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When Rebecca (Jenny McCarthy) gets dumped by her cheating model boyfriend, she goes straight to a palm reader for advice on her future.  Thus begins the disaster-prone photographer’s riotous romp of a journey in search of her one true soul mate, with a little revenge on her ex thrown in for good measure.


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USA Today 3/5/06 McCarthy's 'Dirty Love' wins 3 Razzies

Business Wire 12/2/05 Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra Comedy 'Dirty Love' Released on DVD Nationwide Today

Chicago Sun-Times 10/2/05 Jenny McCarthy writes her own funny-girl part

Chicago Sun-Times 9/23/05 Dirty Love - A Roger Ebert Review

MTV 9/22/05 From Pinup To Pen-Pusher: Jenny McCarthy Does Screenwriting In 'Dirty Love'

Coming Soon 9/18/05 Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Love
NY Post 9/18/05 Jenny's Pretty Sick

Coming Soon 7/27/04 Jenny McCarthy Finds Dirty Love

Zap2It 7/27/04 McCarthy Writes and Stars in 'Dirty' Movie


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