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Hollywood Reporter 1/15/06 Global ticket buyers lionize 'Narnia'

Coming Soon 1/15/06 The Chronicles of Narnia DVD Cover Artwork

Hollywood Reporter 1/10/06 'Kong,' 'Sith,' 'Narnia' among VES noms

Hollywood Reporter 1/6/06 Round 4 for 'Narnia' vs. 'Kong'

Digital Spy 1/4/06 'Narnia' retains top spot in UK chart

Hollywood Reporter 1/3/06 'Narnia' reclaims boxoffice crown

BBC 1/3/06 Narnia movie topples Kong in US

Zap2It 1/2/06 'Narnia' Box Office Roars Again

NY Daily News 1/2/06 'Narnia' roar shakes 'Kong' from top spot

Herald Sun 12/31/05 Witch film is tops

Hollywood Reporter 12/27/05 'Narnia' perfect picture for Christmas weekend

Digital Spy 12/23/05 China approves 'Narnia' for spring run

BBC 12/20/05 King Kong UK debut beats Narnia

Hollywood Reporter 12/20/05 'Kong' king of b.o. jungle as 'Narnia' holds sway in 2nd

CBS 12/16/05 The Boys Of 'Narnia' 12/16/05 Narnia's new Dawn

Detroit News 12/15/05 'Narnia's' magic entertains believers and nonbelievers 12/13/05 Narnia star's rise

Digital Spy 12/13/05 'Narnia' breaks Disney record in UK

MSNBC 12/12/05 Aslan is on the move

BBC 12/12/05 Narnia tops US and UK box offices

NY Daily News 12/12/05 'Narnia' rakes in 67M - no lion!

Coming Soon 12/11/05 Narnia Dominates with $67.1 Million

Yahoo 12/11/05 'Chronicles of Narnia' dethrones 'Harry Potter' from box office perch

Knox News 12/10/05 Film not just for religious market

Christian Science Monitor 12/9/05 Hollywood turns a page

Knox News 12/9/05 Lewis' magical world a rather sterile place

AJC 12/9/05 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' has grandeur, imagination

Detroit News 12/9/05 'Wardrobe' malfunction

Chicago Tribune 12/9/05 Big picture overwhelms 'Narnia's' best details

Toronto Star 12/9/05 Narnia is a Ringer

Christian Science Monitor 12/9/05 Humanity found in 'Narnia'

NBC13 12/9/05 Review: Ambitious 'Narnia' Big On Effects, Short On Emotion

Metro 12/9/05 Swinton tackles role in Narnia
Seattle PI 12/9/05 'Narnia' is a visually captivating child's fantasy -- but no more

Jam! 12/9/05 'Narnia' movie is pure 'childlike' magic

Toledo Blade 12/9/05 Flawed fantasy

Detroit News 12/9/05 Actress Tilda Swinton plays a wicked role

USA Today 12/9/05 Oh, to be young and in 'Narnia'

Jam! 12/9/05 Narnia can't myth

New Zealand Herald 12/9/05 Narnia's magic casts spell across the world 12/9/05 'Narnia' film close to novel's spirit

New Zealand Herald 12/9/05 Narnia leaden and slow-moving says magazine

Chicago Sun-Times 12/8/05 The Chronicles of Naria: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe - Roger Ebert review

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/8/05 'Narnia' fantasy ranks just behind 'Rings'

Hello! 12/8/05 Stars join Charles and Camilla for Narnia debut

MSNBC 12/8/05 Aslan is on the move

Seattle Times 12/8/05 "Narnia": Cool effects dazzle, but heroine's warmth and wonderment captivate

Christian Science Monitor 12/9/05 Christians battle over 'Narnia'

This Is London 12/8/05 The Queens of Narnia

Sky News 12/8/05 Narnia Comes To Town

Newsday 12/8/05 In with a roar, out with a yawn

Metro 12/8/05 Memories back Narnia film

Ananova 12/8/05 Narnia film gets world premiere

NY Daily News 12/8/05 'Narnia' a magic kingdom

USA Today 12/8/05 'Narnia' opens the door to excitement

Stuff 12/8/05 Narnia follows Kong with world premiere

USA Today 12/8/05 C.S. Lewis' stepson keeps 'Jack's' magic alive

Entertainment Weekly 12/7/05 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

BBC 12/7/05 In pictures: Narnia premiere

CBS2 12/7/05 'The Chronicles of Narnia'

BBC 12/7/05 Royal premiere for Narnia movie

USA Today 12/7/05 Box-office beasts of burden?

