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In this movie four adopted brothers, two black and two white must come together when their adoptive mother is murdered in a grocery store holdup.  They are determined to track down the killer and avenge their mothers death.


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Seattle PI 8/12/05 Singleton's 'Brothers' celebrates gang-style violence and yet ...

Toronto Star 8/12/05 As much real `hood' as a Nike commercial

Detroit News 8/12/05 Vulgar carnage in 'Four Brothers' is film's true crime

Knox News 8/12/05 'Four Brothers' corrals urban take on Old West tale

Toledo Blade 8/12/05 Movie review: Four Brothers *** 8/12/05 Rowdy action, with a vengeance

NY Times 8/12/05 Sons of a Law-Abiding Mother Become Outlaws to Avenge Her Murder

Chicago Tribune 8/12/05 Bad boyz

Houston Chronicle 8/12/05 Singleton's Brothers goes on flashy killing spree

CBS 8/12/05 One of 'Four Brothers'

Knox News 8/12/05 Andre 3000: serious in transition from hip-hop star to actor

USA Today 8/12/05 Blizzard of bullets in 'Brothers'


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