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CBS 10/27/05 Banderas Behind The Mask

Journal Now 10/27/05 Zorro's back in a sequel that is as much fun as the original

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/27/05 Older Zorro still shows zest for life

Toronto Star 10/27/05 Zorro sequel has mark of Z

USA Today 10/26/05 Banderas out on a log for 'Zorro'

Entertainment Weekly 10/26/05 The Legend of Zorro

Metro 10/26/05 Zorro rides again

Teen Hollywood 10/24/05 The Legend Of: Antonio Banderas

Chicago Sun-Times 10/23/05 Lady 'Zorro' keeps focus on family and career

Jam! 10/23/05 Banderas rides again as 'Zorro'

NY Daily News 10/23/05 Zorro cuts a dash

Hollywood Reporter 10/22/05 The Legend of Zorro

Cinema Spider 10/21/05 Starz Offers Sneak Preview of The Legend of Zorro

USA Today 10/18/05 Z is for red-hot 'Zorro' premiere

Celebrity Spider 10/17/05 Catherine Zeta-Jones Baffled by Accident Report

ET Online 10/17/05 'The Legend of Zorro' Premieres

Manchester Online 10/17/05 A sword is so empowering

Entertainment Weekly 8/9/05 The Legend of Zorro

IGN 7/27/04 Sewell in Zorro Sequel

IGN 11/11/03 Banderas on Zorro 2

IGN 10/27/03 Zorro 2 Casting Underway

IGN 8/29/03 Banderas Talks Zorro's Return


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