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Jerome Platz (Max Minghella) has a dream: to become the world’s greatest artist – ever.  After high school, he pursues his ambition at a tiny and very prestigious East Coast art school. There he quickly learns that an affected and arrogant manner won’t get him very far in this equally affected and arrogant crowd, and soon drops the artifice.

To his continuing disappointment, Jerome discovers that his exceptional gift for exquisite portraiture is unappreciated in the free-style art classes that he finds bogus and pointless.  His vocal criticism of his classmates’ artistic efforts doesn’t win him any friends.  However, Jerome’s sincerity does attract the admiration of the striking and sophisticated Audrey (Sophia Myles).  An artist’s model and the daughter of a noted artist, Audrey has become disillusioned with the affectations of the rarified art world. 

Alas, the fickle Audrey soon shifts her affections to the hunky Jonah (Matt Keeslar), a rather pedestrian painter blessed with the looks and personality to make him the toast of the local art scene.  Heartbroken, Jerome develops a risky scheme to catapult himself to fame and fortune, thereby winning back the lovely Audrey.

The cast is complemented by a crew of quirky characters:  John Malkovich is an eccentric art professor who takes a special interest in Jerome that unfortunately has nothing to do with his artistic gifts; Jim Broadbent is a down and out artist marinating in alcohol and self-pity; Anjelica Houston is an imperious professor of art history; Steve Buscemi is a pompous coffee shop owner/art impresario; Joel David Moore plays a sophisticated, world wise classmate who shows Jerome the ropes of campus life; Ethan Suplee is Jerome’s exuberant filmmaker roommate.

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