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This page has links to news and websites about the movie Cellular


About Cellular


In this movie a wrong number on his cell phone is a man's only clue to saving a kidnapped stranger played by Kim Basinger.  He is quickly thrown into a world of deception and murder on his frantic search to find and save her.


News Articles about Cellular


Mobile Register 1/18/05 Dial DVD for 'Cellular'

TV Guide 1/12/05 Cellular Scribe's Phone Phobia

Knox News 9/11/04 Audiences should have few hang-ups about well-crafted 'Cellular'

Toledo Blade 9/10/04 Movie review: Cellular **

Baltimore Sun 9/10/04 'Cellular': Phone's a hit, plot's a dud

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/10/04 Hang up on 'Cellular'

Boston Globe 9/10/04 Despite some dead spots, 'Cellular' connects in the end

Teen Hollywood 9/10/04 Kim Basinger: Classic Beauty Goes “Cellular”

St Petersburg Times 9/10/04 Cell phony

Christian Science Monitor 9/10/04 Dial M for mayhem

Chicago Sun-Times 9/10/04 Cellular - Roger Ebert Review

Salon 9/10/04 "Cellular"

CNN 9/10/04 Review: 'Cellular' a good connection

NBC13 9/10/04 Review: Don't Hang Up On 'Cellular'

Newsday 9/10/04 "Cellular"

Teen Hollywood 9/10/04 Movie Review: Cellular

Journal Now 9/10/04 Thriller puts kidnapped woman in surfer's hands

Detroit News 9/10/04 Lord of the ring

Houston Chronicle 9/10/04 'Cellular' works despite logic hangups

Philly.com 9/10/04 Kidnap thriller, wireless-style

Toronto Star 9/10/04 Sorry, wrong number

NY Times 9/10/04 Teacher Kidnapped! Or, Can You Hear Me Now?

Seattle PI 9/10/04 'Cellular' dials up some pretty slick entertainment

USA Today 9/10/04 'Cellular' answers action call

NY Daily News 9/10/04 Tense 'Cellular' a mobile effort

Teen Hollywood 9/8/04 Chris Evans: The Next Tom Cruise?

Coming Soon 9/8/04 Evans, Basinger & Ellis Talk Cellular

Boston Herald 9/5/04 Sudbury native Chris Evans picks up a Hollywood connection in `Cellular

Zap2It 9/2/04 Hold the Phone! 'Cellular' Writer has Another on Hold

Zap2It 8/31/04 Kim Basinger Hates Cell Phones

Chicago Sun Times 7/11/04 Basinger looks forward to a more peaceful life

IGN 11/14/03 IGN Visits the Set of the Upcoming Action Flick Cellular

IGN 8/4/03 Statham Rings Cellular

IGN 7/31/03 Macy Goes Cellular


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