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Coming Soon 6/5/06 The Da Vinci Code Hits $582.7M Worldwide

Hollywood Reporter 6/5/06 'Da Vinci' closes in on Sony overseas record

BBC 6/4/06 Pakistan bans Da Vinci Code film

Detroit News 6/3/06 Egypt seizes 2,000 'Da Vinci Code' DVDs

Detroit News 6/3/06 Pakistan bans 'Da Vinci Code'

BBC 6/2/06 India extends Da Vinci Code ban

Entertainment Weekly 6/2/06 'Code' Red-Hot 6/2/06 Film ban widens

TVNZ 6/2/06 Fiji joins Da Vinci ban

BBC 6/1/06 Da Vinci Code ban in India state

BBC 5/26/06 Da Vinci breaks Portuguese record

Stuff 5/25/06 Heavenly work behind Da Vinci effects

Access Hollywood 5/24/06 MovieMantz Rantz: Critics Didn't Crack The 'Code' 5/24/06 Vatican newspaper yawns at 'Da Vinci Code'

Stuff 5/24/06 Da Vinci Code's foreign haul exceeds estimates

Entertainment Weekly 5/24/06 Talk About Torture...

ET Online 5/24/06 'Da Vinci' Prequel Headed to the Big Screen

BBC 5/24/06 Studio banks on Da Vinci prequel

Digital Spy 5/24/06 'Da Vinci Code' takes UK by storm

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/24/06 Code: cracked

TVNZ 5/24/06 Da Vinci Code banned in Solomons

OU Daily 5/23/06 Movie Review: The Da Vinci Code

Digital Spy 5/23/06 'Da Vinci Code' release delayed in India

BBC 5/23/06 Da Vinci falls short of UK record

Hollywood Reporter 5/23/06 'Da Vinci' paints $224 mil

New Zealand Herald 5/23/06 Samoa bans Da Vinci Code

BBC 5/23/06 Da Vinci Code game disappoints

The Trades 5/22/06 The Da Vinci Code

Zap2It 5/22/06 'Da Vinci' Breaks Overseas Records

Ananova 5/22/06 Crowds flock to see Da Vinci Code

BBC 5/22/06 'Millions' flock to Da Vinci Code

Jam! 5/22/06 Casting 'Da Vinci Code 2'

Hollywood Reporter 5/22/06 'Da Vinci' paints $224 mil

Celebrity Spider 5/21/06 Mel Gibson Slams the Da Vinci Code

The Trades 5/21/06 The Da Vinci Code

The Trades 5/21/06 A Jew Reads and Sees "The Da Vinci Code"

Coming Soon 5/21/06 Da Vinci Code Deciphers the Box Office

Detroit News 5/21/06 'Da Vinci' has largest '06 weekend debut

Digital Spy 5/21/06 'Da Vinci' star insists she's not beautiful

BBC 5/21/06 Row in India delays Da Vinci Code

Sunday Mirror 5/21/06 My Legs Are Way Tautou Thin 

NY Daily News 5/21/06 Blasphemous? No, just 'inane'

The Trades 5/20/06 The Da Vinci Code

Dallas Morning News 5/20/06 'Da Vinci Code' opening nets estimated $29 million

Jam! 5/20/06 Christians judge 'Da Vinci' movie

Herald Sun 5/20/06 Da expensive ban

Jam! 5/20/06 Cineplex rejects evangelical ads

Jam! 5/20/06 Fans love the movie version

Orlando Sentinel 5/19/06 The Da Vinci Code (2 stars out of 5)

Daily Mail 5/19/06 Da Vinci protests will 'boost film'

Toledo Blade 5/19/06 Movie review: The Da Vinci Code *

Herald Sun 5/19/06 Da Vinci director shrugs off reviews

Boston Globe 5/19/06 The Da Vinci Code Movie Review

Toronto Star 5/19/06 Da Vinci loses something in translation

Christian Science Monitor 5/19/06 Da invincible 'Code' falters on the big screen

Jam! 5/19/06 McKellen defends 'Da Vinci Code'

