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News Articles about the movie The Day After Tomorrow


Teen Hollywood 5/28/04 Dunst Sacrifices Premiere For Gyllenhaal

Seattle PI 5/28/04 'Day After Tomorrow' has the best of intentions, but its foibles hold it back

Santa Cruz Sentinel 5/28/04 ‘Day After Tormorrow’ delivers what summer movies must: thrills and chills

Seattle Times 5/28/04 'The Day After Tomorrow' gets a failing grade for science - and entertainment

TV Guide 5/28/04 Day After Director Anti-NY? 5/28/04 The latest in disastertainment

Seattle PI 5/28/04 Scientists scoff as climates run amok on big screen

Boston Herald 5/28/04 Disaster films again showing signs of life

Toronto Star 5/28/04 A disaster, indeed

Baltimore Sun 5/28/04 Tomorrow's Forecast

Bergen Record 5/28/04 'Day After Tomorrow' is a classic summer action film 5/28/04 Oh, the weather outside is frightful

Detroit News 5/28/04 'Tomorrow' is an expected, unimpressive end to the world

Hollywood Reporter 5/27/04 The Day After Tomorrow

USA Today 5/27/04 'The Day After Tomorrow': Cloudy, chance of frosty reception

NY Times 5/27/04 Smart Hero. Dumb Officials. Huge Sheet of Ice.

Digital Spy 5/27/4 In Review: The Day After Tomorrow

Times Online 5/27/04 The Day After Tomorrow 5/27/04 Pin-up's riding a tsunami

BBC 5/27/04 UK launch for Day After Tomorrow 5/27/04 Indie pin-up happy to ride a tsunami

Digital Spy 5/27/04 In Review: The Day After Tomorrow

NY Daily News 5/27/04 'Day After' a far from perfect storm

BBC 5/27/04 Jake almost snogs fan at 'Day After Tomorrow' Premiere

Ananova 5/27/04 Stars turn out for The Day After Tomorrow premiere

The Trades 5/26/04 "The Day After Tomorrow" Review

MSNBC 5/26/04 The Day After Tomorrow’ is retro cool

Knox News 5/26/04 In 'Day After,' global warming dons dramatic face

Newsday 5/26/04 'Tomorrow’s’ director takes filmgoers by storm

Wichita Eagle 5/26/04 Will Day After Tomorrow Rally Public?

USA Today 5/26/04 'The Day After Tomorrow' heats up a political debate

Extra 5/25/04 Stars Storm Manhattan For 'The Day After Tomorrow'

ET Online 5/25/04 Jake Hopes for a Blockbuster 'Tomorrow'

NY Daily News 5/25/04 Flood of controversy

Washington Times 5/25/04 Storm warning

ET Online 5/25/04 Summer Snow Strikes NYC 'Tomorrow'

Zap2It 5/24/04 'Day After Tomorrow' Deals With Real Concerns

Seattle Times 5/24/04 Gyllenhaal makes move from indies to big-budget films

USA Today 5/24/04 'Day After Tomorrow': A lot of hot air

Killer Movies 5/24/04 Jake Gyllenhaal Talks 'The Day After Tomorrow'

Sci Fi Wire 5/24/04 Gyllenhaal Chills In Day

Denver Post 5/23/04 The science? of disaster films

Times Online 5/23/04 Jake’s progress

NY Times 5/23/04 When Manhattan Freezes Over

Nine MSN 5/23/04 Film: The Day After Tomorrow

Detroit News 5/22/04 Disaster is a Hollywood success story

New Zealand Herald 5/22/04 The Day After Tomorrow

Boston Herald 5/21/04 Global warning: Why do we keep lining up for disaster flicks?

Extra 5/20/04 Bad Weather -- Big Hit

Washington Post 5/16/04 Apocalypse Soon?

Guardian 5/14/04 A hard rain's a-gonna fall

Coming Soon 5/14/04 Five New The Day After Tomorrow Clips!

NY Daily News 5/2/04 The future ... or just Hollywood make-believe?


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