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The heart desires nothing so much as that which it cannot possess. The age-old adage is at the heart of this swashbuckling romantic comedy starring Heath Ledger as the fabled Casanova. The legendary lover is stunned at his rejection by Venetian beauty Francesca (Sienna Miller), the first woman to ever refuse him. Using clever disguise and devilish ruse, Casanova maneuvers himself ever closer to his objet d'amour. Along the way he begins to discover the meaning of true love. The film also stars Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons as Bishop Pucci, who is intent on discovering Casanova in one of his many acts of seduction; Lena Olin as Francesca's mother; and Oliver Platt as Paprizzio, Francesca's fiancé.


News Articles about Casanova


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Orlando Sentinel 1/6/06 Casanova (3 stars out of 5)

Houston Chronicle 1/6/06 A breezy period farce full of bad wigs

AJC 1/6/06 'Casanova' is light, lively and likeable

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Cincinnati Enquirer 1/5/06 Fun 'Casanova' will try everything to woo you

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MTV 1/3/06 'Casanova': Love's Labours

NY Times 1/2/06 'Casanova' Illuminated by Masters of Baroque

Cinema Spider 12/25/05 Get Close-Up With the Stars of 'Casanova' This Christmas Eve on Starz Cinema 12/25/05 This 'Casanova' is too Disney-ized

Seattle Times 12/25/05 "Casanova": Supporting actor Oliver Platt saves comedy's flow

Chicago Sun Times 12/23/05 Casanova Review by Roger Ebert

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Newsday 12/23/05 You can kiss off 'Casanova'

Jam! 12/23/05 'Casanova' has no sexual chemistry

Toronto Star 12/23/05 Casanova: Heath sheaths it

Coming Soon 12/23/05 Sultry Sienna Miller


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