Fox News 5/19/06 Now in Power: 'The Da Vinci Code' Regime

Dallas Morning News 5/19/06 The Da Vinci Code

BBC 5/19/06 Da Vinci Code sparks off CD row

NY Post 5/19/06 Where's Mona? Da Vinci Deleted

NY Daily News 5/19/06 Audrey's just Tautou sexy

Chicago Sun Times 5/18/06 The Da Vinci Code Review by Roger Ebert

Seattle Times 5/18/06 This "Code" doesn't have any zip

Seattle PI 5/18/06 'Da Vinci Code' deserves kudos for being a smart thriller in an era of dumb movies

The Trades 5/18/06 Why The Da Vinci Code Deserves to be Broken at the Box Office

NY Times 5/18/06 A 'Da Vinci Code' That Takes Longer to Watch Than Read

Metro 5/18/06 ‘I wanted to try new things’

Toronto Star 5/18/06 It's just a movie, folks

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/18/06 Cracking the 'Da Vinci Code'

Ananova 5/18/06 Hanks attends Da Vinci Code premiere

Christian Science Monitor 5/18/06 World's churches seek best ways to counter the 'Code'

MegaStar 5/18/06 Not con-Vinci-ing

Extra 5/18/06 Decoding 'Da Vinci' at the Cannes Film Festival

This is London 5/18/06 The Da Vinci dress code

USA Today 5/18/06 Theologians debunk 'Da Vinci Code' dogma

Daily Mail 5/18/06 The Da Vinci premiere: Look glam, not glum

NY Daily News 5/18/06 The 'Duh' Vinci Code

Globe and Mail 5/18/06 The gospel according to Tom

NY Daily News 5/18/06 It didn't work for me

Dallas Morning News 5/18/06 Will 'Code' of silence pay off?

BBC 5/18/06 India censors clear Da Vinci Code

Jam! 5/18/06 French star Audrey Tautou joins Tom Hanks to crack Da Vinci Code

Dallas Morning News 5/18/06 Chilly reception for 'Code' at Cannes

Jam! 5/18/06 'Da Vinci Code' movie falls flat

E!Online 5/17/06 Laughable "Code" Kicks Off Cannes

BBC 5/17/06 Stars come out for Da Vinci debut

Asbury Park Press 5/17/06 Beijing first to see 'Da Vinci Code'

Entertainment Weekly 5/17/06 The Da Vinci Code

NY Times 5/17/06 A 'Da Vinci Code' That Takes Longer to Watch Than Read 5/17/06 Da Vinci wouldn't want his name on this 'Code'

USA Today 5/17/06 'Da Vinci Code' backs away from book

Hollywood Reporter 5/17/06 The Da Vinci Code

NY Daily News 5/17/06 'Da Vinci' disaster

Daily Record 5/17/06 My Wife Would Have Divorced Me If I Had Turned Down A Part In Da Vinci Code 

BBC 5/17/06 Da Vinci Code premieres in Cannes

Hollywood Reporter 5/17/06 Dialogue: Howard on 'Da Vinci' controversy

Zap2It 5/17/06 McKellen Has Designs on 'Da Vinci'

Orlando Sentinel 5/17/06 Ron Howard Answers 'Da Vinci' Critics

Daily Record 5/17/06 Film's Stars On Track For Record Premiere 

USA Today 5/17/06 Albinos condemn 'Da Vinci' assassin 5/17/06 Critics crack code

AM New York 5/17/06 What can Brown do for you?

BBC 5/17/06 Film set to fan Da Vinci furore

Detroit News 5/17/06 The DaVinci Debate

E!Online 5/16/06 Protests Mount on Eve of "Da Vinci" Premiere

Coming Soon 5/16/06 Da Vinci Code Cast & Crew Hop on Eurostar

BBC 5/16/06 Da Vinci film protests stepped up

ET Online 5/16/06 Mary & Tom Hanks on the 'Da Vinci Code' Express!

TMZ 5/16/06 'Da Vinci Code' Helps Break World Record

NY Times 5/16/06 'Da Vinci Code': The Mystery of the Missing Screenings

Daily Mail 5/16/06 Da Vinci Code film 'insults Catholic faith'

AM New York 5/16/06 ’Da Vinci Code’ cast to break in red carpet at Cannes fest

OU Daily 5/16/06 'Da Vinci Code' film may stir up more controversy

Access Hollywood 5/16/06 On The Road With The 'Code'

BBC 5/16/06 Muslims join Da Vinci criticism

Metro 5/16/06 "Da Vinci" protests, boycotts spread

Daily Mail 5/16/06 Da Vinci stars head for Cannes

BBC 5/16/06 Waterloo moment for Da Vinci stars

Metro 5/16/06 Cannes to kick off with Da Vinci Code controversy

BBC 5/16/06 The Da Vinci phobe's guide

Coming Soon 5/15/06 Ian McKellen Deciphers The Da Vinci Code

BBC 5/15/06 Louvre offers Da Vinci Code tour

MTV 5/15/06 Ian McKellen Sticks Up For Evil In 'Da Vinci Code,' 'X-Men'

Metro 5/15/06 Da Vinci Code's last secret: how did it succeed?

