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BBC 7/4/05 War of Worlds takes $101m in US

Cinema Spider 7/2/05 Universal Studios Adds Movie Sets From War of the Worlds to Studio Tour

Knox News 7/2/05 'War' offsets plot's flaws with Spielberg's strengths

Cinema Spider 7/1/05 Audiences March to "War", Tom Cruise Film Opens to $34.6 Million Day

Bergen Record 7/1/05 New Jersey is toast! How cool is that?!

OC Weekly 7/1/05 Starfire and Brimstone

BBC 7/1/05 Huge opening day for Cruise movie

USA Today 7/1/05 New 'War of the Worlds' recalls 9/11 images

Celebrity Spider 6/30/05 Tom Cruise: "I Believe in Aliens"

E!Online 6/30/05 "War" Storms Box Office

Zap2It 6/30/05 Audiences Go Crazy for Cruise's 'War'

Metro 6/30/05 'War of the Worlds' tops $21 mln on opening day

Daily Mail 6/30/05 Will War of the Worlds damage our children?

Hollywood Reporter 6/30/05 UIP postpones reporting 'Worlds' boxoffice

USA Today 6/30/05 This 'War' appears to have popular support

Teen Hollywood 6/30/05 Dakota Fanning: Winning the “War”

Chicago Sun Times 6/29/05 War of the Worlds, Roger Ebert Review

CSM 6/29/05 The aliens are invading?! Relax, Earth has Tom Cruise on its side.

CBS 6/29/05 Tom Cruise On 'War' And Children

The Trades 6/29/05 "War of the Worlds" Movie Review

Philly.com 6/29/05 Close Encounters of the Deadliest Kind

Extra 6/29/05 Spielberg's 'War of the Worlds' Ride

Zap2It 6/29/05 Petition Urges 'War of the Worlds' Boycott

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/29/05 Visual suspense thrills in 'War of the Worlds'

Teen Hollywood 6/29/05 Movie Review: War of the Worlds

Seattle PI 6/29/05 Aliens impress, but 'War of Worlds' lacks human pathos

Entertainment Weekly 6/29/05 War of the Worlds

Coming Soon 6/29/05 Dennis Muren: The Magic of ILM

Orlando Sentinel 6/29/05 War of the Worlds (3 stars out of 5)

Asbury Park Press 6/29/05 'War' Unlikely to Halt Box-Office Slide

Dallas Morning News 6/29/05 All-out 'War'

Boston Herald 6/29/05 `War' crime: Spielberg goes dark in sci-fi remake

Hollywood Reporter 6/29/05 War of the Worlds
Toronto Star 6/29/05 War of the Worlds

Detroit News 6/29/05 'War' explodes, then fizzles

Jam! 6/29/05 Cruise sci-fi epic out of this world

Metro 6/29/05 Spielberg's 'War of the Worlds' wins over critics

Asbury Park Press 6/29/05 Spielberg scores with apocalyptic horror

USA Today 6/29/05 Stunning effects make 'War' worth it

Globe and Mail 6/29/05 War of the Worlds ***

Jam! 6/29/05 E.T. turns the tables

NY Times 6/29/05 Review: 'War of the Worlds' Feels Generic

BBC 6/29/05 Press views: War of the Worlds

NY Daily News 6/29/05 Gore of the 'Worlds'

NY Times 6/29/05 Another Terror Attack, but Not by Humans

Extra 6/28/05 Tom's 'War' Takes Hollywood by Storm

Access Hollywood 6/28/05 Tom Revs Up For Special 'War' Screening

CTV 6/28/05 Cdn. star of 'War of the Worlds' awaits stardom

ET Online 6/28/05 Tom's Special 'War': For the Fans!

Daily Record 6/28/05 We're Worlds Apart

Philly.com 6/28/05 Troops in Spielberg film get sneak preview

Jam! 6/28/05 War of the words hurting film?

NY Daily News 6/28/05 The end of the world...

Globe and Mail 6/28/05 My jet-lagged cruise with Tom

Celebrity Spider 6/27/05 Dakota Fanning: "Spielberg Taught Me More than School"

Philly.com 6/27/05 Spielberg on 'War ': Seeing frightening things

Coming Soon 6/27/05 War of the Worlds: Spielberg & Cruise - Part II

CBS 6/27/05 Tim Robbins: Creepier Than Aliens

Teen Hollywood 6/27/05 Spielberg & Cruise: At “War”

Cinema Spider 6/26/05 New Jersey Film Makers Challenge Spielbergs War of the Worlds

Celebrity Spider 6/26/05 Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg Impressed by Dakota Fanning

Asbury Park Press 6/26/05 'War of the Worlds' targets New Jersey — again

Denver Post 6/26/05 Armageddon we can live with?

NY Daily News 6/26/05 Best of both 'Worlds'

Asbury Park Press 6/26/05 Author Recalls Wild Reactions to Worlds

Mercury News 6/25/05 Space Invaders

Newsday 6/24/05 Fear for the ages

Extra 6/23/05 Fans and Stars Unite for 'War of the Worlds' Premiere

Coming Soon 6/23/05 War of the Worlds: Spielberg & Cruise - Part I

Zap2It 6/23/05 German Critics Start 'Worlds' War

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/23/05 Space stands for evil in 'War of the Worlds'

Coming Soon 6/23/05 16 War of the Worlds TV Spots Now Up

Hollywood Reporter 6/23/05 German critics on 'War' path over embargo

NY Daily News 6/23/05 'War' is hell for Cruise press pack

Cinema Spider 6/22/05 Tom Cruise to Host Special Screening of War of the Worlds for Fans

ET Online 6/22/05 Tom Declares 'War' in the Big Apple

Coming Soon 6/21/05 45 Images From War of the Worlds!

