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News Articles about The Chronicles of Riddick


Coming Soon 6/11/04 The Chronicles of Riddick

Premiere Magazine 6/11/04 The Chronicles of Riddick

Detroit News 6/11/04 'Chronicles of Riddick' is full of action but lacks chronology or sense

Salon 6/11/04 "The Chronicles of Riddick"

Bergen Record 6/11/04 Diesel runs out of gas as 'Riddick' 6/11/04 Vin Diesel flexes against intergalactic no-brainers

Toronto Star 6/11/04 High style in search of a story

USA Today 6/11/04 For Diesel, 'Riddick' could spell redemption

Louisville Channel 6/11/04 Diesel Powers 'Chronicles Of Riddick'

USA Today 6/11/04 Overblown, overdone 'Riddick': Wish it was just over

Hollywood Reporter 6/11/04 Chronicles of Riddick

NY Daily News 6/11/04 Vin saves the world, but not this

ET Online 6/10/04 Vin Diesel's Labor of Love

Access Hollywood 6/9/04 Vin Diesel's New Leading Lady

Cinescape 6/8/04 Character cut from Chronicles

Coming Soon 6/8/04 Vin Diesel on The Chronicles of Riddick!

The Trades 6/7/04 "Chronicles of Riddick, The" Review

Coming Soon 6/6/04 Alexa Davalos on The Chronicles of Riddick

Coming Soon 6/6/04 Karl Urban on Riddick & Bourne Supremacy

Boston Herald 6/6/04 Pecs of steel, box office dud? Vin Diesel's movie career is at a crossroad

NY Daily News 6/6/04 Nothing like this Dame

ET Online 6/4/04 On the Town with Vin Diesel!

Coming Soon 6/4/04 New The Chronicles of Riddick Images!

Toronto Star 6/4/04 This bad guy finishes first

Cinescape 6/2/04 Starting today Riddick escapes from Butcher Bay

IGN 6/1/04 The Chronicles of Riddick Ships

Union Tribune 5/28/04 The Chronicles of Riddick (Preview)

Sci Fi Wire 5/26/04 Riddick's Diesel Wooed Dench

Coming Soon 5/20/04 Exclusive: Vin Diesel on The Chronicles of Riddick!

Coming Soon 5/18/04 The Chronicles of Riddick, Dodgeball & More Pics

PR Newswire 5/17/04 Vin Diesel Stars in the Pulse-Pounding Action-Adventure 'Pitch Black'

Zap2It 5/16/04 Diesel Revs Up 'Riddick's' Engine

IGN 5/14/04 Riddick Rules E3

Coming Soon 5/7/04 The Chronicles of Riddick Trailer Online!

Coming Soon 5/7/04 Official The Chronicles of Riddick Site Launched
IGN 5/6/04 Riddick Trailer Online

ET Online 4/28/04 Vin 'Chronicles' His New Flick

IGN 3/11/04 Director Discusses Riddick Trilogy

IGN 3/5/04 Chronicles of Riddick Photos Online

IGN 2/26/04 Riddick's Chronicle Revealed

Coming Soon 12/24/03 First Image from The Chronicles of Riddick

Cinescape 12/17/03 It`s here: The Chronicles Of Riddick trailer

IGN 12/17/03 Riddick Teaser Online

Cinescape 12/16/03 Taking a tour of the Riddick sets

ET Online 12/14/03 Vin 'Chronicles' His New Flick for Maria

Coming Soon 12/11/03 The Chronicles of Riddick Teaser Site Up!

IGN 12/10/03 Riddick Roundup

IGN 9/17/03 Chronicles of Riddick: A First Glimpse

IGN 7/2/03 Riddick Ramps Up

Cinescape 7/2/03 Riddick begins shooting

Zap2It 5/13/03 'Riddick' Adds New Cast Members

MTV 3/13/03 Vin Diesel's Riddick 'Still A Killer' In 'Pitch Black' Sequels

IGN 2/24/03 Diesel Demands Big Bucks for Co-Star in Riddick Trilogy

Zap2It 2/17/03 Dench, Diesel Make a Cute Couple in 'Riddick'


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