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This action thriller recounts the true story of Domino Harvey (Keira Knightley), daughter of acting legend Laurence Harvey. Domino left her lucrative career as a Ford model and the luxurious comfort of Beverly Hills for a dog’s life – Dog the Bounty Hunter, that is.  Director Tony Scott brings his trademark touch to the film, a non-stop mix of action, sharp-witted comedy and stunning photography.


News Articles about Domino


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Celebrity Spider 10/20/05 Keira Knightley "Love Making Scene Was Undignified"

Chicago Sun-Times 10/14/05 Domino - A Roger Ebert review

Christian Science Monitor 10/14/05 'Domino' falls under its own featherweight

AJC 10/14/05 'Domino' makes a lot of noise, but not much sense

Houston Chronicle 10/14/05 Stylish Domino falls flat

Detroit News 10/14/05 Excessive 'Domino' falls down in every direction

Baltimore Sun 10/14/05 Director and writer miss mark in telling bounty hunter's tale

Knox News 10/14/05 Haul 'em back girl

Teen Hollywood 10/14/05 Movie Review: Domino

NBC13 10/14/05 Review: Stylish 'Domino' Tumbles Hard

Seattle PI 10/14/05 Absurd 'Domino' is no game -- it's a disaster

Metro 10/14/05 Too much flash buries Domino's heart and soul

Zap2It 10/14/05 Domino

Hollywood Reporter 10/14/05 'Lights, action -- style!' in Scott's 'Domino'

NY Daily News 10/14/05 'Domino' reaction - it's plain wacky

USA Today 10/14/05 Overwrought 'Domino' falls by the wayside

Jam! 10/14/05 Knightley's 'Domino' falls flat

USA Today 10/14/05 Star's 'Domino' theory falls into place 10/14/05 An ode to violence with a mess of a plotline

Newsday 10/14/05 The 'Domino' effect: falling all over itself

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/13/05 Domino


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Websites about Domino


Celebrity Spider - Keira Knightley


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