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A Sound of Thunder is based loosely on science fiction master Ray Bradbury’s short story of the same name.  In pursuit of the ultimate trophy, a wealthy game hunter embarks on a time-travel safari to the age of dinosaurs.  During the adventure, the hunter accidentally kills a butterfly, unwittingly starting a chain of events that threatens to erase the future of humanity.  When the catastrophe is discovered, the time-travel inventor (Catherine McCormack) enlists the help of a seasoned tracker.  The pair finds themselves in the midst of  a mystery that is the basis of the historical changes that are threatening to wipe out the existence of the human race.

News Articles about A Sound of Thunder


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Dallas Morning News 9/2/05 'Thunder' looks, sounds far too familiar

AJC 9/2/05 'A Sound of Thunder' makes a weak whimper

Houston Chronicle 9/2/05 Thunder's thud not a nice sound

NY Daily News 9/2/05 Time travel takes a big step backward

NY Times 9/2/05 Scientists Wrestle With a Very, Very Big Wrinkle in Time

Jam! 9/2/05 'Sound of Thunder' a colossal blunder

USA Today 9/2/05 'Sound of Thunder': Bungle in a prehistoric jungle

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