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Hollywood Reporter 7/3/06 'Superman' takes flight overseas with $19.8 mil

NY Daily News 7/3/06 'Superman' soars, but 'Devil' dressed for success

BBC 7/3/06 Superman flies to top of US chart

Houston Chronicle 6/30/06 The Man of Steel is back, and thank goodness

Dallas Morning News 6/30/06 Superman Returns

Chicago Tribune 6/30/06 Is it superb? Is it just plain? It's time to ask the Superfans

Hollywood Reporter 6/30/06 'Superman Returns' flies high with $21 mil debut

Coming Soon 6/29/06 Superman Returns with $21M on Day One

NBC13 6/29/06 Bosworth's Lois Lane Flies To New Heights In 'Superman Returns'

Zap2it 6/29/06 'Superman' Opening Prompts Box Office Spin

NZ Herald 6/29/06 Kevin Spacey's Lex appeal

Newsday 6/29/06 'Superman Returns' Draws $21M First Day

NY Daily News 6/29/06 Feds rescue 'Superman,' nab pirating men of steal

Dallas Morning News 6/29/06 It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a sensitive romance

AJC 6/28/06 'Superman Returns' shows the original's excellence

CBS 6/28/06 How Superman Snuck Into His Film

Rocky Mountain News 6/28/06 'Superman Returns' carries on the legend

The Trades 6/28/06 John Ottman, "Superman Returns" (Music From The Motion Picture)

CBS 6/28/06 Best Wishes From Jimmy & Lois

CiN Weekly 6/28/06 'Superman Returns' a 'Titanic'-like movie

NBC13 6/28/06 Review: 'Superman Returns' Flies Faster Than Speeding Bullet

Toronto Star 6/28/06 The passion of the Superman

USA Today 6/28/06 Superman's 3-D return

MTV 6/28/06 'Superman Returns': Low-Flying Object

Globe and Mail 6/28/06 Superman Returns ***

TMZ 6/28/06 Superman's Super Lady

Chicago Sun-Times 6/27/06 Superman Returns - Roger Ebert review

CSM 6/27/06 Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's ... a mild disappointment

Zap2It 6/27/06 Review: 'Superman Returns' 6/27/06 Will this latest 'Superman' fly? Yes - heroically

TMZ 6/27/06 Superman - Man of Wax

Orlando Sentinel 6/27/06 Superman Returns (3 stars out of 5)

Dallas Morning News 6/27/06 A thrilling flight

Commercial Appeal 6/27/06 'Superman Returns' keeps faith with the past -- maybe too much

NY Times 6/27/06 'Superman Returns' to Save Mankind From Its Sins

USA Today 6/27/06 As superheroes go, 'Superman' is A-OK

NY Daily News 6/27/06 Up, up & hooray!

Jam! 6/27/06 'Superman' flies high again

OU Daily 6/27/06 Movie Review: Superman Returns

NY Daily News 6/27/06 Trying to uncover his secret identity

Seattle PI 6/27/06 Routh doesn't quite fill Reeve's cape but has charms

Dallas Morning News 6/27/06 Religious imagery surrounded Superman from beginning

NY Post 6/27/06 Man of Steal

MTV 6/27/06 The 'Superman' Fanboy Dilemma, Part 5: What If 'Returns' Is (Gasp) Kraptonite?

Celebrity Spider 6/26/06 Bryan Singer and Kate Bosworth: Superman is Straight

Teen Hollywood 6/26/06 Kate Bosworth: We Interview Lois Lane

Newsday 6/26/06 Review: 'Superman Returns'

Zap2It 6/26/06 Bosworth Takes a Trip Down Lois Lane

CBS 6/25/06 It's A Bird, A Plane... It's A Sequel

Mercury News 6/25/06 Times change, but Superman endures as an American cultural icon

NY Daily News 6/25/06 Finding the perfect fit

Chicago Sun-Times 6/25/06 'Superman Returns' -- we've got the high points

NY Daily News 6/25/06 Singer analyzes his latest superhero

Newsday 6/25/06 No secret identity

BBC 6/25/06 Superman can 'rescue Hollywood'

Mercury News 6/25/06 Composer-film editor does everything but fly

NY Daily News 6/25/06 Learning to fly

NY Post 6/25/06 Fly Guy 

Chicago Sun-Times 6/25/06 Movie fuels Superman-as-Christ debate

Courier Mail 6/24/06 He's back! It's Superman the saga!