NY Daily News 12/7/05 Chronicling parallels of 'Narnia'

BBC 12/7/05 Chronicles 'different' from Rings

Coming Soon 12/6/05 Narnia's White Witch and Edmund

Stuff 12/6/05 Narnia location tour to start in January

NY Post 12/6/05 The Bottom Lion from Naria

Hollywood Reporter 12/5/05 The Chronicles of Narnia

Knox News 12/5/05 'Narnia' to get both spiritual and secular soundtracks

Jam! 12/5/05 Swinton gets swept up in 'Narnia'

TVNZ 12/5/05 Sunday goes inside Narnia

Seattle Times 12/4/05 C.S. Lewis: The way to Narnia

Stuff 12/4/05 Narnia kits sent out to churches

Detroit News 12/4/05 Chronicle of a classic

NY Daily News 12/4/05 Enter 'Narnia'

Toledo Blade 12/4/05 'Narnia' chronicles the battle of good vs. evil in the world

Detroit News 12/4/05 'Narnia's' White Witch is wickedly fun for Tilda Swinton

Toledo Blade 12/4/05 Lewis bio will appeal most to his fans

Hollywood Reporter 12/3/05 The Chronicles of Narnia

Seattle Times 12/3/05 Churches tout "Narnia"

Access Hollywood 12/2/05 Disney Pitches 'Narnia' To Christians

Coming Soon 12/2/05 Get The Narnia Full-Screen Experience!

USA Today 12/2/05 Is that lion the King of Kings?

Jam! 12/2/05 'Narnia' finally visited on big screen

Coming Soon 12/1/05 New Narnia and King Kong Images
TVNZ 12/1/05 Close Up: Kiwi at helm of Narnia

Metro 12/1/05 Morissette, Finn contribute to 'Narnia' disc

Coming Soon 12/1/05 New Zealand, Narnia and Beyond

Metro 12/1/05 Disney hopes Narnia works box-office miracle

BBC 11/29/05 Author 'opposed live Narnia film'

TVNZ 11/29/05 Author opposed Narnia on screen

Coming Soon 11/28/05 9 Minute Narnia Preview Online

Herald Sun 11/27/05 Narnia movie will bewitch all ages

Seattle PI 11/26/05 C.S. Lewis' stepson guards 'Narnia' magic and truth

Daily Mail 11/24/05 Special: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Daily Mail 11/24/05 The Lion, the Witch and the Magical Hit

Coming Soon 11/23/05 Cars and Narnia Previews on Starz!

Coming Soon 11/22/05 First Chronicles of Narnia Clip Online

Stuff 11/20/05 Narnia blitz kicks off in NY bookstore

Daily Record 11/19/05 The Lion, The Witch And.. The Potty Mouthed Bucket

Digital Spy 11/19/05 'Narnia' director planning sequel

BBC 11/18/05 The secret of the wardrobe

Hollywood Reporter 11/18/05 Promos by the book on 'Narnia'

BBC 11/18/05 Potter faces Narnia fantasy challenge

Coming Soon 11/17/05 First Look at Narnia on Starz

BBC 11/17/05 In pictures: Chronicles of Narnia

Cinescape 11/16/05 The Lion, The Witch and the Videogame

Coming Soon 11/15/05 Preview the Narnia Soundtrack

Detroit News 11/13/05 Narnia film preserves author's values, says stepson of C.S. Lewis

BBC 11/11/05 Revealing early Narnia film secrets

NY Times 11/6/05 The Stepson, the Billionaire and the Walt Disney Co.

New Zealand Herald 11/4/05 Narnia film set to premiere as a big plug for Christianity

Stuff 11/1/05 Narnia sequel set be shot in NZ

Metro 10/24/05 AOL, Disney bring 'Narnia' online

Coming Soon 10/21/05 Full Chronicles of Narnia Trailer Online

Coming Soon 10/19/05 New Chronicles of Narnia Images

USA Today 10/17/05 Film opens another door for 'Narnia' sales

BBC 10/16/05 Pullman attacks Narnia film plans

The Trades 10/15/05 Various Artists, "Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia"

Daily Mail 10/13/05 Narnia opens door to new child stars

Sky News 10/13/05 Narnia Kids Revealed

BBC 10/12/05 Children of Narnia in spotlight

NY Times 10/12/05 Marketing of 'Narnia' Presents Challenge

Orlando Sentinel 10/11/05 Swinton hammers down roles with striking looks

Daily Record 10/10/05 King vs Kong

Stuff 9/27/05 Royal ice show to open Narnia film

Cinescape 9/26/05 The Lion, The Witch, and the Mall

Coming Soon 9/23/05 Narnia World Premiere at Royal Albert Hall

Zap2It 9/23/05 'Narnia' Bows to the Royals

Hollywood Reporter 9/23/05 'Narnia' bowing before royalty

Coming Soon 9/6/05 The Chronicles of Narnia Effects Team

Coming Soon 9/5/05 Gregson-Williams on Scoring Narnia

Coming Soon 8/29/05 Exclusive: Narnia's William Moseley

Coming Soon 8/24/05 Exclusive: Anna Popplewell on Narnia

Coming Soon 8/11/05 The New Chronicles of Narnia Standee

Coming Soon 7/18/05 The Narnia Panel at Comic-Con


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