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This film is based on the trial of Giacomo “Jackie Dee” DiNorscio (Vin Diesel) of the notorious Lucchese crime family.  After years of meticulous federal scrutiny, 20 members of the New Jersey Lucchese family, including Jackie Dee, are brought up on charges.  Already serving 30 years on a drug charge, Jackie is offered a deal to shorten his sentence by testifying against the other defendants, many of whom are close friends.  Jackie refuses to turn rat on his family, and defends himself in what will ultimately become the longest criminal trial in history.    Jackie soon becomes very comfortable in his role, taking over the courtroom spotlight.  He insists that he’s “no gangster….I’m a gagster.”  The trial has its very funny as well as its very serious moments, but Jackie never fails to surprise even those most skeptical of his intentions with his determination and his loyalty to the Lucchese family.  The result is one of the most unprecedented and shocking verdicts in judicial history.  The film also features Annabella Sciorra, Ron Silver, Joe Pesci and Richard Portnow.


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Websites about Find Me Guilty


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