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NY Daily News 8/2/04 For scaring up loot, it takes 'The Village'

Newsday 8/2/04 'Village' Scares Up Over $50M in Debut

Coming Soon 8/1/04 Shyamalan's The Village Tops Box Office

Hollywood Reporter 8/1/04 Shyamalan's 'The Village' leads boxoffice

ET Online 8/1/04 It Takes a 'Village'

MSNBC 8/1/04 ‘Village’ earns $50.8M to top weekend box office

Chicago Sun-Times 8/1/04 From an Oscar win to homelessness

Teen Hollywood 7/31/04 For Brody, it took a `Village'

NY Times 7/31/04 Weekend Movies: 'Village' Aims to Scare Audiences

Journal Now 7/31/04 Night Out: 'Village' chiller is a big meltdown

Hartford Courant 7/30/04 Frights Of `Village' Aren't Those You Might Expect

Boston Globe 7/30/04 The Village

Toledo Blade 7/30/04 Movie review: The Village ** 7/30/04 Films that frightened Shyamalan and the cast

Santa Cruz Sentinel 7/30/04 ‘The Village’ is full of chilling surprises

Knox News 7/30/04 Signs of success

The Trades 7/30/04 The Village Review

Chicago Sun-Times 7/30/04  The Village / * (PG-13) - Roger Ebert Review 7/30/04 Breaking out in 'The Village'

Slate 7/30/04 Village Idiot

CNN 7/30/04 Review: 'The Village' Shyamalan's best film yet

Detroit News 7/30/04 Shyamalan's spooky 'Village' thrills as an eerie love story

Bergen Record 7/30/04 'The Village' is a big, old-fashioned romance

Hollywood Reporter 7/30/04 Boxoffice preview: Creepy journey to 'Village' green

Newsday 7/30/04 The color of fear

NBC13 7/30/04 Review: 'The Village' Scares With Imagination

Salon 7/30/04 "The Village"

Toronto Star 7/30/04 More to be afraid of than trick ending

Houston Chronicle 7/30/04 'The Village' revolves around culture of fear

NY Times 7/30/04 The Fear Is Color-Coded and the Forest Is Scary

Seattle Times 7/30/04 Fear not: "The Village" skillfully follows Shyamalan formula

Seattle PI 7/30/04 'The Village' starts strong, but cannot deliver

NY Daily News 7/30/04 A 'Village' raises Howard

Ananova 7/30/04 Dog 'forces Hurt to lunch in underwear'

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/30/04 Skip the trip to 'The Village'

CBS 7/30/04 Sigourney Takes 'Village' Role

USA Today 7/30/04 Shyamalan's films take a twisted path

The Trades 7/29/04 "Village, The" Review

The Trades 7/29/04 The Village Soundtrack Review

Hollywood Reporter 7/29/04 The Village

NY Daily News 7/29/04 Caped fear

USA Today 7/29/04 A little creepy, a little weepy in 'The Village'

Christian Science Monitor 7/28/04 A different take

Chicago Tribune 7/28/04 Movie review: 'The Village'

Chart Attack 7/28/04 Audience Treated Like The Village Idiot

Times of India 7/28/04 Premiere of Shyamalan's latest film held in 19th century village!

Detroit News 7/28/04 Joaquin Phoenix faces more dark forces in 'The Village'

Toronto Star 7/28/04 The Order of the Phoenix

Seattle PI 7/28/04 Sigourney Weaver says she submitted to hard-labor for "The Village"

Extra 7/27/04 Night Falls on Manhattan

This Is London 7/27/04 Happy Days for Ron's daughter

Globe and Mail 7/27/04 Small is scary

USA Today 7/27/04 It took a 'Village' to find Howard

NY Daily News 7/27/04 'Village' unveiling is frightful Night

Zap2It 7/26/04 It Takes a Creepy Cast to Make 'The Village' 7/25/04 The one and only M. Night Shyamalan

Chicago Sun-Times 7/25/04 Everyone likes working on the Night shift

NY Daily News 7/25/04 Spoiling for a fight

Toronto Star 7/24/04 Opening Night

Detroit News 7/24/04 Shooting star

Coming Soon 7/21/04 In the Director's Chair with M. Night Shyamalan

Beacon Journal 7/21/04 Sci Fi admits lying about bio film

USA Today 7/21/04 Brody in his comfort zone

E!Online 7/19/04 Shyamalan's "Secret" Hoax

Extra 7/19/04 Discover the Secrets of 'The Village'

BBC 7/19/04 Thriller director show was 'fake'

Zap2It 7/16/04 Fans Spend a Night with 'Village's' Shyamalan

The Star 6/4/04 The Village

IGN 12/22/03 Village Teaser

IGN 10/13/03 Waiting for The Village

IGN 10/9/03 What's Shyamalan Doing?

IGN 10/6/03 Out of The Woods

IGN 9/19/03 The Woods Are Overcrowded


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