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Chicago Tribune 12/10/05 `Syriana's' Damon on a roll

Chicago Sun-Times 12/9/05 Syriana - Roger Ebert review

CBS 12/9/05 'Syriana,' Oil And The CIA

Journal Now 12/9/05 Complex, timely Syriana will get you to thinking

Dallas Morning News 12/9/05 Difficult decisions for 'Syriana'

AJC 12/9/05 'Syriana' weaves an intricate web of intrigue

Seattle PI 12/9/05 Brave political drama 'Syriana' loses its sting in confusing plot

Toledo Blade 12/9/05 Big Oil makes the world go around

Knox News 12/9/05 Honest intensity

NBC13 12/9/05 Wright Shows Might With Politically-Charged 'Syriana'

Detroit News 12/9/05 Poignant film reveals grim truths

Seattle Times 12/9/05 "Syriana" paints slick picture of corruption in oil industry

Detroit News 12/9/05 'Syriana' used in oil conservation calls 12/9/05 A plunge into oil's roiling politics

NBC13 12/8/05 Review: Filmmaker Charts New Territory With Complex 'Syriana'

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/8/05 Point of 'Syriana' must be top secret 12/4/05 Past the self-doubt to the sprawling 'Syriana'

Christian Science Monitor 11/25/05 A Big Oil spill in 'Syriana'

Fox News 11/25/05 George Clooney: Arms and the Man

Toronto Star 11/25/05 Retooling the thriller for times of obvious culprits

Globe and Mail 11/23/05 Syriana ***

Toronto Star 11/23/05 Oil tale a slippery trip

Metro 11/23/05 Trip ignites Syriana story

NY Times 11/23/05 Clooney and a Maze of Collusion

USA Today 11/23/05 'Syriana' explodes on the screen

Stuff 11/23/05 Syriana was torture for Clooney

Jam! 11/23/05 Clooney's Mideast thriller sizzles

NY Daily News 11/23/05 The sludge report

Entertainment Weekly 11/22/05 Syriana

CTV 11/22/05 'Syriana' showcases realities of greed in commerce

Coming Soon 11/22/05 Matt Damon: Spy vs. Spy

Hollywood Reporter 11/21/05 Syriana

NY Daily News 11/20/05 The way we live now

NY Post 11/20/05 Oil Barren

Coming Soon 10/6/05 Trailer for Stephen Gaghan's Syriana

ET Online 10/5/05 Clooney Gets Serious In 'Syriana'

Digital Spy 9/10/05 Clooney worries about film reviews

Entertainment Weekly 8/10/05 Syriana

IGN 10/15/04 Syriana Set Pix

Coming Soon 5/25/04 Damon and Peet Join Clooney's Syriana

Ananova 5/25/04 Damon and Clooney team up again

Hollywood Reporter 5/25/04 Damon, Peet map 'Syriana'
IGN 12/11/03 Clooney Emigrates to Syriana


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