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X-MEN 3 (Advance Release)
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News Articles about X-Men: The Last Stand


Palm Beach Post 5/26/06 Grammer pays blue suede dues

Metro 5/26/06 Itís ice ice mutant

NY Times 5/26/06 'X-Men: The Last Stand' Asks Are Mutants Born or Made, and Should They Be Cured?

NY Daily News 5/26/06 Rogue warrior

Teen Hollywood 5/26/06 Halle, Famke, Anna and Rebecca dish on secrets of X-Womanhood

Rocky Mountain News 5/26/06 Going out with a blast

Philly.com 5/26/06 Action intensifies in third 'X-Men'

Courier Mail 5/26/06 X-tremely successful finale

Toronto Star 5/26/06 Final X-Men lacks heart

MTV 5/26/06 Nine Things You Need to Know Before Seeing 'X-Men' This Weekend

Jam! 5/26/06 'X-Men' series ends with a big bang

MTV 5/26/06 'X-Men: The Last Stand': Mutant Strain

Dallas Morning News 5/26/06 X-Men: The Last Stand

Jam! 5/26/06 Halle Berry threatened to quit 'X-Men'

Newsday 5/25/06 For X-Men, 'Last' is certainly not least

Chicago Tribune 5/25/06 3rd 'X-Men' marks a spot on the downward curve

Seattle PI 5/25/06 Action-packed third 'X-Men' is summer's real ride

Orlando Sentinel 5/25/06 X-Men: The Last Stand (3 stars out of 5)

CBS 5/24/06 Jackman Sinks Claws Into 'X-Men'

Teen Hollywood 5/24/06 Hugh Jackman: Wolverine Returns

USA Today 5/24/06 That Kelsey Grammer is a Beast in 'X-Men'

Ananova 5/24/06 Hugh's wife loves his costume

Access Hollywood 5/24/06 Makeover Knocks 20 Years Off 'X-Men'

NY Daily News 5/24/06 E-X-plosive stuff

NY Daily News 5/24/06 X-Men: Who's who

Coming Soon 5/23/06 X-Day on Superhero Hype!

Jam! 5/23/06 Flaming cars, naked Rebecca replace nuance, complexity in final X-Men: review

BBC 5/23/06 X-Men's Berry brings Cannes crowd

Hollywood Reporter 5/23/06 X-Men: The Last Stand

New Zealand Herald 5/23/06 X-Men in final fling, spinoff films not ruled out

Herald Sun 5/23/06 Storm blows over

Zap2It 5/22/06 'X-Men's' Grammer Unleashes the Beast Within

Access Hollywood 5/22/06 Mutants Land At Cannes

Jam! 5/22/06 Berry misses the party

Hollywood Reporter 5/22/06 Ratner fulfilling dream with 'X-Men'

Chicago Sun-Times 5/21/06 3 mutanteers

NBC13 5/21/06 'X-Men' Interview: Janssen Rises To Occasion As Dark Phoenix

Jam! 5/21/06 X-Men showdown (Spoiler Alert!)

NY Daily News 5/21/06 The joys of 'X'

Dallas Morning News 5/21/06 Mighty mutant metaphors

NY Post 5/21/06 Ladies Who Punch 

NY Daily News 5/21/06 The perfect Storm

NY Post 5/21/06 The Ambiguously Political Mutants 

Celebrity Spider 5/20/06 Halle Berry Wants No Super Powers

Coming Soon 5/20/06 In The Future with Halle and Hugh

Entertainment Weekly 5/19/06 Master of the Mutants

MTV 5/18/06 Will Any X-Men Survive 'The Last Stand'? Is This Really The Final Flick?

Celebrity Spider 5/17/06 Halle Berry's Fan Fury

Celebrity Spider 5/17/06 Halle Berry Hints at X-Men 4

Celebrity Spider 5/17/06 Hugh Jackman Rocked Out for Wolverine

News.com.au 5/17/06 Hugh's last stand

MTV 5/15/06 Ian McKellen Sticks Up For Evil In 'Da Vinci Code,' 'X-Men'

Cinema Spider 5/10/06 X-Men: The Last Stand Preview to Air on FOX May 11th

Zap2It 5/9/06 'X-Men' Star Still Feels Magneto's Pull

Cinescape 5/6/06 X-Men: The Last Stand Has A New TV Spot

ET Online 5/3/06 Final Curtin Call for 'X-Men'?

Coming Soon 4/28/06 First X-Men: The Last Stand Clip Online!

NY Post 4/30/06 Super Showdown

Hollywood Reporter 4/26/06 'X-Men' should give summer a hot start

Coming Soon 4/19/06 7-Minute X-Men Preview to Air on Fox

Zap2It 4/17/06 Playing Shadowcat Won't Phase Out Page

Coming Soon 4/14/06 X-Men Behind-the-Scenes Video

Coming Soon 4/10/06 Exclusive: X-Men: The Last Stand Image

Coming Soon 4/9/06 Shuler Donner on the X-Men Franchise

News.com.au 4/7/06 Extreme Wolverine

TMZ 3/19/06 ShoWest Wrap: Hugh Jackman

Coming Soon 3/16/06 New X-Men: The Last Stand Pictures!

Zap2It 3/15/06 Jones Kicks In As 'X-Men's' Juggernaut

Zap2It 3/10/06 X-Man Pyro's Fired Up for 'Last Stand'

Coming Soon 3/8/06 Standford on Pyro in X-Men: The Last Stand

Coming Soon 3/7/06 The New X-Men: The Last Stand Trailer!

Ananova 3/6/06 Halle: X-Men made me hurl

Entertainment Weekly 3/3/06 'X'-Man

Coming Soon 3/1/06 New X-Men: The Last Stand Trailer to Debut

Coming Soon 2/23/06 X-Men: The Last Stand Set Visit!

Zap2It 2/17/06 Singer: Despite Ratner, 'X3' Will 'Probably Surprise You'

Coming Soon 2/10/06 New X-Men: The Last Stand Posters

Cinescape 12/30/05 Melancon Joins X3

Zap2It 12/30/05 Psylocke Joins 'X-Men 3' Mutant Family
Coming Soon 12/29/05 Psylocke Joins the X-Men 3 Villains

Coming Soon 12/15/05 Hi-Res X-Men 3 Character Shots

Coming Soon 12/2/05 First Look at the X-Men 3 Teaser Trailer!

Coming Soon 9/2/05 Superman Returns & X-Men 3 Updates

Zap2It 6/1/05 'X-Men 3' Director Bails


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