BBC 5/15/06 Da Vinci uproar 'will boost film'

Metro 5/15/06 Filipino hawkers cash in on "Da Vinci Code" fever 5/14/06 Decoding the frenzy over 'Da Vinci Code'

Detroit News 5/14/06 'Code' talkers
Digital Spy 5/14/06 McKellen loved filming 'Da Vinci Code'

Jam! 5/14/06 'Da Vinci Code' to rule the big screen

Chicago Sun-Times 5/14/06 Bettany: 'Da Vinci' is 'just a fun thriller'

Digital Spy 5/14/06 Tom Hanks hits out at Da Vinci's critics

NY Post 5/14/06 Da Vinci Code For Dummies

NY Daily News 5/14/06 Follow the code

NY Post 5/14/06 The French Connection

NY Daily News 5/14/06 The tell-tale art

CBS 5/13/06 Hanks: Don't Take 'Code' Too Seriously

NY Times 5/13/06 Mystery of the 'Da Vinci Code' Film: Will We Love It?

ET Online 5/12/06 'The Da Vinci Code' Exclusive 5/12/06 Devil's in detail

Extra 5/12/06 Stars Help Crack Open 'The Da Vinci Code'

Toronto Star 5/12/06 Making the Code into a movie

BBC 5/12/06 Hanks reacts to Da Vinci critics

Detroit News 5/12/06 Do 'Da Vinci Code' boycotts work?

Detroit News 5/11/06 'The Da Vinci Code' follows Grail trail

USA Today 5/11/06 Up jumps the 'Da Vinci' devil

BBC 5/11/06 India Catholics target Da Vinci

Toronto Star 5/10/06 This is no doc: Hanks

Jam! 5/10/06 'Da Vinci' boycott likely to backfire

ET Online 5/10/06 'The Da Vinci Code' World Tour

Metro 5/10/06 Ban Da Vinci Code, says Philippine official

ET Online 5/9/06 'The Da Vinci Code': Paris Secrets

ET Online 5/9/06 ''The Da Vinci Code' Exclusive!

BBC 5/9/06 Da Vinci disclaimer 'not needed'

Herald Sun 5/9/06 Catholics urged to fight Da Vinci Code

TVNZ 5/9/06 Groups at odds over Da Vinci Code

Celebrity Spider 5/8/06 Tom Hanks Scootered Around Paris During The Da Vinci Code Filming

Celebrity Spider 5/8/06 Tom Hanks Pokes Fun at The Da Vinci Code Controversy

BBC 5/8/06 Cardinal urges Da Vinci action

Toronto Star 5/8/06 The true Da Vinci mystery

BBC 5/6/06 Catholics form Da Vinci film team

Courier Mail 5/6/06 Golden days of Brown

Celebrity Spider 5/5/06 Ian McKellen: "Tolkien Runs Rings Around Da Vinci Code"

TMZ 5/4/06 Sneak Peek at 'The Da Vinci Code'

Metro 5/4/06 English Catholic group opposes Da Vinci film boycott

BBC 5/3/06 Church acts against Da Vinci film

Coming Soon 4/30/06 New Da Vinci Code and M:i:III Photos

Celebrity Spider 4/28/06 Tom Hanks Pays Tribute to Retired Make-Up King

E!Online 4/28/06 Vatican Tries to Break "Da Vinci Code"

Metro 4/28/06 "Boycott Da Vinci Code film": top Vatican official

BBC 4/28/06 Judge's own Da Vinci code cracked

BBC 4/27/06 Judge creates own Da Vinci code

NY Daily News 4/27/06 Judge code-ifies 'Da Vinci' ruling

Celebrity Spider 4/25/06 Tom Hanks Heads Up Hair Clinic to Find Da Vinci Code Look

BBC 4/25/06 Da Vinci poster taken off church

Celebrity Spider 4/24/06 Tom Hanks: "Churches Can Benefit From The Da Vinci Code"

BBC 4/24/06 Brown plays down Code controversy

Toronto Star 4/21/06 A-list can climb on Da Vinci hype train

Entertainment Weekly 4/21/06 "Da Vinci Code" follow-up delayed

E!Online 4/20/06 Brown's "Code" Is Unique 4/18/06 Da Vinci plea

Cinema Spider 4/17/06 The Da Vinci Code Online Puzzle Adventure Announced

E!Online 4/17/06 A "Da Vinci" Disclaimer?

