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News Articles about The Perfect Man 6/17/05 The Perfect Man: Duff's still too young to score in story of adult relationships

Newsday 6/17/05 No man's land

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/17/05 'Perfect Man' is, like, soooo unbelievable

Extra 6/16/05 How Hilary Found 'The Perfect Man'

USA Today 6/16/05 'Perfect' pals: Locklear and Duff

Entertainment Weekly 6/15/05 The Perfect Man

Hollywood Reporter 6/15/05 'Perfect Man,' 'Deep Blue' open Maui fest

ET Online 6/14/05 Heather & Hilary Find 'The Perfect Man' 6/14/05 Hilary Duff Talks About "The Perfect Man" 6/14/05 Interview with Hilary Duff's "Perfect Man" Love Interest

Cinema Spider 6/10/05 Universal Pictures Host The World Premiere of The Perfect Man

Coming Soon 4/20/04 Noth & O'Malley Suitors for Duff's Perfect Man

Coming Soon 3/2/04 Duff's Perfect Man is Director Mark Rosman

Coming Soon 9/11/03 Hilary Duff Has Found The Perfect Man


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