Celebrity Spider 6/20/05 Steven Spielberg Brings War of the Worlds Up to Date

Celebrity Spider 6/20/05 Four Men Arrested for Squirting Tom Cruise

BBC 6/20/05 In pictures: War of Worlds premiere

USA Today 6/20/05 Paris, love, happiness, 'War'

NY Daily News 6/20/05 Tom's on 'War' path

USA Today 6/20/05 Tom Cruise squirted in the face with water at London movie premiere

BBC 6/19/05 London 'invaded' for Cruise debut

Coming Soon 6/17/05 The War of the Worlds Internet Trailer

Cinescape 6/15/05 Williams and War of the Worlds

Cinema Spider 6/13/05 War of the Worlds Premieres in Berlin Germany

ET Online 6/13/05 Tom's Dark 'War' Goes Global

BBC 6/13/05 War of the Worlds debuts in Japan

Extra 6/13/05 Tom Declares 'War' in Tokyo; Katie Converts

Access Hollywood 6/13/05 Spielberg Done With 'Friendly' Aliens

Celebrity Spider 6/10/05 Producers Warn Tom Cruise to Tone Down Katie Holmes Romance

Cinema Spider 6/11/05 War of the Worlds World Premiere to Take Place in Tokyo June 13th

Coming Soon 6/8/05 War of the Worlds Soundtrack Clips

Cinescape 6/7/05 Kong Trailer to Run With War Of The Worlds

Coming Soon 6/6/05 King Kong Trailer with War of the Worlds

Cinema Spider 6/5/05 Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg to Attend War of the Worlds Premiere June 13th

BBC 6/5/05 Spielberg premiere gets new venue

Coming Soon 6/4/05 War of the Worlds Japan Premiere Confirmed

Detroit News 6/4/05 Cruise film's Tokyo premiere nixed

ET Online 6/1/05 Tom's Dark 'War'

ET Online 5/31/05 ET's 'War of the Worlds' Exclusive

Celebrity Spider 5/30/05 Spielberg Cancels War of the Worlds Charity Auction Prize

Celebrity Spider 5/28/05 Tom Cruise Turned War of the Worlds Set Into Scientology Site

Coming Soon 5/26/05 The War of the Worlds Trailer Hits

Access Hollywood 5/25/05 Cruise Ready To Go To 'War'

Coming Soon 5/22/05 New War of the Worlds Updates

Coming Soon 5/19/05 The New War of the Worlds Trailer

ET Online 5/18/05 Tom & Dakota: 'War of the Worlds' Exclusive

Coming Soon 5/12/05 New War of the Worlds Featurette!

NY Daily News 5/1/05 'War of the Worlds' comes to Red Hook

Coming Soon 4/30/05 New War of the Worlds Poster!

Celebrity Spider 4/28/05 Steven Spielberg Admits New Movie Exploits US Fears

Extra 4/18/05 Tom and Steven Go to 'War'

Zap2It 4/16/05 On The Set: Spielberg, Cruise Wage 'Realistic' War

Coming Soon 3/18/05 War of the Worlds & The Island Trailers

Ananova 3/7/05 Tom's flu costs film £31K

Teen Hollywood 2/13/05 War of the Worlds at Universal Studios

Zap2It 2/11/05 Spielberg Lets the Tripods out of the Bag

Zap2It 2/11/05 Spielberg's 'War of the Worlds' Not a Remake

Zap2It 2/10/05 Martian 'War' Invades Universal Studios

Coming Soon 2/9/05 War of the Worlds Sets Added to Studio Tour

Coming Soon 2/8/05 War of the Worlds Claims Fourth of July

ET Online 2/7/05 Cruise & Spielberg: 'War of the Worlds' Exclusive!

Coming Soon 1/14/05 Spielberg & Cruise Answer WOTW Questions

IGN 1/11/05 Set Visit: War of the Worlds

Coming Soon 1/4/05 War of the Worlds Site Active & 2 New Pics!

IGN 1/4/05 First Look at War of the Worlds

Coming Soon 12/27/04 New War of the Worlds Set Pictures

Cinescape 12/16/04 More shots from the War Of The Worlds

Coming Soon 12/16/04 The War of the Worlds Teaser Poster!

Coming Soon 12/10/04 War of the Worlds Teaser Trailer Online!

Zap2It 12/8/04 Spielberg's 'War' Loses Two Extras in River

Coming Soon 11/20/04 The War of the Worlds Set Report & Pictures

Coming Soon 9/17/04 War of the Worlds to Shoot in New Jersey?

Hollywood Reporter 9/16/04 Early Fourth fireworks as 'War,' 'Four' jockey

Coming Soon 9/10/04 The War of the Worlds to Get a New Title?

Coming Soon 8/31/04 Fanning Wages War with Cruise & Spielberg

Zap2It 8/31/04 Fanning Invades 'War of the Worlds'

Digital Spy 8/29/04 Cruise excited by 'War of the Worlds'

Coming Soon 8/29/04 Tom Cruise Talks M:I-3 & War of the Worlds

BBC 8/19/04 The cost of War

News.com.au 8/18/04 New epic for Cruise

Sky.com 8/17/04 Most Expensive Film Ever

Newsday 8/17/04 Spielberg to Direct 'War of the Worlds'

Cinescape 8/12/04 Cruise, Spielberg commit to War Of The Worlds

Zap2It 8/12/04 'M:I-3' Delayed, Cruise Goes to 'War'

E!Online 8/12/04 Cruise, Spielberg Rush to "War"

Hollywood Reporter 8/12/04 Cruise, Spielberg march into 'War'


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