Coming Soon 4/17/06 Da Vinci Code Quest on Google Launches

BBC 4/16/06 Group demands Da Vinci disclaimer

NY Daily News 4/15/06 Group wants 'Da Vinci' disclaimer

ET Online 4/14/06 Can You Crack 'The Da Vinci Code'?

Celebrity Spider 4/13/06 Tom Hanks Flashed the Mona Lisa

ET Online 4/12/06 The 'Da Vinci Code' Countdown!

BBC 4/12/06 Da Vinci in new plagiarism claim

NY Times 4/8/06 Idea for 'Da Vinci Code' Was Not Stolen, Judge Says

Digital Spy 4/8/06 Tom Hanks proud of 'Da Vinci' movie

BBC 4/8/06 Da Vinci film faces ban in Korea

E!Online 4/7/06 Judge Disses "Da Vinci" Lawsuit

Zap2It 4/7/06 'Da Vinci Code' Author, Movie in the Clear

This is London 4/7/06 Brown wins copyright battle

USA Today 4/7/06 'Da Vinci Code' author exonerated

BBC 4/7/06 Court rejects Da Vinci copy claim

Metro 3/28/06 "Da Vinci Code" fuels US religious publishing boom

Digital Spy 3/26/06 'Da Vinci' inspirations to appear in film

Entertainment Weekly 3/24/06 'Da' Last Big Interview

Herald Sun 3/22/06 Da Vinci Code case twist

CSM 3/22/06 Christians ready to refute 'Da Vinci Code' movie

ET Online 3/21/06 ET Unlocks 'The Da Vinci Code'

TVNZ 3/21/06 Da Vinci Code trial wraps up

E!Online 3/21/06 "Da Vinci" Case Closed

Coming Soon 3/20/06 Full New Da Vinci Code Trailer

BBC 3/20/06 Authors wait on Da Vinci ruling
CBS 3/20/06 'Da Vinci' Case Heads For Judge

Coming Soon 3/17/06 New Da Vinci Code TV Spot Revealed

Daily Mail 3/17/06 Da Vinci Code copying claims 'a travesty'

Coming Soon 3/17/06 New Da Vinci Code TV Spot Revealed

CBS 3/17/06 Defense Gets Tough In 'Da Vinci' Case

BBC 3/17/06 Da Vinci copy claim 'in tatters'

NY Daily News 3/15/06 'Code' scribe: I'm no copycat

BBC 3/14/06 Author of Da Vinci 'did not lie'

NY Daily News 3/14/06 'Da Vinci' writer's life is decoded

E!Online 3/13/06 "Da Vinci" Author Decoded in Court

CBS 3/13/06 Da Vinci Author Claims Many Sources

BBC 3/13/06 Da Vinci author scorns copy claim

Cinema Spider 3/9/06 Catholic Initiative Supports Disclaimer for The Da Vinci Code Film

TVNZ 3/8/06 Publisher defends Da Vinci Code

BBC 3/7/06 Da Vinci Code claim 'exaggerated'

Metro 3/7/06 Author Brown back in court for Da Vinci Code case

Jam! 3/7/06 'Da Vinci Code' claim exaggerated

CBS 3/6/06 'Da Vinci Code' Author Sued for Copyright

ET Online 3/3/06 ET Unlocks 'The Da Vinci Code'

Herald Sun 3/2/06 Da Vinci Code plot won't thicken

TMZ 3/1/06 Librarian Says 'Da Vinci Code' Lawsuit Lacks Merit

NY Times 2/28/06 'Da Vinci Code' Trial Opens With Claim of Theft

Metro 2/28/06 Brown did not copy the Da Vinci Code, lawyer says 2/28/06 'Da Vinci Code' plagiarism case begins