The Trades 6/23/06 Superman Returns

Jam! 6/23/06 'Superman' makes long-awaited return

Teen Hollywood 6/23/06 Flying High with the "Super" Brandon Routh

USA Today 6/23/06 'Superman' lands in L.A.

Jam! 6/23/06 Routh goes up, up and away

Metro 6/23/06 Routh ready for takeoff

BBC 6/23/06 In Pictures: Superman Returns premiere

USA Today 6/23/06 Superman is a hero of his time

BBC 6/23/06 Stars flock to Superman premiere

Extra 6/22/06 Love Is In the Air at ‘Superman Returns' Premiere

Journal Now 6/22/06 Lois Lane has become the center of Superman universe

TMZ 6/22/06 Superman or Super-Gay?

BBC 6/22/06 The secret of Superman's success

Entertainment Weekly 6/22/06 Superman Returns

MegaStar 6/21/06 Super, thanks for asking

TVNZ 6/20/06 Superman movie dazzles critics 6/20/06 Word of Routh 6/20/06 Meet the new Superman

Coming Soon 6/19/06 Listen to the Full Superman Returns Score

Access Hollywood 6/19/06 Former Bartender Flies High As 'Superman'

BBC 6/19/06 Critics wowed by Superman return

NY Post 6/19/06 It's a Bird, It's a Plane - It's 3-D

Hollywood Reporter 6/19/06 Superman Returns

NY Daily News 6/18/06 Made of steel and for the movies

NY Daily News 6/18/06 Super girl

Super Hero 6/16/06 Superman Returns Director Bryan Singer

Celebrity Spider 6/15/06 Kate Bosworth Inspired by Katharine Hepburn and Julia Roberts

TMZ 6/15/06 Superman Returns

Celebrity Spider 6/14/06 Kate Bosworth Reluctant to Sign on For Superman

TMZ 6/13/06 Everybody Loves Brandon

Access Hollywood 6/13/06 A 'Super' Quiz

MTV 6/13/06 The 'Superman' Fanboy Dilemma, Part 4: Cum On Feel The Toyz

Coming Soon 6/11/06 Spidey 3, Transformers & Superman Updates

Metromix 6/11/06 Will gay appeal help sell `Superman'?

BBC 6/10/06 Superman 'not gay' says director

NY Daily News 6/4/06 Supersize him

NY Times 6/4/06 It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's the Man of . . . Feelings!

Zap2It 5/31/06 'Superman' Will Fly Into Theaters Early

Coming Soon  5/30/06 Superman Returns Opening Two Days Earlier

MTV 5/30/06 The 'Superman' Fanboy Dilemma, Part 3: Watch It When? Where? With Whom?

Coming Soon 5/27/06 New Superman Returns Trailer Online

CBS 5/25/06 Hollywood Unknown Is New Superman

Coming Soon 5/22/06 New International Superman Trailer

Coming Soon 5/22/06 The Final Superman Returns Trailer

NY Post 5/18/06 $uperman Budget is Up, Up and Away

MTV 5/16/06 Inside The 'Superman' Fanboy Dilemma, Part 2: How Much Prep Work Is Too Much?

MTV 5/15/06 'Superman Returns' Stars Talk Powerful Capes, Painful Flying

Toronto Star 5/7/06 Man of Steel never rusts

Dallas Morning News 5/6/06 The Superman casting call

Jam! 5/6/06 'Superman Returns' peek in documentary

Coming Soon 5/5/06 Superman Returns Set Visit!

Coming Soon 5/2/06 Routh and Bosworth on Superman Returns

Coming Soon 5/2/06 New Superman Returns Trailer Online!

MTV 5/2/06 'Superman' — Truth, Justice And The Fanatical Way: Inside The Fanboy Dilemma

NY Post 4/30/06 Superman's Mr. Softy

NY Post 4/30/06 Super Showdown

Coming Soon 4/28/06 Superman Trailer Confirmed with M:i:III

Digital Spy 4/25/06 Kate Bosworth excited about 'Superman' role

Coming Soon 4/12/06 New Superman Returns Images

MegaStar 4/11/06 Kev is Kate's Superman

Celebrity Spider 4/7/06 Kate Bosworth Enjoying Larger Superman Salary

Zap2It 4/3/06 'Superman' Will Soar Into IMAX 3D

TVNZ 4/1/06 Superman to get Imax treatment 3/31/06 Superman flies 3D

Hollywood Reporter 3/31/06 'Superman' in a fortress of 3-D

Coming Soon 3/30/06 Superman Returns Coming in IMAX 3D!

