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Santa Cruz Sentinel 6/11/04 The facts of wife: Remake of ‘Stepford Wives’ hits right satirical notes

Boston Globe 6/11/04 The robo-babes are back in town with hilarious retooling of 'Stepford'

NBC4 6/11/04 Review: 'Stepford Wives' Not Perfect

Salon 6/11/04 "The Stepford Wives" 6/11/04 Kidman gets loopy on rum cake

Mercury News 6/11/04 Recasting 'Stepford Wives' as a farce is a step backward from '70s novel, film

Detroit News 6/11/04 A barb-alicious 'Wives' steps lively with its bevy of beauties, original wit

Bergen Record 6/11/04 'Wives' has been Stepfordized into Hollywood fare 6/11/04 Glossy wives in a dull satire

Houston Chronicle 6/11/04 'Stepford Wives' doesn't live up to perfect expectations

NY Times 6/11/04 Living in Suburbia, Married to a Machine

Toronto Star 6/11/04 Brain-dead remake

USA Today 6/11/04 'Stepford Wives': Perfect summer fare

Seattle Times 6/11/04 New "Stepford Wives" more style than substance

TV Guide 6/11/04 Bette Midler's Reality Check

Seattle Times 6/11/04 Review: 'Stepford Wives' lands with thud

BBC 6/11/04 Stepford cast play down problems

NY Daily News 6/11/04 Wicked & witty 2nd 'Wives'

CTV 6/10/04 The Stepford Wives remake lands with a thud

Newsday 6/10/04 The Stepford Wives

Arizona Republic 6/10/04 The perfect Stepford primer

Houston Chronicle 6/10/04 Something strange is still happening in Stepford

CSM 6/10/04 A remake without a cause

Fox News 6/10/04 'Stepford Wives' Arrives, Ready for Long Knives (middle of article) 6/10/04 Something Stepfordy about this interview

USA Today 6/10/04 'Stepford Wives' ladies mock their robo-characters

CBS 6/10/04 Nicole Kidman: A 'Stepford' Wife

Globe and Mail 6/10/04 The Stepford Wives

NY Times 6/9/04 Stepford Is Us

Extra 6/9/04 Faith Hill Catches Acting Bug

Toronto Star 6/9/04 Ferris Bueller's payoff

USA Today 6/9/04 Bart relishes sharp turn as gay blade

TV Guide 6/9/04 Nicole Kidman: "I'm Not Perfect"

USA Today 6/9/04 It's all an act

NBC13 6/8/04 Controversial 'Stepford Wives' Ad Shows Hillary, Condoleezza

Ananova 6/8/04 Stepford Wives ending changed

Orlando Sentinel 6/7/04 'Stepford' is more than a new wives' tale

Times of India 6/6/04 Kidman, Midler a nightmare to work with

POAC 6/6/04 Former Miss America an unlikely recruit for ‘Stepford Wives’

NY Times 6/6/04 'Stepford Wives' and the Art of the Last-Minute Movie Save

NY Daily News 6/6/04 Lovely & amazing

NY Daily News 6/6/04 'Stepford Wives' club

NMC 6/4/04 Faith Hill No Stepford Wife

BBC 6/4/04 American premiere of The Stepford Wives

Toronto Star 6/4/04 Kidman too busy for romance

Cinescape 6/3/04 Stepford secrets online

NMC 6/3/04 Faith & Tim No Stepford Couple

Cinescape 6/3/04 Is it The Stepford Wives or the world wife web?

MegaStar 5/28/04 The Stepford Wives trail

Zap2It 5/27/04 'Stepford' Ideal Honored with Trailer Awards

Times of India 5/6/04 Nicole keeps the Stepford Wives waiting!

Coming Soon 4/8/04 New Trailer for The Stepford Wives

BBC 3/26/04 Nicole has fun with Stepford Wives

Teen Hollywood 2/21/04 Kidman Tried To Pull Out Of Stepford Wives

Zap2It 5/2/03 Cusacks Split from 'Stepford Wives'

Zap2It 3/10/03 Christopher Walken to Join 'Stepford Wives'?

Zap2It 3/7/03 Cusack Siblings to Join 'Stepford Wives' Cast?

Ananova 10/23/02 Nicole Kidman to star in remake of The Stepford Wives

Zap2It 10/23/02 Kidman Joins 'Stepford Wives'

E!Online 10/22/02 Kidman Stepping Out for "Wives"

Zap2It 5/14/02 'Stepford Wives' May go to Oz


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