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In this suspense thriller, married-with-children ad executive Charles Schine (Clive Owen) meets a sexy and alluring businesswoman named Lucinda on the commuter train to Chicago .  The flirtation quickly escalates, but the affair is “derailed” when a dangerous criminal, LaRoche (Vincent Cassel), blackmails the couple, threatening to reveal their relationship and harm their families if they do not pay.  Charles and Lucinda decide to turn the tables on LaRoche to save their reputations and their families.


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Globe and Mail 11/11/05 Derailed **½

NY Daily News 11/11/05 'Derailed' doesn't commute

Jam! 11/11/05 'Derailed' is a total trainwreck

Coming Soon 11/11/05 Exclusive: Gorgeous (Melissa) George 11/11/05 O, what a tangled web cheaters weave

Newsday 11/11/05 An affair (and a role) to remember

Journal Now 11/10/05 Actor almost keeps Derailed on track


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