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Seattle PI 5/27/05 Sandler's 'Longest Yard' remake comes out a winner despite a few fumbles

Orlando Sentinel 5/27/05 The Longest Yard (2 out of 5 stars)

NY Daily News 5/27/05 Adam has fun in 'Yard' but Burt still owns it

Seattle Times 5/27/05 A mind-wanderingly "Longest" remake

Jam! 5/26/05 'Longest Yard' TV rights fetch $27M

USA Today 5/26/05 'Longest Yard' scores big 5/26/05 Star's slap attack

Journal Now 5/26/05 A rehashed Longest Yard stretches one's credibility and takes forever to play

USA Today 5/26/05 Huddle up for 'Longest Yard'

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/26/05 Sandler doesn't have to go deep for 'Yard'

NBC 13 5/26/05'Stone Cold' Takes Strides Away From WWE With ' Longest Yard'

Chicago Sports Review 5/26/05 Adam Sandler Must Be Stopped

Houston Chronicle 5/26/05 Longest Yard actor goes out of his way for Houston

ET Online 5/26/05 Adam Tackles 'The Longest Yard'

NY Daily News 5/26/05 Rap helps Nelly to tackle acting

Entertainment Weekly 5/25/05 The Longest Yard

Zap2It 5/25/05 Reynolds Slaps Producer at 'Longest Yard' Premiere

Asbury Park Press 5/25/05 Nelly moves from rapping to acting in "The Longest Yard"

Cinema Spider 5/24/05 Superstar Nelly Assembles All Star Line-Up for The Longest Yard Soundtrack

Detroit News 5/23/05 'The Longest Yard' premiere draws fans

Jam! 5/22/05 Austin's a prison guard in 'The Longest Yard'

Hollywood Reporter 5/21/05 The Longest Yard

Mercury News 5/20/05 Sandler's 'Yard' gets all-star premiere

MTV 5/20/05 Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Cast At 'Longest Yard' Premiere

Access Hollywood 5/20/05 Sandler: New 'Yard' Nothing Like Original

ET Online 5/20/05 Adam Sandler Goes 'The Longest Yard'

Extra 5/17/05 Buddies Rock and Sandler Team Up for 'Longest Yard'

Virginia Pilot 5/16/05 ''The Longest Yard'' remake more comedic than original

Zap2It 5/16/05 Sandler Makes an Impression at Hollywood Landmark

Cinema Spider 5/13/05 World Premiere of the Movie "The Longest Yard"

Metro 5/10/05 The Longest Yard: Lockdown Edition

NMC 5/6/05 Nelly Hosts The Longest Yard Screening

ET Online 4/27/05 Sandler Tackles 'The Longest Yard'

Zap2It 8/17/04 Turturro Goes Long for 'Yard'

Zap2It 6/30/04 Fichtner Recruited for 'Longest Yard' Remake

Coming Soon 5/29/04 Peter Segal Talks The Longest Yard Remake
Zap2It 5/28/04 Oldman Goes Long for 'Yard' Remake

Ananova 5/28/04 Gary Oldman to join The Longest Yard


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