MTV 3/27/06 'Superman' Returns With An Emo-Punk Edge On Tribute Album

Journal Now 3/22/06 It's a... newcomer moving into the role of Superman

Seattle PI 3/21/06 Brandon Routh makes a big leap into 'Superman' role

TMZ 3/18/06 ShoWest Wrap: Brandon Routh

Jam! 3/17/06 'Superman Returns' star ready for fame

Zap2It 3/16/06 'Superman Returns' Team Presents DC Prequels

USA Today 3/16/06 'Superman' torch is passed

Zap2It 3/14/06 'Superman Returns' Had Trouble at Takeoff

Coming Soon 3/4/06 Spacey on Superman Returns Sequels

Coming Soon 2/27/06 Malaysia Press Sees Superman Footage

Zap2It 2/23/06 Studio Wants 'Batman,' 'Superman' Sequels

Zap2It 2/16/06 Routh Doesn't Fear 'Superman Curse'

Zap2It 2/15/06 Singer Admits to 'Superman' Pressures

Zap2It 2/13/06 New Superman Routh Explains His Super Manhood

Coming Soon 2/12/06 Richard Donner Talks Superman

Coming Soon 1/20/06 More Superman Returns Pics Arrive

Cinescape 1/17/06 Superman and Other Summer Movie Pics

Coming Soon 1/4/06 Four New Superman Returns Photos

Coming Soon 1/1/06 Superman Returns Set Visit Preview 11/18/05 Superman flies in

MTV 11/17/05 Steel A Glimpse Of The 'Superman Returns' Teaser Trailer

Coming Soon 11/17/05 The Superman Returns Teaser Trailer!

Coming Soon 11/10/05 Superman Returns Official Site & Teaser

Cinema Spider 11/3/05 Superman Returns to be Released as IMAX Film in June 2006

Cinema Spider 9/4/05 On Superman Return Set, Hero's Suit is Subject of Much Discussion

Newsweek 9/5/05 Steely Man

Coming Soon 9/2/05 Superman Returns & X-Men 3 Updates

Coming Soon 8/19/05 Superman Returns Footage Online 8/17/05 Roberts flies high 8/9/05 Return for Marsden

Digital Spy 8/7/05 Pranksters halt 'Superman' filming 8/4/05 Man of steal 7/20/05 Maybe baby

Cinescape 7/19/05 More Superman Returns Set Photos

USA Today 7/18/05 'Superman Returns' on the rebound

Hollywood Reporter 7/18/05 Comic-Con falls in love with new Man of Steel

Coming Soon 7/16/05 Bryan Singer on Superman Returns

Cinescape 7/9/05 Superman Returns Set Photos 6/28/05 Peta's return

Hollywood Reporter 6/20/05 'Superman' debuts Genesis

Entertainment Weekly 6/16/05 'Super' 5 6/10/05 James Marsden on Superman Returns and X-Men 3 - Richard White and Directors

Cinescape 5/17/05 Original Olsen Talks About Role in New Superman

Celebrity Spider 5/10/05 Dave Reeve Notes Resemblance of New Superman Brandon Roth to Late Husband

Zap2It 4/22/05 Meet the Man of Steel ... Again

USA Today 4/22/05 First look: 'Superman Returns'

This Is London 4/22/05 New Superman muscles into role

Sky News 4/22/05 Brandon Looks A Super Man

Coming Soon 4/16/05 See Brandon Routh as Clark Kent

Coming Soon 4/11/05 The Superman Returns Shield

Coming Soon 4/5/05 Langella is Perry White in Superman Returns

Zap2It 4/5/05 'Superman' Whites Out Laurie, Subs Langella

Hollywood Reporter 4/5/05 WB's 'Superman' taps Langella as new Planet editor

Teen Hollywood 3/23/05 Principal Photography Has Begun On Superman Returns

Zap2It 3/22/05 New 'Superman' Takes Flight

Digital Spy 3/22/05 'Superman Returns' filming underway

Cinescape 3/18/05 Superman Picks Up Posey
Zap2It 3/18/05 Posey Sides with Superman's Nemesis

