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USA Today 7/22/05 'Island' no refuge from pandemonium
Jam! 7/22/05 'The Island' is a fun but silly escape

CBS 2 7/22/05 The Island

Detroit News 7/22/05 Fast-paced 'The Island' is a visually stunning adventure

Journal Now 7/22/05 Faux Sci Fi: Futuristic, high-tech 'Island' is one long chase

Knox News 7/22/05 Djimon Hounsou's role in 'Island' more lighthearted

Teen Hollywood 7/22/05 Movie Review: The Island

Chicago Tribune 7/22/05 Explosions swamp almost-thoughtful 'Island'

Knox News 7/22/05 Finally, Bay crafts an action flick with smarts with 'Island'

Houston Chronicle 7/22/05 Bay injects Island with action

Zap2It 7/22/05 The Island

Boston Herald 7/22/05 Clone rangers - Overblown `Island' adrift in sea of idiocy

Seattle PI 7/22/05 Borrowed parts and empathy create Bay rarity in 'The Island'

NY Daily News 7/22/05 Pure escapism

Toronto Star 7/22/05 Dumb, but dumb on a grand scale 7/22/05 A bleak picture (and dumb, too)

Toronto Star 7/22/05 Dumb, but dumb on a grand scale 7/22/05 A bleak picture (and dumb, too)

Chart Attack 7/22/05 Film Review: The Island

Newsday 7/22/05 'The Island'

NY Times 7/22/05 No Soul, Perhaps, but This Clone Has a Skeptic's Heart

Toronto Star 7/22/05 Duplicate déjà vu — could The Island be a clone of '70s thrillers?

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/21/05 Logic gets lost on 'The Island'

Teen Hollywood 7/21/05 Sean Bean: Suave Villain, Hunky Hero

Coming Soon 7/21/05 Scarlett Escapes to The Island

USA Today 7/21/05 Michael Bay keeps an island apart

Entertainment Weekly 7/20/05 The Island

BBC 7/20/05 Scarlett's long island slog

Dallas Morning News 7/20/05 Tears of a clone

MTV 7/19/05 Rewind: 'The Island' Brings The Clone Flick 'Round Again

Jam! 7/19/05 Duncan weeps for 'Island' role

Knox News 7/18/05 Talking with two stars of 'The Island'

Coming Soon 7/18/05 The Island by The Bay

Jam! 7/17/05 Clones: good for folding laundry?

NY Post 7/17/05 30 Minutes Without An Explosion - Bay's Idea Of A 'Thinking' Film

Orlando Sentinel 7/17/05 You call this paradise?

Detroit News 7/16/05 Actress isn't lost on 'The Island'

USA Today 7/13/05 'Island' cast lands in Manhattan

Celebrity Spider 7/12/05 Scarlett Johansson Insisted on Going Topless

ET Online 7/12/05 Stars Escape to Manhattan 'Island' 7/12/05 Scarlett no prude

BBC 7/12/05 Scarlett and bruised

Hollywood Reporter 7/11/05 The Island

Coming Soon 7/10/05 Free Passes to The Island in Texas!

Coming Soon 7/7/05 The Island Sneak Peek & Spin-off Sites

Coming Soon 6/30/05 New Chocolate Factory & The Island Pics

Coming Soon 6/29/05 The Island & Into the Blue Trailers

Celebrity Spider 6/2/05 Scarlett Johansson Wants a Clone
Celebrity Spider 6/1/05 Scarlett Johansson Forced to Shape Up on the Set

Coming Soon 5/27/05 A Preview of The Island

Coming Soon 5/26/05 New The Island Trailers

Coming Soon 5/20/05 New Trailer for Bay's The Island

IGN 3/21/05 The Island Trailer
IGN 2/22/05 Set Visit: The Island

IGN 12/15/04 Bean Docks on Island
IGN 11/4/04 Set Pics from Bay's Island

IGN 10/18/04 Casting Bay's Island

Ananova 5/5/04 Matt Damon's nose causes problem on new film


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