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Like the game, only bigger, badder and better.  When all hell breaks loose (literally) at a remote scientific research station on the planet Mars, the main concern is to seal off the portal to earth.  It’s up to Sarge (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), Reaper (Karl Urban) and their elite team known as the Rapid Response Tactical Squad to keep these terrifying creatures at bay.  They must use all their weapons and wits to hunt down the hellish ghouls that are stalking the winding tunnels and countless rooms of the facility before the remaining humans are killed, leaving the earth portal unguarded.


News Articles about Doom 10/27/05 Prophet of Doom

BBC 10/24/05 Doom game film tops US box office

Hollywood Reporter 10/24/05 'Doom' not a boom at b.o.

Zap2It 10/23/05 Shadow of 'Doom' Falls Over Weekend Box Office

Coming Soon 10/23/05 Doom Continues Gloom at the Box Office

Detroit News 10/22/05 Big-screen 'Doom' is latest bad video game conversion

Chicago Sun-Times 10/21/05 Doom - Roger Ebert Review

Santa Cruz Sentinel 10/21/05 Hollywood 'Doom': Tally the body parts in this film version of the video game

Seattle PI 10/21/05 With a kick-start from The Rock, 'Doom' roars to life

Chicago Tribune 10/21/05 `Doom' stumbles into vidgame pitfalls

Chart Attack 10/21/05 Doomed

AJC 10/21/05 'Doom': Plot, schmlot. Just shoot somethin' 10/21/05 Doom and Zoom 10/21/05 'Doom' is a kaboom-happy big-screen game, and no movie

Toronto Star 10/21/05 Doom: Leaving the best for last

Chicago Tribune 10/21/05 Gore, gunfire play heavily in `Doom'

Houston Chronicle 10/21/05 Crowds suffering through Doom may pray for end

Zap2It 10/21/05 Doom (R)

Globe and Mail 10/21/05 Doom *˝

Hollywood Reporter 10/21/05 Doom

Seattle Times 10/21/05 Game on: "Doom" blasts onto the big screen

Jam! 10/21/05 'Doom' lives up to name on screen

Jam! 10/21/05 'Doom' hits all the right buttons

USA Today 10/21/05 'Doom', gloom — and laughs

NY Daily News 10/21/05 'Doom,' out of the Xbox, plays poorly

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/20/05 Sense of 'Doom' starts with The Rock


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