E!Online 2/27/06 "Da Vinci Code" Opened in Court

CBS 2/27/06 'Da Vinci Code' Film To Be Blocked? 2/27/06 Code challenged

BBC 2/27/06 Da Vinci Code 'copied book ideas'

Hollywood Reporter 2/27/06 'Da Vinci Code' author Brown faces plagiarism charge

Digital Spy 2/26/06 'Da Vinci Code' in copyright row

BBC 2/15/06 Group urges Da Vinci film changes

Digital Spy 2/15/06 Catholic group urges 'Da Vinci' changes

Jam! 2/14/06 'Da Vinci Code' changes sought in film

Coming Soon 2/14/06 New Da Vinci Code Photos

Jam! 2/11/06 Opus Dei aims to improve its public image ahead of Da Vinci Code movie

Digital Spy 2/3/06 Gervais turned down 'Da Vinci Code' part

Cinema Spider 2/2/06 The Da Vinci Code Movie to Premiere May 19, Sequel Speculation Started

Coming Soon 1/27/06 Official Da Vinci Code Site Updated!

E!Online 1/24/06 "Code" Cracks Cannes

Zap2It 1/23/06 'Da Vinci Code' Lands Cannes Slot

BBC 1/23/06 Da Vinci movie will open Cannes

Daily Record 1/23/06 Da Vinci Threat

Hollywood Reporter 1/23/06 'Da Vinci' set to open Cannes fest

BBC 1/20/06 Call for Da Vinci 'adult rating'

Seattle PI 1/13/06 'Da Vinci Code' steps away from the pack of same old, same olds

Herald Sun 1/8/06 Da Vinci decoded

Digital Spy 1/5/06 'Da Vinci Code' to premiere in Louvre?

CBS 1/3/06 Louvre: Thanks, 'Da Vinci Code'

Digital Spy 12/31/05 Chirac's choice for Da Vinci Code

Newsweek 12/19/05 The 'Code' Breakers

Herald Sun 12/15/05 Da Vinci Code cracks internet

Hollywood Reporter 12/15/05 Apple cracks 'Da Vinci' code with trailer

Daily Mail 12/15/05 See The Da Vinci Code film trailer

Daily Record 12/15/05 Daaargh Vinci Code 12/15/05 Da Vinci hype

ET Online 12/14/05 ET Unlocks 'The Da Vinci Code'

Coming Soon 12/14/05 New Da Vinci Code Trailer Deciphered!

Coming Soon 12/14/05 Secret Site in The Da Vinci Code Trailer

Coming Soon 11/2/05 2K Creating The Da Vinci Code Game

BBC 9/30/05 Man arrested on Da Vinci film set

Digital Spy 9/30/05 Man arrested on 'Da Vinci' set

BBC 9/26/05 'Da Vinci chapel' filming starts

BBC 8/25/05 Book signed by Da Vinci stars

Coming Soon 8/23/05 New Da Vinci Code Set Pictures

USA Today 8/17/05 'Da Vinci' film divides British churches

BBC 8/16/05 Head-to-head: Da Vinci Code filming

Coming Soon 8/16/05 New Pictures from Da Vinci Code UK Set 8/16/05 'Da Vinci' film divides British churches

Ananova 8/16/05 Hanks met by protesting nuns

BBC 8/16/05 Nun stages Da Vinci Code protest

BBC 8/14/05 Bell stops tolling for Hanks film

NY Daily News 8/13/05 The Da Vinci gamble

NY Times 8/6/05 Sprinkling Holy Water on 'The Da Vinci Code'

BBC 8/6/05 Author Brown 'did not plagiarise'

CBS 8/5/05 'Da Vinci Code' Free Of Legal Woes

BBC 7/26/05 Hollywood movie role for chapel

NY Daily News 7/3/05 Vatican's dilemma

NY Daily News 7/3/05 Lights! Action! Sacrilege?

Coming Soon 7/3/05 More The Da Vinci Code Set Reports

Zap2It 5/31/05 'Da Vinci Code' Film Barred from Shooting in Abbey

Toronto Star 5/27/05 Happy DaVinci fans are we

New Zealand Herald 5/27/05 Da Vinci Code sails toward summer shoot

Digital Spy 5/25/05 'Da Vinci' filming in Lincoln

Ananova 5/25/05 Tom's film heads to Lincoln

Ananova 5/28/04 Da Vinci book to be made into film


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