades.com 4/18/07 Book Review: Spider-Man 3 (Movie Novelization)

The-Trades.com 4/16/07 Spider-Man 3 Wallcrawling Wall-Art Poster Giveaway

Coming Soon 4/17/07 New International Spider-Man 3 TV Spots

Yahoo! News 4/16/07 "Spider-Man 3" shows soul-searching superhero

BBC 4/16/07 Spider-Man 3 premieres in Tokyo

NY Post 4/16/07 `Spider-Man 3' Has World Debut in Tokyo

TMZ 4/16/07 Matt and Penelope -- The Silence is Deafening

Extra 4/10/07 Check Out this Hot New Footage from 'Spiderman 3'

BBC 4/5/07 Spider-Man 3 set for NY premiere

USA Today 4/4/07 'Spider-Man 3' to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

NY Daily News 4/1/07 Look out! Here comes Spider-Man week!

Hollywood Reporter 3/30/07 'Spider-Man 3' will land in China before N. America

USA Today 3/30/07 Coming attractions: NYC's spidey sense is tingling

Chicago Sun-Times 3/30/07 Hasbro swings into action with Spider-Man toys

MTV 3/29/07 'Spider-Man 3' Soundtrack Features Killers, Snow Patrol

Coming Soon 3/23/07 The Final Spider-Man 3 Trailer

Coming Soon 3/6/07 New Spider-Man 3 Preview

E! Online 3/6/07 Spidey Bids Sayonara to U.S. Debut

MTV 3/6/07 Tobey Maguire Dogfights With James Franco In New 'Spider-Man 3' Clip

USA Today 3/6/07 'Spider-Man 3' to make worldwide debut in Japan

Coming Soon 3/5/07 No More Spidey for Tobey Maguire?

Ananova 3/5/07 Spider-Man 3 gets Tokyo premiere

Variety 3/4/07 Spider-Man 3 to premiere May 1

Coming Soon 3/2/07 New Spider-Man 3 Art!

Jam! 3/2/07 'Heroes' snares 'Spidey 3' sneak

USA Today 3/1/07 Spidey lands on 'Heroes'

Coming Soon 2/4/07 FirstLook's Spider-Man 3 Preview!

Coming Soon 1/20/07 Exclusive: David Koepp in Talks for Spider-Man 4

Coming Soon 1/19/07 Exclusive: Producer Grant Curtis on Spider-Man 

Coming Soon 1/1/07 New Spider-Man 3 TV Spot!

Mania.com 12/25/06 Elfman to Score Spider-Man 3?

News.com.au 12/18/06 Spider-Man confusing, says Tobey

Digital Spy 12/7/06 Maguire to quit after 'Spiderman 3'?

Celebrity Spider 11/26/06 Kirsten Dunst Befriends On-Screen Love Rival

Coming Soon 11/24/06 Watch New Spider-Man 3 Clips!

Coming Soon 11/22/06 Two New Spider-Man 3 Posters!

TMZ 11/13/06 Leaked "Spider-man 3" Trailer is a Tangled Web

Sky News 11/13/06 Spider-Man's Baby Girl

Chicago Sun-Times 11/12/06 'Spider-Man' star Maguire becomes proud papa

Hollywood Reporter 11/9/06 'Spidey 3' trailer to hit Viacom's web

Coming Soon 11/3/06 New Spider-Man 3 Trailer to Debut on MTV!

