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In this movie Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell are actors hired to play Darren and Samantha in a remake of the classic TV show Bewitched.  Unknown to the producer, the actress hired to play Samantha is an actual witch.


News Articles about Bewitched


Celebrity Spider 1/13/06 Nicole Kidman Dismayed by Bewitched Critics

BBC 8/23/05 Bewitched fails to topple Charlie

Celebrity Spider 7/18/05 Nicole Kidman Bewitched By Ephron's Food

New Zealand Herald 7/8/05 Livid about Bewitched joke 7/7/05 Will power

Celebrity Spider 7/5/05 Nicole Kidman Wears Her Broomstick Well

USA Today 6/30/05 'Tabitha' takes in a movie

Jam! 6/30/05 Shirley MacLaine no longer wacky

Houston Chronicle 6/28/05 In Bewitched, it's Will Ferrell who casts the spell

Ananova 6/27/05 Nicole wins role - by a nose

Celebrity Spider 6/25/05 Nicole Kidman Feared Broomstick Exposure

The Trades 6/25/05 "Bewitched" Movie Review

The Trades 6/25/05 "Bewitched - The Complete First Season" DVD Review

The Trades 6/24/05 "Tabitha - The Entire Series" DVD Review

Chicago Sun Times 6/24/05 Bewitched, Review by Roger Ebert

Jam! 6/24/05 'Bewitched' fails to enchant

CNN 6/24/05 'Bewitched' has some magic

Globe and Mail 6/24/05 Bewitched **

Houston Chronicle 6/24/05 Bewitched offers more than a twitch

Detroit News 6/24/05 'Bewitched' is bothered, bewildered

Teen Hollywood 6/24/05 Movie Review: Bewitched

CSM 6/24/05 'Bewitched' is enchanting fare

Asbury Park Press 6/24/05 Bothered and Bewildered 6/24/05 New witch, with glitch

Toronto Star 6/24/05 Bewitched remake unfunny as original


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