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Chicago Sun-Times 9/1/05 The Constant Gardner - A Roger Ebert review

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/1/05 Quality a constant in 'Gardener' 9/1/05 For 'Gardener' director, location was important

Metro 8/31/05 Actors, shots bloom in Gardener

Seattle PI 8/31/05 'Constant Gardener': Smart thriller packs a punch 8/31/05 Le Carre novel blooms on screen

CBS2 8/31/05 The Constant Gardener

Detroit News 8/31/05 'The Constant Gardener' is rich, moving experience

NY Post 8/31/05 Sprout of Africa

Globe and Mail 8/31/05 The Constant Gardener **Ĺ

Orlando Sentinel 8/31/05 The Constant Gardener (5 out of 5 stars)

Dallas Morning News 8/31/05 Sneak Peek: The Constant Gardener 8/31/05 Fiennes, Weisz tend to 'Gardener'

Jam! 8/31/05 'Constant Gardener' a powerful thriller

Orlando Sentinel 8/31/05 Suspense in bloom

Toronto Star 8/31/05 Constant Gardener relevant, dramatic, complex

Jam! 8/31/05 'Gardener' a rare summer treat

USA Today 8/31/05 'Gardener' nurtures a complex beauty

NY Daily News 8/31/05 'Gardener' 1st bloom of fall

Zap2It 8/30/05 The Passion of the 'Gardener'

Teen Hollywood 8/30/05 Rachel Weisz: The Thinking Manís Beauty

Coming Soon 8/29/05 From Favelas to Pharmaceuticals

Chicago Sun-Times 8/28/05 'Constant Gardener' sprouts multiple, intricate themes

OC Weekly 8/27/05 The Constant Gardener journeys into sub-Saharan Africaís heart of darkness

Jam! 8/27/05 Le Carre role fits for Ralph Fiennes

CBS 8/26/05 For Fiennes, Conspiracy And Love

Toronto Star 8/26/05 Love blossoms while editing le Carre film

Globe and Mail 8/26/05 This charming, intense man

Entertainment Weekly 8/24/05 The Constant Gardener

Coming Soon 8/24/05 The Constant Gardener's Rachel Weisz

Hollywood Reporter 8/23/05 Meirelles makes transition with 'Constant Gardener'

Hollywood Reporter 8/16/05 The Constant Gardener

NY Daily News 8/14/05 Gardening for the truth 8/7/05 This time, he spies 'Africa year'

Digital Spy 8/1/05 Fiennes, Weisz set up charity


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