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Forty Shades of Blue is the story of wealthy music producer Alan James (Rip Torn) and his girlfriend Laura (Dina Korzun), a beautiful young Russian woman 30 years his junior.  The two live with their three-year-old son in a sprawling mansion in Memphis , where James was a white producer of black music in the 60ís and 70ís.  Although Lauraís life is comfortable, she is a stranger in Memphis and spends most of her time feeling isolated.  Presently Alanís estranged son from a previous marriage enters the scene.  A literature professor who lives with his wife in Los Angeles , Michael (Darren E. Burrows) at first disapproves of his fatherís young girlfriend, but then the two begin a passionate and painful affair.  As the story unfolds against the backdrop of contemporary Memphis , a love-triangle forms, and Laura experiences an enlightening self-confrontation that will affect the rest of her life.


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