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About Exorcist: The Beginning 


This movie is a prequel to classic "The Exorcist" from 1977.  Before those events Father Merrin is  working on an archeological dig in Africa after WWII.  After an abandoned church is unearthed unusual things begin to occur as the Devil is unleashed on the community.


News Articles about Exorcist: The Beginning 


NY Daily News 2/27/05 Digging up the Devil

BBC 2/18/05 Original Exorcist to be screened

IndyStar 9/2/04 'Curse' plays role in film marketing

Chicago Tribune 8/23/04 'Exorcist: The Beginning' is an elaborate step backward

E!Online 8/23/04 "Exorcist" Bedevils Box Office

Zap2It 8/23/04 'Exorcist' Has New Beginning, Wins Top Spot at Box Office

Ananova 8/23/04 The Exorcist is back with a bang

BBC 8/23/04 Exorcist movie thrills box office

USA Today 8/23/04 'Exorcist: The Beginning' levitates to No. 1

NY Daily News 8/23/04 In soul possession of 1st

Hollywood Reporter 8/23/04 'Exorcist' turns heads at weekend boxoffice

Yahoo 8/22/04 A Devil of a Good Time

Denver Post 8/22/04 'Exorcist' Horns in Atop Box-Office

Toronto Star 8/22/04 Satan save us from any more Exorcist sequels

Hollywood Reporter 8/21/04 Exorcist: The Beginning

Projo.com 8/21/04 Guts and gore bedevil Exorcist: The Beginning

Knox News 8/21/04 Evil aura gives prequel its edge

Arizona Republic 8/21/04 Beginning of 'Exorcist' saga makes you hope it will end

Orlando Sentinel 8/21/04 The Exorcist: The Beginning

Detroit Free Press 8/21/04 Going back is an exercise in tedium

Boston Globe 8/21/04 Offensive 'Exorcist' prequel fails to scare up anything worthwhile

Globe and Mail 8/21/04 Bright Lucifer, gross-out king

Mercury News 8/21/04 `Exorcist' gore, violence enough to make head spin

NY Times 8/21/04 What the Devil Is Going On Here?

Boston Herald 8/21/04 Exorcist: The Beginning


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