Chicago Sun-Times 11/2/06 Dunst weaves future with Spidey to director

Coming Soon 9/30/06 Kirsten Dunst on Spider-Man 3

MTV 7/26/06 'Spider-Man 3' Cast Confirms Love Triangle, Death, Soul-Sucking Costume

Zap2It 7/26/06 'Spidey 3' Gets IMAX Bow

Jam! 7/25/06 Fans get 'Spider-Man 3' preview

BBC 7/24/06 Spider-Man movies 'may continue'

Zap2It 7/13/06 'Spidey' Star Maguire and Fiancee Expecting Baby

Coming Soon 7/10/06 'Spider-Man's' Gwen Stacy Breaks the Silence

Coming Soon 6/27/06 The Spider-Man 3 Teaser

TMZ 6/27/06 Spidey Spins Another Web

Digital Spy 6/26/06 'Spider-Man' villain told to bulk up

Coming Soon 6/11/06 Spidey 3, Transformers & Superman Updates

Coming Soon 6/8/06 New Spider-Man 3 Set Photos & Reports

Coming Soon 6/1/06 Four Spider-Man 3 Villains

Coming Soon 5/26/06 Spider-Man 3 Starts Filming in New York

Zap2It 4/26/06 'Spidey' Star Maguire Lures Fiancee Into Web

News.com.au 4/11/06 Mr Sandman to you

Coming Soon 4/7/06 Official Spider-Man 3 Site Live!

MTV 3/27/06 'Spider-Man' Secretary Dishes On Hero's Hookups, Black Suit

Coming Soon 2/25/06 Exclusive: New Spider-Man 3 Photo!

Jam! 2/25/06 Spider-Manís 'dark side' revealed

MTV 2/24/06 New 'Spidey 3' Image Has Fans Tingling About Venom

Coming Soon 2/23/06 Exclusive: New Spider-Man 3 Photo!

Zap2It 2/6/06 Cromwell Cops 'Spidey 3' Character

Hollywood Reporter 2/6/06 Father's day for Cromwell in 'Spidey 3'

Zap2It 1/24/06 Russell Adds To 'Spidey 3' Villainy

Hollywood Reporter 1/24/06 Russell half of villainous couple in 'Spider-Man 3'

Zap2It 1/19/06 Opie's Daughter May Be Spidey's New Love

Hollywood Reporter 1/19/06 'Spider-Man 3' casts its web over Howard

MTV 1/9/06 Will Harry Turn To The Dark Side In 'Spidey 3'? James Franco Offers Clues

NBC 13 11/8/05 Studio Reveals One Of 'Spider-Man 3' Villains

Access Hollywood 11/7/05 New 'Spider-Man' Villain Unveiled

Coming Soon 11/6/05 A Spider-Man 3 Villain Revealed!

Celebrity Spider 10/11/05 Kirsten Dunst: "No More Spiderman"

Zap2It 9/26/05 Dunst Confirms 'Spidey 3' Villain Identities

Coming Soon 9/26/05 Dunst Confirms Spider-Man 3 Villains

Digital Spy 8/10/05 'Spider-Man' star uncertain of franchise future

Zap2It 8/8/05 Franco Can't Spill Many 'Spidey 3' Beans

Cinema Spider 5/20/05 Topher Grace Joins Cast of Spider-Man 3

Coming Soon 5/20/05 Topher Grace Joins Spider-Man 3!

Digital Spy 5/20/05 Topher Grace joins 'Spider-Man' cast

Coming Soon 5/19/05 Topher Grace Joins Spider-Man 3!

Zap2It 5/19/05 'That '70s Show' Star Graces 'Spidey 3'

Entertainment Weekly 3/22/05 Ned and Spidey

Coming Soon 3/22/05 Church is the Spider-Man 3 Nemesis!

Access Hollywood 3/22/05 'Spider-Man 3' Set For May 2007

Zap2It 3/22/05 Church Blesses 'Spidey 3' with New Nemesis

Hollywood Reporter 3/22/05 Church will try to squash hero in 'Spider-Man 3'

BBC 3/22/05 Spidey 'role' for Sideways star

Coming Soon 1/13/05 Alvin Sargent to Write Spider-Man 3

Zap2It 10/10/04 Raimi Spills About 'Spidey 3'

Superherohype.com 7/20/04 Sam Raimi Talks Spider-Man 3

Superherohype.com 7/12/04 Eliza Dushku Up for Black Cat in Spider-Man 3?


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