Hollywood Reporter 3/18/05 Posey joins Superman villain cast

Cinescape 3/17/05 Superman Filming Takes Off

Cinescape 3/4/05 Ottman on "Superman Returns" 2/13/05 Kate Bosworth Arrives for Superman

Zap2It 2/12/05 Mama Superman Hopes to Fly

Zap2It 2/10/05 'Harold & Kumar's' Penn Goes to Metropolis

Hollywood Reporter 2/10/05 Penn turns evil for Superman role

Coming Soon 2/8/05 Kumar Goes to Superman

Cinescape 2/7/05 "Super" Mom Discusses Upcoming Role

Contact Music 2/4/05 Saint A Favourite For Superman's Mum

Cinescape 2/3/05 "Superman" Finally Finds Mom

Coming Soon 2/3/05 Saint is Martha Kent in Superman

Zap2It 2/3/05 'Superman's' Sainted Mother

Entertainment Weekly 1/31/05 Making the Deadline

Zap2It 1/31/05 Huntington Reports for 'Superman' Duty

Coming Soon 1/31/05 Huntington is Jimmy Olsen in Superman
Digital Spy 1/31/05 Huntington to play Jimmy in 'Superman'

Contact Music 1/26/05 Spacey Squeezes Superman

Zap2It 1/13/05 Singer Reunites with Cyclops for 'Superman'

Contact Music 1/9/05 Spacey is Lex Luthor in New Superman Film

BBC 1/8/05 Actor Spacey 'to play Lex Luthor'

Zap2It 1/7/05 Spacey and Bosworth Reunite for Superman

Cinescape 1/7/05 Superman snags Spacey, Bosworth

Coming Soon 1/7/05 Bosworth & Spacey Aboard Superman

E!Online 1/7/05 Spacey, Bosworth: Super Friends

Zap2It 1/7/05 'Superman' Locates Lex, Lois 'Beyond the Sea'

Hollywood Reporter 1/7/05 Lois, Lex lock into Superman

Digital Spy 1/7/05 Kevin Spacey to play Lex Luthor

BBC 1/5/05 Orlando's girl goes for Clark Kent

Sky News 1/5/05 Superman's Lois Lane Is Named

Contact Music 1/5/05 Bosworth To Play Lois Lane

Zap2It 12/22/04 Gee Whiz, Grace Not 'Superman's' Jimmy Olsen 12/21/04 Superman Set Being Built in Queensland

Digital Spy 12/11/04 Spacey for Lex Luthor in 'Superman'?

Zap2It 12/10/04 Spacey Hopes to be Lex Luthor

Zap2It 12/4/04 Writing Team On Track for 'Superman Returns'

Zap2It 11/11/04 'Superman' Director Backs Routh, Rejects Welling

Zap2It 11/6/04 Ratner Gives Thumbs Up for New Superman

USA Today 11/5/04 New guy in the cape finds he's a snug fit

USA Today 11/5/04 'Superman' finally is ready to fly again

Cinescape 10/22/04 WB officially makes Routh SUPERMAN

Coming Soon 10/22/04 WB Makes Superman Casting Official

E!Online 10/22/04 Look, Up in the Sky: Brandon Routh!

BBC 10/22/04 Unknown actor lands Superman role

Sky News 10/22/04 Routh New Man Of Steel

Cinescape 10/20/04 Brandon Routh is Superman

Coming Soon 10/20/04 Brandon Routh Confirmed as Superman!

Zap2It 10/20/04 Word of Routh: 'Superman' Casting Rumor

MegaStar 10/20/04 Superman to fly again

Ananova 10/19/04 Director finds Superman for new film

Contact Music 10/19/04 Superman Finally Found

Cinescape 10/18/04 Superman cast?

E!Online 10/18/04 Superman Flies with No-Name? 10/16/04 Brandon Routh Cast as Superman - Updated!!

Zap2It 9/3/04 'Superman' Casting Rumors Heat up with a 'Passion'

Ananova 8/20/04 Hunt on for superman actor 8/11/04 Superman Casting, Working Title & Guy Dyas

Toronto Star 8/11/04 James Caviezel rumoured as next film Superman

USA Today 8/11/04 Up, up and away: Who can play the Man of Steel?

NY Times 7/22/04 Producing a 'Superman' Sequel Is Like Leaping Tall Buildings

Cinescape 7/21/04 X-Men producer to Superman? 7/20/04 Ottman to Edit & Score Singer's Superman 7/20/04 The Donners & Reeve to Produce Superman?

