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USA Today 6/25/04 Hot off 'The Notebook'

USA Today 6/25/04 Formulaic pages fill 'The Notebook'

Toronto Star 6/25/04 It was a fine romance with no surprises

NY Daily News 6/25/04 Scribble over this 'Notebook' 6/25/04 The Notebook: Canadians can't overcome cliches

NBC13 6/24/04 'Notebook' Latest Chapter In Garner's Brilliant Career

ET Online 6/24/04 'Notebook' Newcomers on Love and Britney!

NBC13 6/23/04 'Notebook' An Exciting Chapter In Marsden's Career

Teen Hollywood 6/22/04 Rachel McAdams: Doing it All for Love

Extra 6/22/04 Star Sightings: Isn't It Romantic?

Coming Soon 6/20/04 The Notebook Cast & Director Video Interviews

Boston Herald 6/20/04 Rachel McAdams finds romance - and maybe stardom - in `The Notebook'

NY Daily News 6/20/04 Love's young dream

Coming Soon 6/16/04 Amazon Uploads Full-Length Notebook Scene

Zap2It 6/16/04 James Garner Opens Up About His 'Notebook'

NY Times 6/14/04 'Notebook' Starlet Begins New Chapter

The Trades 6/13/04 "Notebook, The" Review

Zap2It 3/11/02 Nick Cassavetes Opens 'The Notebook' as His Next Project


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