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Detroit News 6/18/04 Hanks outshines 'Terminal,' but it's still worth a ticket

Eclipse Magazine 6/18/04 Tom terrific once again in "Terminal"

Teen Hollywood 6/18/04 Movie Review: The Terminal

NBC13 6/18/04 Review: Hanks Is Heart, Soul Of 'The Terminal'

CTV 6/18/04 Elaborate set takes top billing in The Terminal

Indy Star 6/18/04 Stranded man has sunny story to tell

Mercury News 6/18/04 Dull 'Terminal' interminable

Contra Costa Times 6/18/04 'The Terminal' seems stuck in feel-good limbo

Santa Cruz Sentinel 6/18/04 Tom Hanks is his charming old self in ‘The Terminal’

Hollywood Reporter 6/18/04 Runway cleared for 'Terminal' 6/18/04 Feel-good airport tale fails to take off

Salon 6/18/04 "The Terminal"

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/18/04 Hanks takes over 'The Terminal'

Washington Post 6/18/04 'Terminal' Stuck at The Gate

NY Times 6/18/04 An Émigré's Paradise Lost and Found

CBS 6/18/04 Tom Hanks: 'The Terminal'

Seattle Times 6/18/04 Tom Hanks is perfectly cast as a resident of "The Terminal"
Washington Post 6/18/04 'Terminal': Cleared for Takeoff

Toronto Star 6/18/04 Hanks at his best as dazed traveller

Seattle PI 6/18/04 Spielberg strikes a Capra-esque tone, but 'The Terminal' never really takes off

USA Today 6/18/04 First-class story makes 'The Terminal' a fine passport to diversion

NY Daily News 6/18/04 Spare us the allegory details

CNN 6/17/04 Review: Too much down time in 'Terminal'

Newsday 6/17/04 The Terminal

Houston Chronicle 6/16/04 Hanks, Spielberg get used to seeing the other's elbow

New Zealand Herald 6/16/04 Terminal and other films ponder US post 9/11

Detroit News 6/16/04 Hanks and Spielberg Team Up in 'Terminal' 6/15/04 Spielberg's 'The Terminal': Pay attention to the nuts

USA Today 6/15/04 Films and friendship do mix

BBC 6/15/04 CZJ shows her sensitive side

USA Today 6/15/04 How does it end? Even he isn't sure

Extra 6/14/04 In the Zeta-Jones Zone

Hollywood Reporter 6/14/04 The Terminal

NY Daily News 6/13/04 Spielberg's deeper vision

Hello 6/11/04 Catherine and Tom in L.A. for 'The Terminal' launch

USA Today 6/11/04 Celebs check in at 'The Terminal'

Zap2It 6/10/04 Flights of Non-Fiction

Extra 6/10/04 Checking Into 'The Terminal'

BBC 6/10/04 CZJ terminally clumsy in new role

Cinescape 6/10/04 Listen to the sounds from The Terminal

BBC 6/10/04 Hanks and Zeta land at premiere

Fox News 6/4/04 Spielberg's 'Terminal': High Test Scores

Coming Soon 5/26/04 New Snapshots of Spielberg's The Terminal

IGN 7/17/03 Tucci Develops Terminal Condition

IGN 2/7/03 Spielly's Next: Indy IV, Hanks' Terminal

E!Online 12/10/01 Hanks Goes "Terminal"


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