Cinescape 7/19/04 Singer flys away with Superman

Coming Soon 7/19/04 Bryan Singer to Direct Superman!

E!Online 7/19/04 Superman Steals X-Man Singer

Zap2It 7/19/04 'X-Men' Director Singer Signs for 'Superman'

Hollywood Reporter 7/19/04 Singer gives Superman 'X'-ray vision

BBC 7/19/04 X-Men director 'to film Superman'

Ananova 7/19/04 X-Men director takes on Superman

E!Online 7/12/04 Another Superman Setback

Zap2It 7/12/04 McG Leaves 'Superman' in Fortress of Solitude

Hollywood Reporter 7/12/04 McG flies out of Warners' 'Superman'

BBC 7/12/04 Superman director 'quits project'

Cinescape 7/9/04 Superman`s boss headhunts for X-Men helmer?

Coming Soon 7/9/04 LaBeouf, Johansson & Depp Up for Superman? 6/18/04 Vin Diesel Up for Lex Luthor in Superman?

E!Online 6/18/04 Man of Steel Nearing Takeoff?

Cinescape 6/17/04 Superman seeks two new producers

Coming Soon 6/17/04 Superman Moving Toward Late 2004 Start 6/15/04 McG on Video Talking About Superman 6/9/04 More Superman Candidates?

Cinescape 6/7/04 Six screen testing for Superman this week? 6/6/04 Superman Screen Tests Begin this Week?

Ananova 5/28/04 Jake Gyllenhaal as Superman

Teen Hollywood 5/27/04 Jake Lands Superman Role?

Cinescape 5/24/04 scoops confirmed

Cinescape 5/20/04 Winston creating the cape for Superman?

Cinescape 5/20/04 Scoop: Superman special effects team? 5/20/04 ESC to Create Superman Special Effects?

The Trades 5/2/04 "Superman: Birthright #10" Review

The Trades 4/17/04 "Adventures of Superman #627" Review

The Trades 4/17/04 "Superman/Batman #9" Review 3/23/04 Batman Begins & Superman Scripts Scoop! 3/18/04 Tatopoulos Says Superman Starting Up Again 3/7/04 Allison Mack Talks Superman Movie 2/18/04 More on the Superman Production? 2/16/04 Has the Superman Production Shut Down?

Times of India 2/12/04 Beyonce wants to be Superman's girl 2/12/04 Beyonce as Lois Lane? 2/10/04 Petersen Still Sweet on Batman vs. Superman

NMC 2/10/04 Beyonce Knowles Lois Lane

Coming Soon 2/7/04 Beyoncé Knowles Confirms Superman Talks 2/4/04 Bruce Willis Up for a Role in Superman?

Teen Hollywood 2/3/04 Beyonce For Lois Lane? 2/2/04 Singer's Film Flyer

MegaStar 2/2/04 Beyonce bags her Superman

NMC 1/30/04 Beyonce In Superman? 1/29/04 Beyonce Knowles No Longer Lois Lane?

Launch 1/29/04 Independent Superwoman

Cinescape 1/28/04 Scoop: Beyonce and Depp in mind for McG`s Superman 1/28/04 Beyonce Knowles & Johnny Depp Up for Superman?

The Trades 1/25/04 "Superman #201" Review

Cinescape 1/21/04 Could Torque's leading man become the next Superman? 1/21/04 Martin Henderson in Talks for Superman? 1/19/04 News Superman Production Details? 1/16/04 J.J. Abrams Talks Superman Movie 1/16/04 Ashton Kutcher Interested in Superman?

Cinescape 1/14/04 Is Hellboy`s Liz going to be Superman`s Lois? 12/23/03 Would Natalie Portman Play Lois Lane?

Hollywood Reporter 12/16/03 'Superman,' 'Star Wars' costumes go on the block

Ananova 12/1/03 Timberlake says 'no' to Superman role

Bergen Record 11/27/03 'Lois Lane' is surprised by fame

MegaStar 11/21/03 Nat for Lane academy

Teen Hollywood 11/19/03 Portman For Lois Lane?

Ananova 11/19/03 Natalie Portman set for Superman movie?

Coming Soon 11/17/03 More Superman Movie Scouting?

Zap2It 11/7/03 Fraser Confirms He's Up for 'Superman'


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