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Harrison Ford stars in this intricately woven, fast-paced thriller about high tech bank robbery. Ford plays Jack Stanfield, a bank security expert who uses his computer genius to design infallible, theft-proof financial security systems. Bill Cox (Paul Bettany) is a gifted hacker who, unable to break in to Jack's Landrock Pacific Bank by his usual methods, exploits the only vulnerability in the system he can find - Jack himself.  After a year of electronically stalking the Stanfield family, learning their routines and their most personal information, Cox kidnaps Jack's wife (Virginia Madsen) and children. In order to save them, Jack becomes a pawn forced to find a flaw in his system and steal $100 million from his employer Landrock Pacific. In the process, he must incriminate himself and erase any evidence that Cox ever existed. With a time window of only hours, Jack, knowing his own network of tracers, access codes and firewalls is impenetrable, must find a flaw in Cox's own formidable system of subterfuge and false identities to beat him at his own game and save the lives of his family, as well as his own reputation.


News Articles about Firewall


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Houston Chronicle 2/10/06 It feels tired and predictable even before you see it

Detroit News 2/10/06 'Firewall' carries typical Ford flame

Mercury News 2/10/06 A familiar menace: 'Firewall' gives Ford fans plenty they've seen before

Toledo Blade 2/10/06 Movie review: Firewall **

Christian Science Monitor 2/10/06 'Firewall' isn't built Ford tough

Knox News 2/10/06 Ford brings depth to contrived thriller in Firewall

AM New York 2/10/06 Firewall

Toronto Star 2/10/06 Film flameout a symptom of De Niro Syndrome

Chicago Tribune 2/10/06 Hybrid movie/car commercial pits Ford vs. cyber-criminals

Metro 2/10/06 Firewall crashes 2/10/06 Another familiar vehicle for Ford

AJC 2/10/06 'Firewall' is trivial, big-studio gunk

TV Guide 2/10/06 Cindy Brady Calls Indiana Jones "Dad"

Knox News 2/10/06 No safety 'Net

NBC13 2/10/06 Review: 'Firewall' Feels Familiar, But Delivers

Toronto Star 2/10/06 Movie Review: Firewall a flameout

Seattle PI 2/10/06 'Firewall' is a flameout in the thriller department

Jam! 2/10/06 'Firewall' is plot heavy and character thin

USA Today 2/10/06 Ford's role fizzles in 'Firewall'


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