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About Cat in the Hat


The Cat in the Hat is a mischievous one that should not be at your home when your mother is out.  His friends include Thing 2 and Thing 1. Mike Meyers stars in the 2003 "The Cat in the Hat" movie.


News Articles about Cat in the Hat


Toronto Star 5/15/04 Inking simplicity, surrealism into Seuss

KCRA-TV 3/16/04 New On Video: 'The Cat In The Hat,' More

Washington Post 3/14/04 Let the 'Cat' Into Your Home

BBC 3/12/04 Dr Seuss receives Hollywood star

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NY Times 3/2/04 Laughter's Perennial at the Doctor's Seussentennial

USA Today 3/2/04 Why we love Dr. Seuss (in a few words)

Mercury News 1/17/04 Daughters pick gentle `Barbie' over witty `The Cat in the Hat'

Boston Herald 1/8/04 Fans of Dr. Seuss have 100 reasons to celebrate

Indy Star 1/2/04 Oh, the places he went to become Dr. Seuss

SF Chronicle 12/26/03 The Cat, the Hat, kids' ads like that

National Enquirer 12/9/03 Inside The Cat In The Hat

KRON 12/4/03 White House decorations feature "Cat in the Hat" and "Harry Potter"

Houston Chronicle 12/4/03 Filmmakers unleash Myers to be sure 'Cat' is no dog

Cinescape 12/3/03 And while we're at it, we're at the premiere of The Cat In The Hat too

E!Online 12/1/03 "Cat" Claws Past "Mansion"

NY Daily News 12/1/03 'Hat's' in ring to KO 'Haunted'

ET Online 12/1/03 It's the 'Cat' by a Hair!

Hollywood Reporter 12/1/03 Boxoffice in the family way

Dallas Morning News 11/28/03 Who was the man behind The Cat?

Star Tribune 11/28/03 Oh, the places Alec Baldwin goes in 'Cat in the Hat'


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