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Jam! 4/21/06 '24' packs more punch than 'Sentinel'

Rocky Mountain News 4/21/06 Guard doody

NY Daily News 4/21/06 Film puts Eva in a desperate White House

Journal Now 4/20/06 Routine story line makes political thriller The Sentinel ho-hum

MTV 4/19/06 Who Wants To Kill The President? Star-Studded 'Sentinel' Cast Won't Tell

CBS 4/19/06 Michael Douglas: On Film And Family

Dallas Morning News 4/17/06 On guard

Toronto Star 4/17/06 Kiefer's second chance

TMZ 4/12/06 It's All About Eva

ET Online 4/10/06 Michael Douglas: On the Run in 'The Sentinel'

Extra 4/7/06 Kiefer, Kim, Eva and Michael Team Up for 'The Sentinel'

ET Online 4/7/06 Eva Takes Aim in 'The Sentinel'


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