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It's Chicken Little meets The Boy Who Cried Wolf in this fabulous fractured fairy tale animation brought to life by Disney pictures. After the unfortunate "acorn incident," Chicken Little is desperate to restore his reputation and make his dad, Buck Cluck, proud of him once again. His struggles pay off when he hits one out of the park to win the baseball championship for his hometown of Oakey Oaks. Chicken Little is the toast of the town, on top of the world….until a real piece of the sky falls on his head. Exercising admirable self-control this time, Chicken refrains from immediately alerting the whole town. This time he elects to inform only his closest friends - Abby Mallard (aka Ugly Duckling), Runt of the Litter and Fish Out of Water. The band of misfits sets out to save the world on their own and embarks on a series of hilarious adventures. Eventually, however, Chicken Little determines that he must risk his newfound popularity in the interest of world security, and he lets his dad in on the situation. When Buck realizes that this isn't just another "nut case," he joins his son and his friends on their quest.


News Articles about Chicken Little


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