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About Criminal


This movie is an English-language version of the Argentine hit "Nine Queens".  A man sees another successfully pulling off a bill-changing scam on a cashier, and then getting caught as he attempts to pull the same trick on the next shift.  The two become partners in crime in a scheme involving forged rare stamps.


News Articles about Criminal


Toronto Star 9/24/04 Clever heist story stolen back to America

Baltimore Sun 9/10/04 Tricks up its sleeve

Boston Globe 9/10/04 Taut twists drive action in 'Criminal'

Santa Cruz Sentinel 9/10/04 Opposites do in fact attract in the entertaining shell game ‘Criminal’

Chicago Sun-Times 9/10/04 Criminal - Roger Ebert Review

NBC13 9/10/04 Review: It Would Be A Crime To Miss 'Criminal'

Newsday 9/10/04 Oily swindlers pull off one tricky, slick thriller
Teen Hollywood 9/10/04 Movie Review: Criminal

Detroit News 9/10/04 It's a crime that John C. Reilly can't do better than 'Criminal'

Seattle Times 9/10/04 Trio steals the show in "Criminal"

NY Times 9/10/04 Cons Meet Their Match: They Swindle Each Other

Seattle PI 9/10/04 Tale of a master con man leaves you feeling scammed

USA Today 9/10/04 'Criminal' intent on short-changing original

Seattle PI 9/10/04 Review: Reilly shines in 'Criminal'

NY Daily News 9/10/04 Two con men with the mark of quality

Teen Hollywood 9/9/04 Maggie Gyllenhaal: It’s the Eyes 9/9/04 A shining specimen of the art of the con

The Trades 9/8/04 "Criminal" Review

Teen Hollywood 9/8/04 Diego Luna: So Cute it’s “Criminal”


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