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About Dark Water


A mother and daughter move to a seemingly haunted apartment after they have emerged from a bitter custody battle.  They go through a hellish nightmare as they are targeted by the ghost of former resident.


News Articles about Dark Water


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Entertainment Weekly 12/16/05 Dark Water

Jam! 7/21/05 Q & A with Jennifer Connelly

Journal Now 7/14/05 Dark Water's creepiest part is that dark water dripping from the ceiling

CBS 7/11/05 Jennifer Connelly's 'Dark Water'

NY Daily News 7/11/05 'Dark' & not too sweet

Bergen Record 7/11/05 Talking to: Jennifer Connelly

Seattle Times 7/10/05 Director wanted a mother for role

Boston Globe 7/8/05 Misconceived 'Dark Water' doesn't scare up many chills

Chicago Sun-Times 7/8/05 Dark Water - A Roger Ebert Review

Christian Science Monitor 7/8/05 Pull the plug on 'Dark Water'

Teen Hollywood 7/8/05 Movie Review: Dark Water

Baltimore Sun 7/8/05 'Dark Water' thriller is moody but murky

Detroit News 7/8/05 'Dark Water' makes talented actors, indoor plumbing look bad

Orlando Sentinel 7/8/05 Dark Water (2 stars out of 5)

Philly.com 7/8/05 Connelly is perfect blend of beauty and brains

Chart Attack 7/8/05 Film Review - Dark Water

Toledo Blade 7/8/05 Movie review: Dark Water **

Seattle Times 7/8/05 Cerebral thriller "Dark Water" drips suspense and atmosphere

Knox News 7/8/05 Ghost story gets lost, though Connelly keeps film afloat

Toronto Star 7/8/05 All lost in the murky depths of apartment hell

Philly.com 7/8/05 'Water' drips with anxiety

Houston Chronicle 7/8/05 Dark Water runs shallow

Seattle PI 7/8/05 Unsettling and creepy 'Dark Water' connects with emotionally haunting core

Knox News 7/8/05 A 'disparate' story


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