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The Pink Panther (2004)
The Pink Panther (2005)
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Zap2It 2/9/06 The Pink Panther

Teen Hollywood 2/10/06 Steve Martin Takes on a Classic

Journal Now 2/9/06 Even Steve Martin can't can't shake Sellers' ghost in Pink Panther remake

NBC13 2/9/06 Review: 'Pink Panther' Is Colorful Fun

Coming Soon 2/9/06 Steve Martin Resurrects The Pink Panther

Zap2It 2/9/06 Knowles Is Tickled 'Pink' to Be Acting

Entertainment Weekly 2/8/06 The Pink Panther

Boston Herald 2/7/06 Beyonce expectations: Knowles brings sparkle to ‘Pink Panther’

USA Today 2/7/06 Playful premiere for 'Pink Panther'

Coming Soon 2/6/06 Beyoncé Knowles Gets Bit By the Acting Bug

Hollywood Reporter 2/6/06 The Pink Panther

NY Post 2/5/06 Look What the Cat Dragged In

NY Post 2/5/06 History of a Farce

Chicago Sun-Times 2/5/06 Pretty in 'Pink'

Jam! 2/4/06 Martin thrilled to be 'Inspector Clouseau'

CBS 1/2/06 Mortimer Calls 'Pink Panther' Role Tough

ET Online 10/27/05 Beyonce Meets 'The Pink Panther'

Hollywood Reporter 7/14/05 'Panther' promo ally tickled pink by delay

Ananova 6/21/05 Beyonce to record Pink Panther single

E!Online 6/8/05 "Pink Panther's" Stolen Summer

Coming Soon 6/7/05 The Pink Panther Pushed Back to 2006

Zap2It 6/7/05 'Pink Panther' Slinks Into Spring

Hollywood Reporter 6/7/05 'Pink Panther' inspects new release date

Hollywood Reporter 7/29/04 'Pink' producer signs MGM first look

Launch 7/23/04 Beyonce's pink confession

Extra 7/23/04 Back in Pink

BBC 7/22/04 Beyonce's Clouseau confession

Teen Hollywood 5/31/04 Legends of the pratfall: `Pink Panther' set to shoot

IGN 5/12/04 Pink Panther Pics

Coming Soon 5/11/04 Watch The Pink Panther Start of Production Video

Coming Soon 5/7/04 The Pink Panther Begins Production

IGN 5/7/04 Peek Panther

IGN 4/22/04 Broadway Star in the Pink

IGN 3/19/04 Kline Joins Pink Panther

IGN 3/5/04 Pink Panther Casting

IGN 1/12/04 Panther Plot Rumors

IGN 10/18/03 Martin in Pink Panther Remake


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