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About De-Lovely


This movie starring Ashley Judd and Kevin Kline portraying the life and times of of American composer Cole Porter and his complicated relationship with his wife Linda Lee Porter.  The movie features Porters music and elaborate production numbers throughout.


News Articles about De-Lovely


Knox News 12/31/04 'King Arthur' and 'De-Lovely'

Contact Music 10/1/04 Kline: Williams Was Electrifying

This Is London 9/30/04 A De-Lovely challenge for Kline

BBC 9/29/04 Kline set for De-Lovely premiere

Knox News 7/25/04 Porter fans should get a kick out of most of soundtrack

Knox News 7/24/04 'De-Lovely' movie about songwriter's life, not musical, says star

Santa Cruz Sentinel 7/23/04 See ‘De-Lovely’ for the music, not the story

Dallas Morning News 7/23/04 Judd's Mom Yells As'De-Lovely' Stalls

Orlando Sentinel 7/18/04 How De-Lovely 7/17/04 'De-Lovely'? Deplorably Discreet

Baltimore Sun 7/16/04 Night and day? This isn't the one

Santa Cruz Sentinel 7/16/04 Kline shines in otherwise monotonous ‘De-Lovely’

Detroit News 7/16/04 It's easy to fall in love with 'De-Lovely,' Kline

Orlando Sentinel 7/16/04 Mr. Cole Porter, you're the top on my list

Knox News 7/15/04 Period costumes for 'De-Lovely' delightful

CNN 7/9/04 Review: Flawed 'De-Lovely' still wonderful

The Trades 7/9/04 "De-Lovely" Review

Houston Chronicle 7/7/04 Kline finds 'De-Lovely' role as composer Cole Porter

Hartford Courant 7/4/04 The Straight Story

Boston Herald 7/2/04 In `De-Lovely,' Kline flies by the seat of his dance

Fox News 7/4/04 Kline Finds 'De-Lovely' Role as Cole Porter

CSM 7/2/04 Getting under the skin of Cole Porter

Zap2It 7/2/04 Armani Designs Judd's 'De-Lovely' Duds

Chicago Sun Times 7/2/04 De-Lovely Review by Roger Ebert

Extra 7/2/04 Back to the '40s With 'De-Lovely' Looks 7/2/04 Cole Porter still haunts, delights in life and song


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