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A Scanner Darkly
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Director Philip K. Dick uses a high-tech combination of live action photography overlaid with animation to bring to life in highly stylized fashion his futuristic novel about drugs and addiction.  In Orange County , California the war on drugs has taken a paranoid turn, where two in every ten citizens are recruited to spy on the other eight.  Fred (Keanu Reeves) is an undercover cop who, like many others, is hooked on the ubiquitous Substance D which causes users to develop split personalities.  Fred reluctantly agrees to turn informant, and is assigned to bring down a notorious drug dealer named Bob – who turns out to be Fred’s drug-induced alter-ego.  The film also stars Robert Downey, Jr., Mitch Baker, Woody Harrelson, Winona Ryder, Dameon Clarke, Jason Douglas, Heather Kafkall, Rory Cochrane, Marco Perella, Eliza Stevens, and Rommel Sulit.


News Articles about A Scanner Darkly


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