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NY Daily News 6/10/05 The honeymoon is over

Newsday 6/10/05 "The Honeymooners"

Chicago Sun Times 6/9/05 The Honeymooners Roger Ebert Review

Hollywood Reporter 6/9/05 The Honeymooners

Zap2It 6/9/05 Several Cooks Meddle with 'Honeymooners' Soup

Journal Now 6/9/05 Remake can't top the original, Cedric says

Detroit News 6/9/05 Don't stick 'Honeymooners' with urban tag, actress says

Entertainment Weekly 6/9/05 The Honeymooners

Metro 6/9/05 He's hitting it right in the kisser

NY Daily News 6/9/05 Cedric, driven from the start

Metro 6/9/05 Epps' Norton cuts out cussin'

NY Daily News 6/9/05 By the light of the silvery 'Mooners'

Houston Chronicle 6/8/05 New movie won't spoil love for Honeymooners

Teen Hollywood 6/8/05 “Honeymooning” with Cedric the Entertainer

Coming Soon 6/8/05 Cedric the Entertainer on The Honeymooners

Teen Hollywood 6/7/05 Gabrielle Union: Honeymooner

CBS 6/6/05 Honeymoon For Cedric And Epps? 6/5/05 Cedric the Entertainer, getting on the bus

Cinema Spider 6/1/05 World Premiere of the Honeymooners

IGN 11/17/04 The Honeymooners Is ''Quintessentially American''

IGN 10/15/04 Honeymooners Casting

IGN 7/27/04 The Stax Report: Script Review of The Honeymooners

IGN 8/18/03 A Pair of Honeymooners

IGN 3/20/03 Cedric, You're the Greatest?


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