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Cincinnati Weekly 8/9/06 Deep impact

Dallas Morning News 8/9/06 World Trade Center

MTV 8/9/06 'World Trade Center': Less Than Zero, By Kurt Loder

BBC 8/9/06 9/11 film released across the US 8/9/06 Stone puts a 9/11 microscope on two trapped rescuers

Metro 8/9/06 Director changes path

CBS 8/9/06 'WTC' Opens, Viewers React 8/9/06 Reviewers praise Stone's 9/11 film

Hollywood Reporter 8/9/06 World Trade Center

Zap2It 8/9/06 'World Trade Center' Stone's latest is a story of collective heroism

Jam! 8/9/06 Stone's 9/11 film avoids controversy

NY Times 8/9/06 Pinned Under the Weight of 9/11 History

Zap2It 8/9/06 'World Trade Center'

Houston Chronicle 8/9/06 Unfolds as a searing, real-life drama

Knox News 8/9/06 Pickle: Honoring 9/11's heroes, Stone avoids politics

Orlando Sentinel 8/9/06 Stone's 'WTC' is a triumph amid tragedy 8/9/06 Stone puts a 9/11 microscope on two trapped rescuers

Detroit News 8/9/06 'World Trade Center:' A movie about hope

NY Daily News 8/9/06 Many 9/11 kin will take pass on 'WTC' flick

Toronto Star 8/9/06 Descent into hell

Seattle PI 8/9/06 Stone delivers a dignified and intelligent 9/11 film

Chicago Tribune 8/9/06 `Trade Center' wraps itself in the flag

MTV 8/8/06 'World Trade Center': An Enormous Tragedy Captured On A Small Scale

NY Daily News 8/8/06 Through settling dust

USA Today 8/8/06 Intimate 'Trade Center' tells larger tale

Coming Soon 8/8/06 World Trade Center Tour Hits NYC

Bergen Record 8/8/06 True to the tragedy

NY Daily News 8/8/06 WTC film ads in dual role

Metro 8/8/06 9/11 families blast Stone's new film

The Trades 8/7/06 9/11 in the Cinema: "World Trade Center" and "United 93"

USA Today 8/7/06 Oliver Stone minus the edge

NY Daily News 8/7/06 'WTC' isn't dawn of new Stone age

NY Newsday 8/7/06 In his first big role, LI teen plays the son of a WTC survivor

Jam! 8/6/06 Stone's new 9/11 movie surprising

Bergen Record 8/8/06 Survival and rescue were Stone's focus

Orlando Sentinel 8/6/06 Twin challenges for Stone

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/6/06 'WTC' actors moved by film's significance

Chicago Tribune 8/6/06 Stone hits home with 'World Trade Center' 8/6/06 Out of the ruins

NY Post 8/6/06 Change of heart

Detroit News 8/6/06 Oliver Stone, cast in a new light

Dallas Morning News 8/5/06 Cinematic threads of 9/11

Toronto Star 8/5/06 9/11: The director's cut

BBC 8/5/06 9/11 film criticised by families

AM New York 8/4/06 Un-Hollywood premiere for WTC film

Seattle PI 8/4/06 Oliver Stone focuses on the good that came out of 9/11

Rocky Mountain News 8/4/06 Terror in close-up

Christian Science Monitor 8/4/06 For controversial director, new film causes few ripples

NY Daily News 8/4/06 Movie harrowing but heartwarming

Newsday 8/4/06 Standing his ground

BBC 8/4/06 9/11 film premieres in New York

ET Online 8/3/06 The True-Life Heroes of 'World Trade Center'

Zap2It 7/27/06 'World Trade Center' Will Benefit 9/11 Charities

Extra 7/21/06 Is America Ready for 'World Trade Center'?

NY Daily News 7/20/06 'WTC' full of dread

Dallas Morning News 7/19/06 'World Trade Center' stars, real-life heroes attend Dallas preview

ET Online 7/17/06 The Heroes of 'World Trade Center'

Herald Sun 5/23/06 Ground Zero for film

NY Daily News 5/17/06 New film, old wounds


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